Pain 1

It was raining outside. You were walking through the streets of Konoha in your rain coat, which had a total of 4 pockets. 2 of the pockets where not very well placed, as they were on your boobs (I have a few coats like this). The other two pockets where full of ninja stuff, tiny kunai and paper bombs. You walked into Jaraiya’s house, but couldn’t be bothered to take your coat off. It was warm in Jaraiya’s house and your coat soon dried off.

Naruto soon ran up to you.
“(Y/n) I have a present for you!” He said and handed you a ring box. ‘Omg Is Naruto proposing to me’ you thought to yourself. You opened the box, and inside was a fridge magnet. ‘-_-‘ you thought. “Do you like it? Sorry about the box I couldn’t find another one.”
“Um… yeah.. its.. er great.. Naruto”
“I’m glad you like it, I have Hinata one as well and she fainted, no idea why” You looked at Naruto.
“WELL WHY DO YOU THINK WHY!? YOU GAVE HER A RING BOX, SHE THOUGHT YOU WAS ASKING HER TO MARRY YOU” You yelled and hit Naruto. Someone’s hand grabbed yours.
“Calm down” A ginger man said. He had a lot of piercings. You yanked your hand away.
“Woah what’s happening over here? Everyone calm down, let’s play a game” Jaraiya says.
“What game?” You ask.

All the guys put their names on a piece of paper. Hinata was forced to pick first. She got Naruto and fainted so Jaraiya said they go later. Then Ino went and got Sai. Sakura and Sasuke was paired and finally Tenten and Neji. You was getting bored as you waited for your turn. You put your hand in the hat and chose a name.
“Pein” you said “Is there a Pein here?” You heard a slam as the cupboard shut and then Jaraiya grabbed you.
“He’s already in there” he pushed you in the cupboard and you tripped onto the man making him fall over. You felt his hand on a place you didn’t want. You turned red and shot up.
“What was that?” He asked and then looked at you. You had your arms across your chest and your face was bright red “oh, sorry about that, there was something magnetic in your pocket”
“Sure use that excuse.”

You spent 3 mins of your 7 minutes not even talking to you.
“You know we could play this thing.”
“Whatever” your response was and then he pinned you to the floor and kissed you. You kissed back and he got rough.
“You know, I own a secret organisation and we could use you, are you in?” He asked and kissed down your neck, not giving you chance to think. He hit your soft spot and moaned.
“Oh god yes” you responded to him.

The door opened and the light hit your face. Jaraiya looked at you both, Pein straddling you.
“Times up” he said with a nose bleed. Pein got up and offered you a hand, which you took. You both left.
“Please tell me I didn’t lose Konoha an amazing kunoichi by playing this” Jaraiya said to himself.