Shikamaru 1

“Man this is such a drag” You hear Shikamaru complain. You and him had been forced to go to Naruto’s party. Even though you would never admit it you had a crush on the lazy ninja.

“7 minutes in heaven” Naruto yells forcing a hat in your face.

“Man this is such a drag” you say and put you hand in the hat. You rummage through the bag till you find an object you like and pull it out. It was a small object. “Whose is this?” You ask, holding it up.

Naruto leads you to the cupboards with you still wondering who would be joining you. After about 3 minutes someone joined you.

“7 minutes you guys” Naruto yelled through the doors.

You found yourself suddenly unable to move. You instantly that Shikamaru was in with you. He walked towards you and due to the jutsu you walked towards him. You mimed everything he did on the way and pulled him close at the end.

“Man I love this Jutsu” he says with his amazing voice. He kisses you gently and you do the same. He kisses harder and smirks as you kiss back.

“Don’t be smirking,  I’m only kissing because of the jutsu” you say. You did wanna kiss him but not by being forced to.

“I released that jutsu the moment I kissed you” he says with a bigger smirk. “You could have pulled away but you didn’t” you blush.  He tricked you.

“Never mind” you say and kiss him again.

The door swings open.

“7 minutes is up, BELIEEEVEEE ITT” Naruto says after taking a picture of you and Shikamaru kissing.

“Naruto” Shikamaru says noticing you are getting mad. “You better run” Naruto sees you and runs. You chase him and beat him to a pulp.