Kisame 1 (7 mins and lemon)

“TOBI!!!” You ran after the orange-masked man as he had stolen your precious necklace which your mother had given to you.
“ITS FOR THE GAME!” Tobi yelled back and ran into the living room, you ran in after him. He backed to the wall and you pulled out a kunai.  You stabbed him in the arm and then raised your hand for another blow. A hand grabbed your wrist and Tobi ran for it. You turned to chase after him but your waist was grabbed and you got pinned to the wall.
“KISAME LET ME GO!” You yelled and struggled under his grip “HE TOOK MY MOTHERS NECKLACE!” Tobi came back shaking with fear. He gave Kisame the necklace and Kisame then gave it back to you.
“Sorry (y/n) I was going to use it for the game” Tobi apologises.
“What game?” You say putting the necklace on you.
“7 minutes in heaven. Leader-sama said everyone had to play no exceptions. Tobi was supposed to get something of everyone to put in a hat and because Tobi is a good boy, Tobi went but everyone got mad and chased Tobi so we are just writing names now” Tobi explains. You groan.

“right so everyone is here.” Leader-sama said.You was all sat around the table in the kitchen (I have a dining room but a lot of people have tables in their kitchen so I put that).
“You know this 7 minutes, do you have to do stuff or can you just sit there the whole time?” you asked and all the men stared at you “What? come on you know Leader-Sama is just going to go in with Konan. So that means that one of you will have me and the others will be with a man” You state, “I mean do you really wanna be kissing me? or another man?”
“Not the other man thing, that’s f***** up but, F*** YEAH ID KISS YOU!” Hidan shouted.
“Eh” you say secretly hoping you didn’t get Hidan now. “pervert” you smiled.
“enough” Leader-sama said. “(y/n), your picking first” you groan. The hat is slid across the table. You put your hand in and pick a folded piece of paper.
“Ill be in the cupboard, whoever I got can join me” You threw the paper on the table. You went into the cupboard and closed the door behind you, waiting for the man you got to join you in there.

*outside view :3*
“Who did she get, un?” Deidara asked picking up the paper. He unfolded it and smirked. “oooh Sasori, my man, it looks like your in for a treat, un, it wasn’t you” Deidara laughed at Sasori. Sasori fell for his trick and thought it was him. Sasori got angry.
“WHO DID SHE GET!” everyone yells at him.
“Kisame, un” Deidara shows the paper.
“DAMN IT!” Hidan yells. Kisame remains silent and just walked to the cupboard. ” KISAME ILL TRADE WITH YOU!”
“No, Hidan, your not raping her” Kisame walks in the cupboard and closes the door behind him.

*cupboard view*

Someone entered and you didn’t have a clue who.
“Who is it?” you ask feeling him get close to you ‘please not Hidan, Please not Hidan’ you thought in your head.
“Not Hidan” he said, so close you could feel his breath on your skin and he was getting closer. You backed into the wall.
“Kisame. Oh thank God for that” You said looking at the outline of him. He put his hands at either side of you on the wall, blocking you exits.

You felt a pair of cold lips against your neck. Your heart beat went faster and you bit your lip.
“Kisame, w-what are you doing?” Blush spreading across your face.
“Playing this game with the girl I love” He responded, the blush on your face growing a darker shade of red. He continued to kiss on your neck, turning you on quite a bit. You could feel yourself getting wet which turned you on more. You gasped when he found your G-spot and he took note of his. He bit onto it hard making you wince and bleed. He then licked it up making you moan and sucked at that spot. You pushed him off and into the wall before crashing your lips against his. You both kissed roughly. He licked and nibbled on your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You playfully denied him that. He squeezed you a**, but you weren’t stupid. You knew that trick so you didn’t even gasp. Kisame got angry and bit onto your bottom lip, while at the same time grabbing your boob. You gasped at this and Kisame took advantage of your open mouth. He stuck his tongue in and explored his new territory.  You tongue wrestled. He won. He continued to lick around the inside of your mouth.


“so what do you think (y/n) and Kisame are doing in there, un?” Deidara asked.
“What do you think they are f****** doing, you can hear the moaning” Hidan wacked Deidara in the head.
“Tobi has a confession to make” everyone looked at the childish man, “When Tobi stole (y/n)’s necklace, (y/n) was getting dressed. Tobi grabbed it and ran but (y/n) didn’t have chance to put a bra on before she started chasing Tobi. (y/n) got dressed as fast as she could” Tobi confessed.
“So (y/n) isn’t wearing a bra, Kisame you f****** lucky b******!”

“Everyone gather round.” Leader-sama said. He put his hand in the hat. “Up next will be Deidara.” He gave the hat to Deidara who then proceeded in picking a piece of paper.
“Tobi, un” Deidara groaned.
“yey, Tobi and Deidara will have a good time because Tobi is a good boy.” Tobi chirped.

Kisame’s hand was roaming around your body as you kissed. He lifted your shirt revealing no bra.
“Someone is prepared” He smirks. You blush remembering what Tobi did.
“I.. um didn’t have .. chance… Tobi… nyyahhhh” you couldn’t get your words out and Kisame sucked on your boob making you moan. He rubbed the other one with his hand while he sucked your nipple, you threw your head back enjoying the pleasure. He then swapped over, giving the other boob the same treatment.

You removed his cloak and then pulled his shirt off. You looked at his toned body. You let your hands wander around his abs. He kissed your neck then started nibbling at it. He occasionally bit to hard and drew blood, he then apologised by licking it up and making you moan. Your hand went down his stomach before you reached down his pants. He felt this and removed your pants as you removed his. He removed you panties and stared at your naked body.
“Beautiful” He said looking at you. He was stood in his boxers as you hadn’t had chance to remove them off him. He grabbed your legs to tell you to put them around his waist, so you did. He held your back and gently laid you down on your back.

You loosened your legs slightly and Kisame inserted a finger into your dripping core. You threw your head back and moaned. He then slipped another 2 fingers in. He pumped his fingers in and out of you. You were moaning like crazy. He added his final finger in, stretching you. He whispered in your ear.
“I’m preparing you for a dick that’s the same size as my fist” You blush as you feel his hand turn into a fist. It hurt to begin with but then you moaned. He pumped his fist in and out of you. Your walls tighten around it as you release onto his hand. He pulls his hand out and licks up all your juices. He then went down and licked all the juices out of you. You shook and hand a major orgasm.
“Kisame, please stop teasing” You managed to say. You pulled his pants down to reveal his massive shlong. He was right, it was the size of his fist, maybe even bigger. He shoved it in you. Because he made you well prepared, it didn’t really hurt. He thrusted his length fully in you. He then pulled himself nearly completely out before slamming his self almost completely back in. You moaned and screamed his name. He went harder and faster, causing you to have many orgasms and see stars. Your walls tightened around him again as you reached your second release.
“Y-your so.. tight” He said. You felt his member throbbing as you both released at the same time. He pulled out and collapsed next to you. “I love you so much (y/n)” He said panting.
“I love you to, Kisame.” you kissed his cheek. Ignoring the soreness you stood up and got dressed, “same time tomorrow?” You asked as you left the cupboard.

You looked at everyone as you left and blushed like hell.
“That was more than 7 minutes, un” Deidara said. “For someone who didn’t want to play you sure had fun didn’t you, hmmm.”
“You cheap tart. I hope you f****** get pregnant b****!” Hidan said to you, “We could hear you through the f****** door.”
You walk past everyone. ‘Maybe not tomorrow Kisame , sorry’ You thought and then ran off.