Neji 1

You sat with your group of friends.  You had all just completed a horrible mission and sadly one of your best friends where in the hospital in a critical condition. Neji bought you a big bowl of Ramen to help you get through the night. All your friends bought you one.

Drunk with Ramen you suggested “I think we should play 7 minutes in heaven” you laugh “ill be in the cupboard. A boy can join me” you wink and leave.

You were sat in your room waiting for a boy. You puked before he came in and he nearly stood in it. You washed out your mouth and he kisses you. It was dark so you didnt know who it was.

“You know I wish I could see your beautiful face” You recognise the voice.
“Neji” you say quietly. He kisses you again.
“Shhh” he keeps you quiet. “Dont talk just enjoy coz I love you (Y/N)” he kisses pationately and with love. You couldn’t believe this was happening you love him so much.