Kidomaru (7 mins and lemon)

“I’M NOT PLAYING YOUR STUPID GAMES!” You yelled throwing a parcel onto the floor.
“awe your no fun (y/n)!” Naruto pouted.
“I agree with (y/n), this game is for kids” Sasuke said sounding cool as always. Since he came back to the village and he loves girls being all over him. He also liked it when women played ‘hard to get’, so of course he took a liking to you. You ended up kicking his but, literally. He still likes you but hasn’t tried to advance on you since. Honestly you liked someone else. Someone who is still on the bad side. You looked across the room, he was sat their. Naruto takes quite a risk bringing all the villains of the story to a party but hey, can’t disappoint fan girls can ya?
“Can I suggest a game?” Jiraiya asked in a giddy perverted way.
“sure ” Naruto said excited. He’s so stupid. Jiraiya will probably pick something perverted.
“7 minutes in heaven” Jiraiya suggested. Your cheeks flushed red knowing the game. A lot of girl’s cheeks went red. We’ve all played That game before. Naruto nodded wanting to play. He looked over at Sakura and Hinata. All the boys put something in a hat.
“Since (y/n) got us into this, she should choose first” Sakura said in spite. Sasuke smirked hoping to get you. You sighed and put your hand in the stupid hat. You searched around with you hand until you felt something rough ane hard. You pulled it out to see it was a little wooden spider figure and then your face flushed red.
“LUCKY KIDOMARU!” Jiraiya yelled his nose bleeding thinking about what you and him may get up to. You stood up and walked to the cupboard that you lot used for this game. Kidomaru followed quietly. You walked into the dark room and the door shut behind the two of you.
“what do you do in this game?” Kidomaru asked. You mentally facepalmed that he didn’t know.
“make out” you said quietly. A sigh left his mouth.
“But with you, I don’t know if I could contain myself.” He whispered quietly. You had a hard time hearing what he said. You decided to be brave and to make the first move. You leaned in and kissed him on the lips. He was shocked at first and then he started to kiss back getting rougher and rougher. He pushed you to the door. He was right, he was having a hard time to contain himself.

His kiss was loving but rough as heck. He tried to force his tongue into your mouth but you refused him. Two of his hands squeezed your boobs firmly and you let out a moan letting his tongue in. The two of you tongue wrestled for dominace and he won. His tongue roamed around your mouth hungrily. He pulled back and make his way to your neck kissing rough and earning involuntary moans from you. The door swung open and because you were against it you fell backwards, bringing Kidomaru along with you on the fall. His head landed on your chest in between your breasts and a hand of his was at your area. The other 5 hands had caught his fall so he didn’t hurt you when he landed on you. Your face turned bright red and he didn’t move.
“K-kidomaru!” you yelled. He moved his head slightly. Jiraiya laughed a little.
“I knew we’d catch something juicy ” Jiraiya said wanting to join in. Kidomaru finally got up and helped you up.

He held your hand firmly and walked you out of the party.
“I told you i wouldn’t be able to contain myself” He said in what seemed like an evil voice. He dragged you to what you believed was his house and threw you onto his sofa. He climbed over you and dry humped the shit out of you making you moan like crazy. He removed his shirt so you could see his amazingly toned body. He was removing clothing from you and him left right and centre. This was going further than you had thought it would.

Without hesitation he thrust into you shocking you. It hurt like hell and he didn’t even prepare you before hand. He was thrusting hard, not letting you adjust to him and to make matters worse this was your first time. Blood trickled down your legs. The pain soon passed and soon turned into immense pleasure. You gripped him tight and clawed at his back. He let out a moan and wrapped your legs around him.

About 2 hours later you both came and he pulled out.
“You were a Virgin?” he asked looking at all the blood. A smirk grew on his face as you nodded. “Good that means I was your first” he grinned and kissed your neck. A blush was on your cheeks. 3 things you knew for definite- 1) the people at the party aren’t gonna let what happened go 2) you had just lost your virginity to kidomaru and 3) you were in deep love with him.