Lee 1

“HURRY UP (Y/N)!” Lee yells while you desperately try to catch your breath and keep up. You don’t even know why you agreed to run 50 laps around the village with Lee and Guy. Maybe it was because of the crush you have on him. Guy had also dragged Kakashi into this training session.

You were supposed to keep with Lee but you couldn’t keep up. Guy had Kakashi on his back as Kakashi didn’t really wanna race. Guy crossed the finish line with Kakashi. Lee crossed and yelled “Yes 2nd place.” You slowly crossed the finish line.

“You didn’t come in 2nd…. you came in 3rd!!!” Guy yells “Kakashi came in 2nd.” You watch as Lee cries and frantically writes in a small book.

“I came 4th” you say and start to walk away. Guy grabs the back of your green jacket (your a chounin).

“Not so fast (Y/N) you and Lee must face a punishment together” Guy sensei says. He grins and his teeth sparkle. Of course Guy sensei knows about your crush on Lee. He wasnt very happy at first but then he decided he was going to start being incredibly nice to you.

“You and Lee must spend 7 minutes together in the cupboard” he says. Your eyes widen. He was forcing you into a dark cupboard with your crush, how was that not going to be awkward?

You got practically thrown in the cupboard. You fell over and Lee tried helping you up but fell on top of you. A bright red blush grew on your face, which lit up the darkness of the cupboard.

It was silent and awkward for a few minutes after Lee got off you then you finally gathered up the courage to talk.

“Lee…” you was cut of by Lee kissing you on the lips.

“I know” he says then returns to kissing you. You quickly got over the shock and began kissing back, deepening the kiss.

Guy opens the door to see the two of you french kissing then has a small chuckle and closes the door.  You can very faintly hear “good on you” from guy through the door.

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