Lee 2 (Lemons)

a/n- this was requested hope you enjoy it. oh and I will be trying to publish one a day hopefully. :3 very busy at the moment.

*a year later*

You were on a date with Lee. It was the 27th date this month and you were really getting anxious. You was really hoping this date would be a bit more… exciting. He took you to a fancy restaurant and you ate your meals then he walked you home. You was on your doorstep and started to kiss, that’s when he reached for your boob. You blushed and pulled away.
“You was totally going in for a grabsy” you say and laugh a little.
“I am sorry” he bows a lot in respect of you “It Is just that we have been doing the same boring date routine for a whole year and I was thinking it was time for a change but it is okay if you don’t want to, I will respect your wishes” He carried on bowing,
“Lee stop bowing, I was feeling the exact same way except…”
“Except it is not right to be doing stuff like that when we are not yet living together, so I humbly ask you, (y/n) to move in with me!”
“move In with you? Okay yeah, sure ill move in with you” You say. He smiles and picks you up by the waist and spins you around in the air
“I was hoping that you would say that. You can stay here tonight and I will pick you up tomorrow” he says.
“No Lee why don’t you stay here for the night, you can help me pack, think of it as a training exercise”

You went inside and grabbed a suit case.
“well I am going to get changed in the bathroom, you can start putting my clothes into the suit cases, remember t-shirts, trousers, pyjamas and underwear, that includes bras” you say grabbing some pyjamas which were ready for you. You went off into the bathroom and got mostly changed. You didn’t put your pyjama top on because you wanted to see Lee’s reaction.

Lee’s POV:
Right so (y/n) is moving in with me. Oh this is so exciting. Guy sensei did something amazing when he made us play 7 minutes in heave together a year ago. HES SO WISE!!!! Right now what did (y/n) say I needed to pack her. Pyjamas. Where does she keep her Pyjamas? Ah in this draw. Next, T-shirts. That draw, 2nd draw down. Trousers. OMG THAT IS NOT TROUSERS.

In front of me was not her trousers, it was her bras. I quickly closed the draw and turned around to see her .She was stood in the door way wearing no shirt.
“(Y/N)!” I have no Idea why but my nose started to bleed. (y/n) got close to me and whispers something in my ear which makes me feel weird inside. She starts to nibble on my ear and stuck her tongue into my ear. I couldn’t hold back no more. I threw her onto her bed.

back to normal POV

You was thrown onto your bed by a very horny Lee. He looked down at you.
“Oh no, this will not do” He says shaking his head and tuting.
“what wont do?” you ask looking up at your handsome boyfriend.
“You need not to wear any clothes and neither am I” There is a poof of smoke and then both you and Lee are naked and Lee is wearing a condom. You blush mentally. “now (y/n) are you ready for the ride of your life” you nod and look down Lee’s incredible body. Your eyes are drawn directly to his huge throbbing member. You gasp, looking at the size. “Do you like what you see?” Lee asked with a smirk.
“yes very very much” you say. You bring your hands and rub his length repeatedly earning a groan from you. (boys don’t necessarily moan they groan).
Lee’s eyes was scanning every inch of your naked body. His heart was racing and in your hand you felt his already huge member grow slightly more.

Lee took one of your breasts into a hand and started to squeeze and fondle with it. He then licked the other one and took it into his mouth. He sucked on it hard and then pinched your nipple with his teeth. With his free hand he stroked up your thigh. You held in the moan which taunted Lee. He moved his hand up to your dripping core and inserted a finger. You let out the moan which was bigger than expected. Lee then slipped another finger in you and pumped it in and out. You moaned.

Lee kissed down your neck while fingering you. He bit down drawing blood and then licking it up. He left multiple hickeys down your neck.
“P-please Lee, s-stop teasing.” you pleaded “just f-fuck me.”
He pulled his fingers out and placed his member at your enterance.
“Are you sure about this?” He asked “I really don’t want to hurt you.” You nod and he enters you slowly.
“SHIT!” you scream out in pain. Lee stayed still until the pain vanished and you was filled with pleasure. You let him know he could go and he started to pump in and out of you. You moaned loudly.
“H-harder” he obeyed and went harder and faster. He hit your G-spot and you had an orgasm. He took note of this and pulled almost all out before slamming into your harder and harder into you, making sure he hit that spot. He sped up to an inhuman speed and then faster and the condom split without him knowing (coz lee is fast XD). You felt yourself at the edge. You climaxed all over his member moaning and shaking with pleasure. Soon after Lee released in you and you felt it and realised that you was no longer using protection.

Both  of you was a panting mess. You looked at him and he at you.
“that was..” you both said in sync.
“y-you came in me…” You said.
“I don’t understand, we was using protection, how was it in you?” Lee asked. You pulled the useless condom off of his huge throbbing member and threw it aside.
“Wanna do that again?” You asked him. He climbed back over you and lined himself up.
“Round 2, you ready” and you repeated the same actions until he was about to cum. He pulled as deep as he could into you and spilled in you that deep.

*months later*
“Lee honey” You said looking for you Fiancé.  You couldn’t find him so you figured he was off training. You sat on the sofa and rubbed your baby bump. “I hope you are happy in-” You didn’t finish your sentence as pain took over your body. Lee came home with Tenten, who was your best friend now, and your pain vanished.
“Hey honey im home” he says smiling at you.
“ahhh” you went through another pain. Lee and Tenten rushed to you.
“Was that a contraction?” Lee panicked. You breathed out.
“its not, it can’t be, He’s not due till next month… I’m going to go and get some air.” You stood up, with Tenten’s help, and a wet liquid flooded down your legs all over both yours and Tenten’s shoes.
“Eww, did you just pee on her shoes?” Lee asked. You was in unbearable pain.
“No idiot, her waters just broke, we need to get her to the hospital”
“I’m not going to make it to the hospital,” you say, “I’m going have to deliver here, Tenten can you go get a doctor to come here.” You was in so much pain. You laid across the couch and tried to settle your breathing.

Tenten ran off and arrived back 10-15 minutes later with Sakura. You had taken you trousers off and panties and Lee placed a blanket over you. Sakura rushed to you and checked your dilation.
“5 cm that’s not enough, your going to have to wait” You look at her, you was sweating and in pain.
“How long will that take? This pains unbearable!”
“I’m sorry (y/n) it depends on how quick he wants to get out” Sakura says.

3 hours later and sakura finally gives you the all clear to start pushing.  You give it all you can and then soon you are close to the head showing. You couldn’t push no more.
“Come on (y/n) just one more good push” Tenten says.
“I-I cant” Lee holds onto your hand and squeezes it.
“Come on (y/n), We believe in you. Just believe in your self and give us 1 more good push” You squeezed Lee’s hand tight and tried to push. It wasn’t much but it was enough for them to get the head out. Sakura handed your baby boy to you and you started to cry looking at him.
“He’s beautiful” you say.
“Have you got a name for him?” Sakura asks. You look at Lee and then say
“We want to call him Henry.”

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