Naruto 1

You were sprawled across the couch. One of your legs was on the top of it, the other on the chair arm. One of your arms and you head was hanging off while the other arm kept you securely in place. You were bored.

Naruto was holding a party and you annoyed many people by laying how you are.
“Play a stupid game already” you moaned. You loved parties, but only if there was games.
“(Y/n) be patient, not everyone’s here yet” Naruto said.
“We have enough people. Shikamaru is almost asleep, Chojis stuffing his face and Neji has picked up kakashis icha icha book, we are all bored” Naruto squints his eyes at you. He hates you. You always question him and to him you are just childish. You are actually more grown up than him.

Naruto didn’t even invite you to his party. Neji invited you as a plus one since you are his best friend.
“Fine” Naruto says “7 minutes in heaven.” You sit up intregued.
“What?” You had never played this before.

Naruto walked away. Kiba and Shino walked in.
“You two are playing to” Naruto said.
“Playing what?” Shino asked.
“7 minutes in heaven!” You blurted out Maybe a little to excitedly. Kiba purred. You were the only girl at the party at the moment and Kiba has a “secret” crush on you. (it is an obvious crush).

Naruto asked them to write a word down on a piece of paper and then he put them all into a hat. Your choices were Neji, Shino, Kiba, Shikamaru, Lee, Choji and Naruto. You still didn’t know how to play the game.

Naruto shoved the hat in your face and you put your hand in. You felt around ad picked up a piece of paper.
“The word is Ramen” you heard a groan.
“That’s me” Naruto handed you his hand brought you to the cupboard.

“Man why did I end up with you”Naruto grumbled.
“excuse me, but I never asked you to be my partner in this” you and Naruto argue and then he shocks you. You were in mid sentence and he kisses you.
“Now what did Pervy sage say girls want next?” He asked himself. Their was a lot of kissing and holding each other.

“What next?” You ask. Naruto smiled and pulled down his pants.
“That’s what Pervy sage said was next” you covered your eyes immediately.
“Naruto cover yourself up please” you blushed at what you just saw. Naruto pulls his pants up and the door opens.

“Well it looks like you to had fun” Neji chuckles. You hug him and then b**** slap him, then hug him again.
“It’s none of your business” Naruto was chuckling then he hugged you from behind.
“Such a youthful couple!” Tears streamed down Lee’s face as he saw the two of you.