Nagato 1 (lemon)

Yahiko singing: You’re a bum
You singing: You’re a punk
Yahiko: You’re an old slut on junk
Lying there almost dead
On a drip in that bed
You: You scum bag
Yahiko: You maggot
You: You cheap lousy faggot
Happy Christmas your arse
I pray God
It’s our last

“They are singing it again” Nagato said to Jiraiya sensei. Him, konan and Jiraya was sat playing cards at the table.
“I swear they only like that song because they get to argue to each to each other in it.” Konan said. “And they can’t even sing.” Nagato listened to the song.
“Well Yahiko can’t but (y/n) is amazing” Nagato said with a small faint blush. The song had ended and you joint the table.
“I don’t want to play cards” Yahiko said and sat down at the table. He slammed his head on the table.
“Where am I supposed to sit now?! I wanna play cards. Yahiko move!” You snapped.
“No I was here first!” Yahiko snapped back.
“Guys stop arguing. Its Christmas” Jaraiya said. You moved around the other side of the table to where Nagato was sat.
“You can sit on my lap if you want” Nagato offered. Nagato was your best friend and you trusted him. You trusted every one around the table… Even Yahiko. You weren’t embarrassed to sit on Nagato’s lap, you often had to do it because Yahiko stole the last seat when he didn’t even want to be there. So you sat on Nagato’s lap. A pink blush appeared on his face and he held you close to him.

The game continued and you helped Nagato. Nagato’s face was red and Konan noticed.
“Jiraiya sensei, why don’t we play truth or dare” She suggested.
“Thats a good idea. Can we Jiraiya sensei? Can we please?” You asked. Jiraya let you and gathered up all the cards.
“Go sit on the floor though” he said. Everyone gathered on the floor by the fire place and the Christmas tree.
“Who goes first?” You ask.
“Nagato. Truth or dare?” Konan asked.
“Truth” Nagato said rather shy. You and Konan whispered to each other and giggled a bit.
“Nagato, If you got stuck under the mistletoe with someone and had to kiss them who would it be?” You asked him with a giggle. He went red again.
“Can it be anyone?” He asked. You nodded, “Even Jiraiya sensei and Yahiko”
“No it can’t be me” Yahiko said.
“It can be them” Konan said and glared at Yahiko.
“Then it would be… ermmmm…. (y/n)” He said blushing. Your face went red also now.

“Yahiko, truth or dare?” you asked.
“Dare” he said, not wanting to tell the truth and be in an awkward situation like Nagato.
“I dare you to sit on Jiraiya sensei’s lap for the rest of tonight” Yahiko sat on his lap like instructed.
“Jiraiya sensei, truth or dare?” Nagato asked.
“Truth” He said.
“What do you want the most right now?” You asked.
“For Yahiko to get off of my lap” He laughed. You all laughed.
“Konan, Truth or dare?” Yahiko asked.
“Truth” she said.
“What do you want for Christmas?” Nagato asked.
“Nothing, I already have what I want.” She answered sweetly.
“I would have said socks” You laughed.
“(y/n), truth or dare?” Jiraiya asked.
“Dare” You answered proudly.
“I dare you to kiss Nagato on the lips” Both Konan and Yahiko said in sync.
“We both said it, that makes it a double dare so you can’t back down” Yahiko laughed. You blushed and crawled towards him but laid on the floor in between where he is and where you were sat.
“It’s to much effort, hes to far away” You complained trying to get out of it. The others were laughing at you, but Nagato was looking at you. Nagato was your best friend, it wouldn’t change anything right? You pulled yourself together and crawled the rest of the way there.

“oh yeah, and it has to last more than 3 seconds” Konan added in. You kissed Nagato gently on the lips, closing your eyes. Nagato’s face was red and he kissed back. “1, 2 and 3. right you can stop kissing now” Konan said, but you didn’t. There was a spark and you didn’t want to stop kissing Nagato. Sadly oxygen got in the way and you both needed to breathe.
“I think it’s time for bed.” Jiraiya said, his nose was bleeding slightly.
“ITS CHRISTMAS TOMORROW! YEYYYYY!”You yelled at the top of your lungs.
“PRESENTS!” Yahiko yelled matching your loudness.
“FOOD!” Nagato yelled slightly quieter.
“FAMILY!” Konan yelled at the same volume as Nagato. Jiraiya chuckled at you all.

