Sasuke 1

You yawned. You were never really one for parties. You looked around. Your friends were being as strange as always. Tenten was trying to talk to Neji but was failing miserably. All the other girls was surrounding Sasuke. What is there deal with Sasuke.

“Girls let the guy breathe seriously” you yell from the couch. He looks at you weirdly.
“Shut up you know nothing about sasuke” Ino yells. You chuckle.
“Yeah okay Ino” you say. You start to walk out but Naruto blocks you.

“7 minutes in heaven!” Naruto says shoving a hat in your face. You put your hand in and find a piece of paper you like. You open it.
“Oy Uchiha boy, I got you”  you tell Sasuke.
“Liar” sakura says. You show her the paper.

Sauke drags you into the cupboard and closes it.
“Why are you so different?” he circles you.
“Maybe its the fact I don’t think crowding a guy is a good idea” he smirks at your answer and pushes you to the door.
“So you still like me?” He asks “but you dont show it?” You was about to answer but he kissed you.

It took you a few minutes to get over the shock but you kissed back. He cornered you more and you wrapped your arms around him kissing with more passion.

You pulled away.
“I didn’t think you would do that, I thought you weren’t interested in any of the girls” you say.
“(Y/n) I know what I want and I want you” he says and kisses you again.

The door opens with Sasuke kissing you. Ino and Sakura yell at you. Sasuke pulls away and places his forhead on yours.

“Be mine” he says.  You stare into his eyes.
“I will. Always” you reply. He takes your hand and leads you out. You got a lot of glares from girls but you dont care  you have your sasuke