Neji 2 (lemon)

*1 year after the game*
“(y/n) do you really have to sing like that, your driving me up the wall.” Neji complained. You just laughed and stuck your tongue out at him. He grabbed your tongue lightly and kissed it making you laugh again. You went back to singing, bad idea but meh. “(y/n) will you please stop singing” Neji asked off you.
“MAKE ME!” You yelled. Uh oh another argument was brewing. You and Neji keep having them lately. Your scared he is going to break up with you.
“(Y/N) JUST SHUT UP YOU CANT EVEN SING!” He yelled. Oh hell noh. You ran off crying.

You sat on a bench crying your eyes out. Lee and Tenten sat next to you.
“(y/n) what is the matter?” Lee asked. You brought your knees your chest and buried your head.
“Neji and I had another argument” You say, it is muffled through your knees. Tenten looks at Lee with sorrow and then patted my back.
“Maybe he just needs something a little different” She says. You look at her.
“He’s close to breaking up with me I can see it” You say.
“Well maybe you should…” she starts to whisper in your ear and you blush like hell.
“help me” you ask. Tenten smiles.
“I will” The two of you run off to the town to go shopping. On the way you bumped into Ino and Sakura and they were soon helping you. You was in the lingerie shop. You felt really nervous every time you went into this shop and you were even more nervous this time. You were made to sit on a chair while the girls go choose some sexy underwear for you. It only took about half an hour until each of them had picked some for you. You had told them that they were not to get see through underwear. You had to try it on.

You had picked an outfit. They were all so revealing. You chose the red one. (people argue that red is the sexiest colour but its my favourite colour so that’s why I chose it :3). You looked super sexy in it. You went home and got into the sexy lingerie. Tenten said she would get Neji to go to you. So you wait for him nervously. You sat on the bed fiddling with your thumbs. ‘what if he doesn’t want to’ you thought to yourself. You were so nervous you was shaking.

*Neji’s POV*
I am quite annoyed with (y/n), all she ever does is get on my nerves, but maybe that’s because we are lacking something. We have been together a year now and we have barely touched each other, maybe its time. Tenten ran up to me.
“Neji” she said panting “(y/n) needs you, she’s in her apartment, quickly go.” I run off to her apartment. What if she is in danger? I have to hurry. I got to her apartment. It seemed normal enough. I open the door and walk in.
“Hello? (y/n) are you here?” I ask, still worried that she may have been kidnapped or something.
“Neji, I’m upstairs” She says. I walk up the stairs and towards her room. I slowly open the door and then…

*normal POV*
He slowly stopped in his tracks as he opened the door. You was sat on the bed in you sexy lingerie. He had blood dripping from his nose and his mouth open.
“Neji, you gonna join me?” You ask in a seductive tone. You look at him with a smirk. He walks slowly up to the bed and wipes his nose.
“(y/n)… this is a turn on” He climbs on the bed. He lays you back and straddles your lap. “I’m having a hard time keeping my hands off you, so I’m not going to try.” His hands roam up and down your body. He leans forward and kisses your ear before whispering “Those really are some sexy underwear (y/n), I cant wait to see them on the floor.” He nibbles on your ear and you blush. He takes it upon himself to unhook your bra. You want to cover yourself up, but you know that nothing will happen if you do and then you and Neji will argue again, so you stay strong. The blush on your cheeks spread across your whole face as Neji feels you boob. He massages it with one hand and the other boob he takes into his mouth and sucks. You moan lightly and Neji swaps over giving the other boob the same treatment.

Neji sits up and removes his shirt and pants so he is just in his boxers. You blush at the size of the tent in his boxers.
“How big is that?” You ask biting your lip.
“Want to see?” Neji was now using the seductive tone. You blushed as he pulled down his boxers letting his member spring up proudly. Your blush has now spread your shoulders. You lent in towards his member and licked his tip. He let out a groan so you licked up and down the shaft. He grabbed your hair as you started to suck him. You bobbed you head up and down and rubbed the bits you couldn’t fit in your mouth. Neji laid you back down and pulled down your panties. He threw them onto the pile of clothes and then looked at your naked form. He smiled at you. “Beautiful” he said. He flipped you over so you was on your back and then he thrusted himself into your ass. He slammed in and out of your ass and then put his fingers into your womanhood.  You was a moaning mess and he liked that. He spilled his hot seed into your ass before flipping you over and thrusting into your womanhood. You yelped as it hurt. Your hymen was ripped and it stung like a b****. Soon that pain became pleasure and you let Neji know he could move. He was soon pulling almost completely out of you and then slamming back into you. Once again you was a moaning mess. He hit your g-spot and you orgasmed. You were tired of Neji being dominant so you rolled over and thrusted him into you. He groaned. You were going quick.
“What’s my name?” Neji said you name. “SCREAM MY NAME B****!” (sorry I have that scene from I think American pie in my head lol).
“(Y/N)!!” He screamed. He flipped you over so he was on top again. You felt yourself reaching your climax.
“Neji I’m going to” You tightened around him and released into his member. Your release triggered his and he released his hot seed deep into you. He collapsed next to you.
“I am sorry (y/n), I didn’t mean to yell at you” Neji apologises. You turn your head to look at him.
“Its fine, I love you Neji” You say to lay on your side and kiss him.

*You did the same thing often and eventually you got pregnant blah blah blah* (this is sad sorry)

You was at hospital about to give birth to your twins. You and Neji was getting married when you went into labour. You were screaming in pain as each contraction came, you were told that you had some waiting left to do and it was very very painful. You had become very upset and was insulting everyone.
“THIS IS YOUR FAULT NEJI!!” You screamed as another contraction came.
“I know, I know just keep going (y/n) not long left” You were soon fully dilated and you was able to start pushing. You were out of breath and you finally managed to squeeze the first babies head out. You were told to wait for a bit to get your breath back before pushing again. You could hear your baby crying and you looked over to see Neji cradling it to sleep. You were given the all clear to push again and you did. This one was a lot harder.
“I thought babies where supposed to come out head first” Neji said looking at the baby coming out.
“Its coming out backwards, this just means a little extra pushing (y/n) but you can do it” The doctor said. You pushed with all your might and eventually got the baby out. Something was wrong. The baby wasn’t crying.
“Why isn’t he crying?” You were sweating and panting. “WHY ISNT HE CRYING?!” You yelled wanting an answer. The doctors where putting a tube down the babies throat. The tube was filling with blood.
“He has some blood caught in his airwaves, we are just removing it.” The doctor looks at the child and the amount of blood coming out of its tiny throat. You were panicking and in tears. The baby was going blue and was suffocating. You closed your eyes praying that he will be alright. The doctors called it. You had lost your new born baby. Neji came up to you with you little daughter. He passed you her and you held her. His arm went around you and he kissed your head. You were crying at the loss of your son. Neji wiped your tears. You looked at your daughter crying in your arms. You started to sing to her (