Sasori 2

You were stuck at konan’s freaking party. You and Konan, being the only girls in the akatsuki, were close but you hated her parties. She invited idiots like Karin and then let anyone join in the “fun” if they were akatsuki. Hidan usually gets drunk and that makes you nervous. Kisame and Kakuzu usually whisper things about Itachi, who dances weirdly and emotionlessly on the dance floor. Pein and Konan whisper things that you will not share with anyone else and Deidara makes Tobi blow up. Sasuke, though invited, never shows which you are glad of.
“sooooo, is there any one you like (y/n)?” Karin asks. She gets annoying when she gets like this. You shook your head.
“No” you said blankly. She giggles.
“I dont believe that for a second, your telling me you live with a lot of boys and your telling me that you dont have a crush on at least one of them?” Karin says. A small blush comes onto your face. There is one, Sasori. He is usually sat in the corner of the party playing with his puppet. Karin sees the blush. “I Knew it, tell me everything ” She says laughing.

So you ended up telling her that you thought that Sasori was cute but you weren’t looking for a relationship at the moment and he doesn’t like relationships. She got an idea and vanished for a bit. When she comes back she has a hat in her hand and forces everyone into a circle on the floor.
“What are we? kids?” You snap at her.
“It’ll be worth it” she says and winks at you. You shrug it off and sit down. Tobi sits next to you. He has a flower in his hand. Apparently we are playing 7 minutes in heaven. Crafty Karin, one minute I say I like someone, the next shes arranging a game like that. Tobi gives you the flower.
“I hope i get you (y/n)” he says, if he wasn’t wearing a mask, you might have thought he was blushing.
“Tobi, i’m sorry. I just don’t see you that way.” He dropped the flower and ran of crying.
“Ill sort him, un” Deidara said and chased after her. You sweat dropped.

“(y/n) goes first” Karin said. You groaned and put your hand in the hat. Grumbling you chose a name. You opened it then blushed.
“Sasori” you said. You had mentally froze. Karin shoved you into the cupboard. Sasori followed and the door shut after him.
“7 minutes remember.” Karin said through the door. Your face was red.
“(y/n)” Sasori said. “Your face is red, are you alright?” He asks. You face goes brighter red.
“Yeah, I’m fine” You tell him.
“Good.” He grabs you and pushes you onto the wall. “I wouldn’t want the girl I’m in love with be ill.”
“The girl you love?” You ask.
“I don’t have a heart, but if i did i would give it to you. I don’t even know if i will feel anything if i kiss you, but i do know is that you make me want to feel” He said. He lowered his head slightly and kissed you on the lips. You kissed back lovingly. He pulled away, which upset you because you wanted more. “Interesting” he said, “How did that feel to you?” He asked. You thought for a while.
“Wooden but amazing” you giggled.
“Wooden?” He asked.
“Not because you are wooden, because you haven’t kissed anyone before so I think you need to practice. You an practice on me” You winked at him and kissed him passionately. His hands snaked arms around you and they ran up and down your back.

The door flew open and a smirk grew on Karin’s face. You knew the door had opened however Sasori didn’t. You were kissing still until Deidara spoke.
“I didn’t think Sasori could feel things like that, un” Sasori stopped kissing you.
“I wasn’t kissing her” he lied, feeling embarrassed.
“You was, un, we just caught you” Deidara said. Your face was red.
“Well so what? There isn’t a law against kissing” you snapped then kissed Sasori again. You didn’t care what people would say, you love Sasori.