Sasori 1 (7 mins and lemon)

“Gonna take me a sliiiice of Saturday night, gonna take me a sliiiicce of Saturday night, gonna take me a sliiiice of Saturday night, tonight tonight” You sung happily.
“WILL YOU SHUT THE F*** UP!” Hidan yelled. You was pissing him off.
“Gonna take me a sliiiice of Saturday… nighhhht, Saturday… nighhhht, gonna take me take me a slice of Saturday niggghht Saturday night Saturday nigghhhht Saturday night”
“SHUT THE F*** UP!” You started to do actions along with your singing.
“Got my mini skirt” You mimed wearing a short skirt. “Got my knitted tie” You mimed tying a tie. “Got my false eyelashes” Wearing big eyelashes “Got my fishnet tight.” You lifted your skirt to show your legs. You singing soon stopped when Hidan put his hand on your leg and stroked down. You slapped him in the face.

“DONT EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!” You yelled sternly.
“YOUR THE ONE WHO SHOWED MY YOUR F****** LEG!” Hidan yelled back.”
“I WAS SINGING A SONG, I DIDN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO STROKE MY LEG!” you was angry with him. Most of the Akatsuki dared go near you when you were angry. The only ones who did was Hidan, Pein and Sasori. Sasori usually was the one to calm you down.
“ITS NOT MY F****** FAULT!” Hidan yelled loudly.
“THEN WHOS FAULT IS IT!” you gritted your teeth and if looks could kill, Hidan would be dead millions of times now.
“ITS YOUR FAULT FOR BEING SO F****** SEXY!” Hidan yelled. That was the final straw. You tackled him to the ground and clawed at his face. He just smirked and got aroused so you proceeded in punching his face. He was bleeding but that never wiped the smirk off of his face. Sasori  held you from behind and started to whisper sing in your ear.

“Smile though your heart is aching” He sung into your ear.
“Smile even though it’s breaking.” Your breaths slowed.
“When there are clouds in the sky” You closed your eyes and listened to the song.
“you’ll get by.” You felt yourself being lifted off the ground.
“If you smile through your fear and sorrow” You got taken into the cupboard.
“Smile and maybe tomorrow” “Sasori Got (y/n) in the game, yey” Tobi yelled.
“You’ll see the sun come shining through” The cupboard door shut.
“for you” “7 mins guys” Tobi chirped.
“Light up your face with gladness,” You had almost completely calmed down.
“Hide every trace of sadness.” Sasori held on to you.
“Although a tear may be ever so near” He lightly kissed your neck in between each line.
“That’s the time you must keep on trying” You blushed slightly and listened to your lullaby.
“Smile, what’s the use of crying.”  You smiled.
“You’ll find that life is still worthwhile-” You put your hand on Sasori’s
“If you just smile.” You looked at Sasori as he finished singing. He had a light smile on his face.
“Looks like that’s working better and better each time I sing it” Sasori say and rubs your neck with his hand.
“Are we playing 7 minutes in heaven?” You ask. Sasori nods so you kiss him. He kisses back.
“You know I always find it sexy when your mad. I have a hard time keeping my hands off you” he says in a low whisper and then kisses your neck. You moan lightly at his touch. He attacks your neck leaving love bites all over it before nibbling and licking it. You moaned so loud it could be heard throughout the full house hold. “Lets get you worked up again.”

He rips your shirt and bra revealing your naked chest. You blush and shake slightly.
“S-Sasori… IM GONNA KILL YOU!!” You yell but then Sasori’s lips magnetise to yours. He pushes you to the ground and fondles with your boobs. You wrap your legs around him begging for more. He kisses on your collar bone and starts to hump you. (still dressed). You remove his cloak revealing that he doesn’t wear a shirt and you blush. You hands felt his toned abs and he smirked. You released his waist from your legs. Your hand went down his pants and felt his huge boner. You rubbed at it making Sasori groan out. You removed his pants and couldn’t help but stare at the huge bulge in his boxers.
“y-your huge” You say.
“like?” Sasori asks, You nod then pull down his boxers letting his proud member spring free. You blushed so much at this. You bent down and sucked the tip of it. He groaned and thrusted it into your mouth. You gagged but sucked him hard. Sasori grew impatient of your teasing and ripped your bottom half away, panties and all. He couldn’t be bothered to get you ready, you had left him waiting to long. He thrusted hard into you. You screamed out in pain and tears left your eyes. Sasori kissed them away and thrusted into you again. It was hurting a for a few minutes and then it turned into unimaginable pleasure. You moaned at his feel. Hips colliding with each other. The sound of skin slapping against skin. You wrapped your legs back around him as you moaned. You felt him hit your good spot and you let out a moan louder than the others. Seeing stars, you had an orgasm. Sasori kept hitting that spot, sending you over the edge. You felt your self reaching your climax. Your walls tightened around his huge member.
“Sasori, I’m going to”
“I know me to” He said speeding up faster than ever. “Your so tight” He says. You find your self not able to hold it in no more and you release onto his member. Your release triggers his release and you feel yourself being filled by his hot seed. He pulls out and lays next to you. “I love you (y/n)” He says.
“i love you to”

*a few months later*
“Deidara move your ass!” You yell at the blond. He was take up the full couch and you wanted to sit down. You weren’t really in a good mood and you hadn’t been for a few months.
“Okay. Jeez, un, your mood swings are getting worse. When was your last period? Your due, yeah?” You sit in the now clear seat.
“I have missed 3 periods Dei- I cant help but think something is wrong, I apologise for my attitude.” You close your eyes and then a sudden realisation hits you. You run off to Konan.

“KONAN!” You yell running towards her.
“yes” She turns to face you.
“I need some advice” You say as you reach her. She nods. “I’ve missed 3 periods, I have major mood swings and I keep waking up in the morning feeling sick, do you think I’m pregnant?” You ask.
“I don’t know, I’m not a doctor, but I could get you a pregnancy test from my room, I have some just in case I think that peincy has gotten me pregnant” She smiles. You nod and she goes to get one. You both go to the bathroom so she can help you with the results of it. Also she wanted to fangirl if you were pregnant.

The colour on the stick was still clear.
“Blue for not pregnant” she says. Sasori knocks on the door and you let him in. He wraps his arms around you and kisses your neck.
“I heard you think your taking a pregnancy test” He says with a smile.
“Yeah its blue for not pregnant red for pregnant” You explain. “What colour is it now?” You ask Konan.
“still white”
“COME ON YOU REDS!” Sasori cheered most pleased that he may be a parent.
“Its changing” Konan says.
“Yes it is its changing” repeats. You cant bare the pressure and you close your eyes.
“Tell me what colour it is” You say. “I don’t think I’m ready to be a parent.”
“Good news (Y/N), brilliant news” Sasori says and you sigh in relief. “I’m gonna be a father!” your eyes shoot open and you grab the stick.