Sasori 3 (lemon)

You had been going out with Sasori for a while and nothing had happened. You were close to breaking up with him. Many years ago you two had hooked up during a game of 7 minutes of heaven. It was fun the first few months but you have been with him nearly 4 years now and even the kissing has stopped. You were close to breaking up with him. Everyone in the akatsuki knew this apart from him. Hidan was gonna tell him but you hit him. Sasori walked in with Deidara after a mission. Dei was exhausted but he went to check if you was alright. Sasori, on the other hand, ignored me. That was the final straw, you had had enough of this. You grabbed Sasori’s arm and yanked him outside. Tears were forming in your eyes. You didn’t want to do this, you love him so much, but he doesn’t love you so you don’t have a choice.

Sasori stares at you while you fought off tears.
“(y/n) what is wrong?” He asked.  That was the most affection he’s given you in weeks.
“Sasori. I have to let you go.  You are free from this relationship like you wanted.” You said.
“You’re breaking up with me?” He asked and took my hand.
“Please Sasori. Don’t make this harder than it already is. I know you don’t love me anymore.” You pulled your hand away from his and started to walk away but Sasori grabbed your upper arm.
“I do love you. I do. I can prove it.” He said. You turned to look at him.

*time skippy no jutsu brought to you by human Sasori*

He pulled you over him on the bed and kissed you deeply. You kissed  back. You have missed his kisses. His hand went around your body and grabbed your ass. This was a exciting, thrilling, but also scary experience. It was the first time for you both. His hand went down the inside of your pants (and panties) and squeezed your bare bottom. You turned red and squeaked a little. He was rubbing it and it was giving you sensations you had never felt before.

His hand travelled to the front and rubbed gently over your clitoris. You closed your eyes at the foreign sensation. He played with you for a bit till he finally got you to moan. He then flipped you so you were on your back and stripped you into your underwear. Looking you over, a light blush came onto his face.
“Why have I not seen you like this before?” He asked and a blush came onto your cheeks.
“You never asked” You giggled at him. He crawled over you and kissed your neck hitting that soft spot almost instantly and making your breathing change. He sucked on it until a bright red hickey was formed on your neck.

*time skippy no jutsu over the foreplay because I cannot be bothered to write it*

“You ready?” He asked lining himself up.  You nodded but bit your lip as he started to enter you. Your eyes clenched shut and tears threatened to escape them. He entered you fully and kissed your cheek before whispering sweet nothings into your ear to take your mind of the pain. After a while you checked if it still hurt and rolled your hips. There was no pain. Sasori took this as a hint to start moving. He rocked his hips slowly thrusting into you. You moaned softly and he smirked.

He thrusted harder and faster with each thrust. Your legs wrapped around him and your back arched. Your moans got louder and louder each time he went harder. He hit you g-spot which sent you over the edge and you screamed with pleasure. Taking note of this, he rammed into that spot repeatedly until you finally orgasmed and your body gave way. You came all over his member and after a few sloppy thrusts later he soon came in you. He collapsed by you and kissed your cheek.
“I love you” you said to him.
“I love you too” He answered and you both fell asleep.

*time skippy no jutsu -morning*

You were in the kitchen in some panties and a loose baggy shirt. You didn’t fancy getting dressed because you were feeling quite sore. Hidan came in and smirked.
“Someone had fun last night” He said and laughed. You smacked him then sat on the counter while you at some cookies. Sasori stumbled down into the kitchen wearing his usual attire and his cloak. He went up to you and pecked your lips while grabbing the cookie jar from behind you.
“I have a mission today, but I’ll be back later darling” He said and kissed you again. He left shortly after with Deidara and you smirked thinking about the night before.