Neji and Shikamaru (lemon)

You were invited to a party at Ino’s. That’ll be fun. It was girls only. That means an Anne summers party. (if you don’t know what that is, its basically a dirty party for girls). It would be a laugh, so you went. Ino was at the door with Sakura. When you arrived they wrote your name down and put it in a hat. There was 2 hats and one was full. The other hat had a few names in.
“Whats that for?” you asked. They giggled.
“The first game” Sakura answered. You thought nothing of it so you just walked in and sat on the sofa. Hinata sat there nervously. When everyone arrived Ino and Sakura came in giggling.

“This year, we decided to involve the boys for a laugh.” Ino said. You groaned.
“We have the boys waiting, and they know what they are doing” Sakura said.
“What are we doing?” Hinata asked nervously. Sakura and Ino giggled again.
“We will pick out a girls name, then that girl picks out 2 guys names from the hats. They will then go and fuck them two guys all night” They said in sync. Your eyes widened and your nearly choked on your own tongue.
“You can’t do that!” You said. Unlike everyone else here, you still held your cherry.
“Yes we can, all the guys said its okay” Ino said.
“Well the guys don’t need to feel like they have been ripped in half because their virgins!” You yelled.
“Wait your a virgin?” Sakura asked and you nodded. “Well then that will make this special” She laughs.

They pick out a name. They chose Hinata. She was quite nervous. She picked out two names.
“Kiba and Naruto” she said. Ino knocked on the door. The boys opened it.
“Kiba, Naruto, your up” Hinata got up as the guys came in. She followed them upstairs. ‘Why would anyone agree to this game?’ you thought. Ino grabbed you. “(y/n), your up” Ino said proudly. You looked at the hat and picked up 2 names. The girls watched you. You opened them slowly and took a deep breath. Your eyes widened even more when you saw who you got.
“Oh, Shikamaru, Neji, why did you agree to this” You sighed.
“You got Neji and Shikamaru, strange pairing but both of them were really excited to play.” Sakura smiled.
“They were? Why?” You asked.
“Well Shikamaru knew you’d get him,” She giggles, “I bet Neji is looking at you right now.” You blush a lot.

You opened the door to the guys. Shikamaru and Neji were already stood up waiting for you, which made you go redder. They lead you to a room.
“I gotta be honest with you guys, I’ve never done this stuff before” you said innocently. They looked a bit shocked but then Shikamaru let out a little chuckle with a smirk.
“First time for everything I guess” Neji says.
“At least this will be special” Shikamaru said. Seeing the room lit with candle light and some sexy lingerie hung up on the cupboard made you blush.
“guess I’m getting changed then,” to said grabbing the lingerie and a housecoat, “don’t peek.” You ordered. they agreed a little scared. You slowly put it on, making the boys wait. You turned around and saw the door slightly open and Shikamaru peeking in. “Shikamaru!” You yelled. He opened the door more to reveal Neji peeking at you with his byakugan. You had covered up with the housecoat and turned to the boys.
“Man this is a drag, we are gonna see you naked in a bit, so what’s wrong with us getting a sneak preview of what we are receiving?” Shikamaru asked. You shook your head at them and walked at them all sexy like. You caressed Shikamaru’s face, because he was closest, and winked at Neji.
“Nothing is wrong with that” you said.

Shikamaru became impatient quickly and grabbed you to kiss you. Neji got in the way. You opened the house coat so they could see you in the sexy underwear and then threw it on the floor. They turned red and blood dropped from their noses. Neji went behind you and started to kiss the left side of your neck. Shikamaru, who was at the front, kissed the right. You bit your lip when they both found a soft spot on your neck and started to suck at it.
“We will make this all about you” they said in sync. Neji unclasped your bra and slowly slid it off. He took one of your breasts into his mouth and sucked it, massaging the other with his hand. Shikamaru pulled down your panties and started to lick at your wet entrance. You couldn’t help but moan. Neji swapped breasts to give them even treatment. Shikamaru’s tongue swirled around inside of you causing you to moan.

They laid you onto the bed with smirks on there faces Neji stood a finger inside of you while Shikamaru rubbed your clit and occasionally licked it. Another finger entered you. You grabbed the bed moaning. You felt your stomach knot and you released. They took there clothes off, revealing there hard members.

You took one in each hand and started to rub them up and down. They boys let out moans, which turned you on even more. Neji stook his in your mouth while Shikamaru went into your Vagina. you was struggling to keep up with all the moans, which made deep throating Neji difficult. He pulled out of your mouth and entered your ass. each man rubbed a different breast as you got penetrated from different places. You felt yourself tighten around Shikamaru as you released onto him. This triggered Shikamaru’s release and not long after Neji released in your ass. They swapped places and repeated the same process. they both pulled out and Neji entered Shikamaru from behind. They ordered you to play with yourself while they fucked each others ass’s. They moaned and came in each other. They was out of breath and sweating. they watched you finger yourself and started masterbating to try and bring your release closer. When you finally released they gave you a present before getting up and leaving. You opened it to see that it was a double ended dido and you smirked, planning to use it later.