Kiba 2 (lemon)

You walked along the streets of Konoha to your boyfriend,Kiba’s house. His mother had invited you to come round. You had been with Kiba for 7 months now. It was getting into a serious relationship. Kiba wanted to ask you something but kept putting it off. You had guess he was going to ask you to marry him.

Your relationship was getting serious and developing. The other day you was making out and things began to get a bit heated up. A little touch here a little kiss there, but you hadn’t gone as far as doing the deed. When you arrived at the door Kiba was stood waiting for you outside.
“The doors open, you will let all the hot air out” You giggled.
“I know” he said and took your hand. “Your worth it.” He lead you inside where you met his family.

His mom was in the kitchen cooking and his sister was reading a scroll.
“(Y/n) this is Hana, Hana this is (y/n).” Kiba introduced.
“So your the (y/n) I’ve heard so much about” Hana said with a smile.
“You’ve heard about me, nah, that’s the wrong (y/n), I’m (y/n) (l/n)” you joked and Kiba laughed.
“Kiba never shuts up about you.” Hana said. Dinner was served. Even though his mother was in an apron, she was still scary. Kiba took your hand.
“So (y/n), your in the (l/n) clan?” She questioned and you nodded, “what does your clan specialise in?”
“Well. we specialise in transformation. We don’t use chakra to transform” you said.
“Transformation” she burst out laughing. “A Genin can do that”
“Mom I don’t think you understand. They don’t use chakra to transform which means they don’t need it.” Kiba said.
“We use it, just not for transformation.” you put your bandaged arm on the table. “we have scales which enable us to emulate anyone we see or hear” you say, “we can emulate even the voice of the person” you said in Kiba’s voice.
“I don’t appreciate you using my sons voice” She said.
“I’m sorry” you said in a scared and innocent voice.
“Mom it’s alright, (y/n) was just trying to-” Kiba was defending.
“Its always (y/n) this, (y/n) that with you. Your so far up her a$$ that only your legs are visible.” his mother snapped at him. You slid under the table to hide from them. Your head in your hands, you cried as they argued.

After the argument stopped Kiba helped you out from under the table.
“I’m staying out” he said. Akamaru followed him but he told him to stay put. He took you home, much to his mothers disliking. “I’m sorry you had to witness that, are you alright?” He asked rubbing your arm. you shook your head.
“I’d give anything to have a good family, a lot of people would. You could ask Naruto or Sasuke and they would answer the same. You have family who love you, you shouldn’t argue like that. I would hate if your family turned out like mine” you said, referring to your moms death and your dad becoming an abusive, alcohol, druggy, and your brother leaving.
“I’m sorry (y/n)” he said “I’ll make It up to you I promise.”

He took you home and you went to bed. You closed your eyes to let Kiba get changed, you didn’t open them again until you felt the bed dip. You looked at him.
“Kiba darling, you aren’t wearing anything” you said scared.
“I know” he said.
“Dad could be back any minute” you said.
“Then let’s make this quick” he said and winked. you got the drift and kissed him passionately as he removed the layers of clothing stopping your bodies from touching. He skipped the foreplay and just inserted himself into you. You let out a yelp because it felt like you was being torn into 2. After a little while the pain turned to pleasure and you were turning into a moaning mess. Kiba thrusted into you more and more, faster and faster, harder and harder until you felt him twitch inside of you. You felt him become sloppy and your stomach knotted.
“Kiba, im close” you said.
“Me to” he said and thrusted in you some more until he released inside of you. His release triggered yours and you came all over his member. He pulled out and laid next to you.
“I’m so lucky i got you in that cupboard 7 months ago” he said.
“I love you Kiba”
“I love you to.” He pecked you on the lips.

he front door opened and you could hear your dad coming upstairs. You pushed to put a t-shirt and panties on, kiba put his boxers on and his shirt. You sat under the covers and turned your tv on as your dad walked through the doors.
“Hey honey bunny, hey Kiba” He said looking a you. Your father may have excepted Kiba, but he would kill Kiba if he found out that you had done stuff.
“Hi dad, how was your mission?” You asked.
“It went as well as could be expected, i guess” he said. “Im going to get some rest, dont do anything i wouldn’t do” he kissed your head and left you with Kiba. You burst out laughing and looked at your gorgeous boyfriend.
“That doesn’t leave much” you whisper and kiss him.