Naruto 2

“Do I really have to go to your Party Jaraiya Sensei, Its just you always play really perverted games and you know I can’t play them” You complain.
“Your coming and your playing, forget your God for once and think about yourself.” Jaraiya orders. You sigh. You can’t disobey your Master, can you? If you do disobey him, he probably will stop training you, you’ll be stuck training yourself again.

So you was unwillingly going to another one of Jaraiya Sensei’s parties. You was late because before hand you was praying to God to get permission to play the game. You still don’t know if your allowed but your going to do it anyway. Naruto was at the party. You had a crush on him, the way he always made you smile and gave you hope. You could imagine kissing him and stuff, that’s what 15 year old girls think of. (it is :3 I would know).
“7 minutes in heaven!” Jaraiya said. You sighed and sat in the circle with everyone else.
“Why are you playing (y/n)? Isn’t their a rule about this stuff in Christianity?” Shikamaru asks.
“Jaraiya Sensei said I had to, why are you playing Shikamaru? Don’t you have sleeping to do?” You backfired. Ooooohhh BANTERRRR!!!
“Its a drag but Lord Jaraiya said I had to play.” Naruto sits next to you.
“I know you can’t play, but I hope I get you (y/n)” Naruto whispers to you. You blush. ‘Maybe if I do get Naruto, ill play’ You think to yourself. (Holy mother of **** the age of consent for sex is 13 in Japan…Damn *thinks to self: no wonder there’s so many people in Asia* I don’t know why different have different ages of consent, its 16 in England, comment what your age of consent is in your country 🙂 )

You got given the hat, you were day dreaming about Naruto and a blush had spread across your face.
“Hello, Earth to (y/n)” Naruto was waving a hand in front of your face. You snap out of your daze and the blush gets worse. You put your hand in the hat and pick out a name. You throw it on the ground without reading it then go into the cupboard. Everyone here knows you wont actually do stuff with them in the cupboard so you doubt anyone will join you. You were wrong someone did join you.
“(y/n), are you in here?” A familiar voice asks as he tries to find his way around the cupboard. He trips over and lands on you, knocking you both over.
“Naruto, you are heaving you know” You say.
“sorry” He apologises, he grabs your boob when picking himself up accidently. You blush even more and grab his hand moving it. “Was that your? Oh God, sorry (y/n)!” He apologises again. Your breathing became fast. “What do you want to do to pass the time?” He ask.

You lent in and kiss him which shocked him. He kissed back though. Your arms went around each other as you kissed passionately. You pulled away to breathe. Your foreheads touched each other.
“I thought you didn’t play these games.”
“I made an exception for you because I love you”
“I love you to (y/n)” You both kiss and the cupboard opens.
“WHY (Y/N), looks like you do play these games after all” Jaraiya sensei yelled, “and with Naruto as well.” He gets a nose bleed as he starts to think perverted thoughts.  You and Naruto walk out and you sit on his lap.
“As far as I know, no where in Christianity says I cant have a boyfriend, just we have to get married before we do anything else” You explain. Naruto smiles.
“Good, because I plan to marry you one day (y/n)” He says and kisses your neck lightly. You lent down and kissed his lips.