Kiba 1

You watched your best friend roll around on the floor with his dog. You always went to Naruto’s parties just to watch that.

“7 minutes in heaven people, believe it!” Naruto yelled. You picked out an object which you liked the feel of. It was a miniature dog. ‘Awwwe’ you thought holding it up so Kiba knew he got you.

You went into the cupboard with Kiba. He wasn’t very happy that Akamaru couldn’t come in but hey rules are rules!

“Umm (Y/N)” he says in his nervous voice, “can I kiss you?” He asks politely. You blush and nod your head. He started to kiss you gently then got rougher and rougher. You moaned lightly breaking the strong kiss.

He kissed down your neck. He nibbled and sucked on spots, leaving hickeys everywhere. You didn’t mind the roughness because you expected this sort of thing from kiba. He scratches you by accident and you bled which made him stop.

“Don’t tell anyone what happened in here please” he pleaded, “I have had feeling for you for a while now and they all laughed at me.” You caressed his cheek.

“I wont tell them but I like you back Kiba Inuzuka” you whisper. You remove your hand and the door opens. You immediately cover your neck.

“Hey if you like me back meet me back at my house in 10 minutes” he whispers in your ear then runs off with Akamaru. You met him at his house and no body saw you until the morning. You were very happy and could barely walk.