Sort of lemon start (my word u rush things haha)

You were laid in bed. You couldn’t sleep. You had that kiss on your mind. Nagato wasn’t supposed to kiss back. He didn’t get dared to kiss you, so why did he? You remember how it felt to have Nagato’s lips against yours. It was your first kiss since your mother died. The door creaked open.
“(y/n), you awake?” The familiar voice of Nagato’s said. He shared a room with Yahiko, you Konan and Jiraiya all have your own room.
“Yeah, Nagato, I’m awake” You said, rolling over to face him.
“I couldn’t sleep. I had to much on my mind.” He said, sounding cute.
“The kiss?” You asked. He nodded.
“Can I climb in bed with you?” he asked. You let him and his arm went around you. “I have always loved you (y/n)” he said. You blushed like hell and he kissed your nose. “But I know you only see me as a friend, and I’m fine with that.”
“But I’m not” you said and kissed him on the lips. He kissed back and before you knew it you were having a full on make out session. Nagato’s tongue glided across your lips, begging for entrance. You denied playfully. He squeezed your boob with opened your mouth and he granted himself access into your mouth. His hand didn’t move and every now and again he would squeeze it. He liked the little squeak you made when he did it. You pulled away to breathe.

His eyes were so beautiful, especially when they look into yours. He kisses your neck roughly. Like he was an animal breaking out of his cage, he attacked your neck. You moaned lightly.
“I love you (y/n)” Nagato said, kissing your cheek.
“I love you to” you replied. You snuggled up to Nagato and fell asleep.

Time skip brought to you by netflix and chill 😉 Oh yeah and actual lemon start

“Wheres Nagato?” Yahiko said as he ran to Konan’s room. She woke up groggily.
“I don’t know, where did you leave him?”she answered with a question.
“In bed” Yahiko panicked, “but he’s not there now.”
“He’ll be fine, hes probably with (Y/n)” Konan said.
“Right” Yahiko commented.

Meanwhile you woke up and shifted slightly, which woke up Nagato. You blushed as you remembered that you was only wearing panties and an over sized top, with no bra (no one sleeps in bras, its so uncomfortable)
“Morning beautiful” he said.
“Morning, merry Christmas” you said back and kissed his nose. He brought your lips to his and kissed you roughly.
“I’m gonna give you the best Christmas present you’ll ever get” he promised. You nodded and he starts to lick your thigh. You let out a small gasp and started to get wet. He nibbled and kissed upwards till he reached your panties. He glared at them and pulled them off, using his teeth. He then looked at your bare woman hood. You waited in anticipation. His tongue entered you which made you buck your back. He licked around, enjoying you moan and squirm about. He licked in and out and it circles which made your toes curl. He stopped and started to lick in the other direction. You loved the feel of his tongue inside of you. You wanted more. Then he stopped. “Do you trust me?” He asked and you nodded. “Good because I haven’t done this stuff before.” He put lots of lube on his hand.

“What stuff?” you asked then a finger entered you and started to pump in and out of you. You moaned feeling it wiggle inside of you. Another one entered then another. 3 Fingers were pumping in and out of you. He stopped fingering you, but left his fingers in you. He added more lube to his hand so it was very very slippery and wet. He placed you legs over his shoulders to get a better angle then added the 4th finger into you. You moaned as they played around in your vagina. “Give me more!” You demanded and then you felt a pain which felt like you were tearing in two. He had inserted his full fist into you and was shoving it deep inside of you.You quickly got used to it and he moved more. You moaned as it pounded very hard into you, pulling out and then pushing its way back in. You screamed his name as he fisted you. He stopped and looked at you. He started again but this time slowly and hard.
“Im gonna cum” You said. He pulled out.
“No” he said and then pointed at his huge member. “Suck” he said. You nodded and crawled to his member. You slid it in your mouth and sucked hard. You bobbed your head up and down. You slid it to the back of your throat and deep throated it. He started to thrust, fucking your mouth. You moaned against his dick. When he was about to cum you stopped. He turned you around and spanked your ass hard.

Lining it up, Nagato thrusted forward and stuck his dick into your ass. You moaned out as he fucked you from behind. He sat your up a bit more so he could penetrate your vagina with his fingers at the same time. He was playing with you from two angles and boy was you moaning. With his last hand he squeezed your boobs and fondled them. You were close. So very close. He pulled out of your ass and spanked it again before flipping you onto your back. He then rammed into your front and thrusted hard and fast. It was orgasmic. He pounded into you. You threw your head back and let out a long moan before cumming onto his dick. He then stopped and flipped you so you was on top of him.
“Make me cum!” He ordered. You bounced up and down onto his hard, throbbing member, making him howl like an animal. You kept going faster and faster. He twitched inside you. He bucked his hips to get deep in you and came, which triggered you to cum as well. You rolled onto your side and he stayed inside of you. “Merry Christmas (y/n)” he said and cuddled to you, not pulling out, so he could start all over again later.