Sai 1

You laid spread out in a star shape on Jaraiya’s floor. The way Kiba(he’s my bae <3 so I use him a lot) and other people were looking at you, you were glad you put leggings on with your dress. You didn’t want to be at the party but because hes your uncle, you had no choice. You just knew that he was going to play pervy games and try and catch you doing something dirty.
“(y/n) get up” Jaraiya orders you.
“no…” you say plainly.
“(y/n) get up or sit on your knees until I say you can stop” He threatens.
“That’s it, sit on your knees!”
“noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo k” You got up and sat on your knees. “How’s this even a punishment?” You said.
“haha, youll see.” Jaraiya walks off.

Your knees started to ache.
“Hey (y/n)” A familiar voice said. Sai sat next to you with a smile on his face.
“Hi Sai” You said shaking as your legs ached.
“Have you heard. Jaraiya Sensei is playing 7 minutes in heaven? only he wants it to be 30 minutes for each person and he has multiple cupboards running at once. Neji and Tenten are in one and Naruto and Hinata are together. Who are you hoping to get?” Sai happens to be extremely happy with saying that.
“No one” you said bluntly.
“RIGHT NEXT UP,” he put his hand in a hat “(y/n)” he shoved another hat in your face.
“do I have to?”
“choose or youll be stuck on your knees until morning”

You gave in and put your hand in the hat. You pulled your hand out with a slip of paper which had a name on it.
“sai” you said. Sai helped you up. You know that thing where if you go numb your cant walk properly, yeah that happened. Sai was such a gentleman, he had his arm around you to help you walk. You blushed like hell at this.
“So we have 30 minutes in here, what do you wanna do?” you ask.
“i read in a book that the objective of this game is to make out, but you only make out with someone if you are in a relationship with someone. So I guess we must be in a relationship together now right?” He smiled and you blushed more, if that was possible.
“Is that your way of asking someone out?” You ask gripping your dress.
“I-I think so” he says.
“then…. yeah were in a relationship” You say.

Sai kisses you with passion. He sticks his tongue in your mouth and feel around your mouth with it, making your eyes widen. You pull away
“Sai what are you doing?” You ask.
“I believe its called ‘getting to first base'” Sai smiles.
“… Do it again” you smile and kiss him again and his tongue goes straight back into your mouth. You tongue wrestle.

You both pull away to breathe and hold each other.
“(y/n) am I, I mean are we allowed to move to second base?” He blushes and you blush.
“Y-you mean you wanna? you wanna do stuff to me?”
“Eh” he rubs the back of his neck “maybe not, its just that the book says if you get to first base then you should get to second, so I thought, but if you don’t want to then ok.”

You shake your head and sit in the corner facing the wall. Tears form in your eyes.
“Did Jaraiya put you up to this?” you fiddle your thumbs holding back from crying. Sai sits behind you and wraps his arms around you. He kissed his neck.
“no” he says ” I just want you to be happy.” You turn around and hug him. He loses balance and you both fall on the floor. You laugh and sit on him. You pin his arms above his head. Both of you laugh. You hear banging as people cluster around the door to hear what you were doing.
“I win sucker” you say and then Sai changes the tables and is suddenly on top.
“You think you could get away with that so easily!” You blush majorly looking at him straddling you.

The door opens.
“HAHAHA I KNEW THAT IF YOU PLAYED THIS YOUD GET SOME STUFF DONE! so tell me what did you do? some touchy touchy stuff?” With that you threw a kunai at his head. Sai got off of you. You were angry and he could see it. He helped you up and then hugged you.
“get off me Sai, nows not the time. UNCLE YOU CANT KEEP DOING THIS TO ME! >:(” Sai kissed you which interrupted you. You soon calmed down and kissed back.
“Sorry, You wouldn’t calm down so I thought”
“its fine” you kissed him again.

You decide what happens next

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