Shino 1

You sat with your book. You weren’t very interested in partying, You just came because Naruto wouldn’t let you not come. You weren’t alone, you saw a few people bored but you were most bored. The book you was reading was about bugs, this was the 3rd time you have read it.

“7 minutes in heaven guys!” Naruto says earning a groan from you. “Now none of that” Naruto shoves a bag in your face. You sigh and rummage your hand through it till you fine an object that feels like a cuboid. You pull it out and see that it is a block with a bug in it.
“Shino, looks like I got you” you say and pass him the bug, “Nice cockroach by the way.”

Naruto pushes both of you into the cupboard.
“7 minutes you guys” Naruto says with a smirk “Believe it!” the door closes and it suddenly goes dark. You feel around till you find Shino’s face, putting finger prints on his glasses.
“Sorry” you apologize. Your eyes adjusted to the dimness of the cupboard.
“its fine” shino says. You look at him and he takes his glasses off revealing the most beautiful eyes ever. He puts his glasses in his pocket and removes his coat. “We have approximately 5.46 minutes left, better make use of it”

With that said he crashed his lips onto yours.
“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” Shino asks. You shake your head.
“No you haven’t” You reply.
“well i love you so much” he crashes his lips onto yours again and you kiss back. He licked your lips begging for entrance and you denied. He groped your boob making you gasp. He took the opportunity to enter his new territory and feel around.

“2 minutes left” he says ruining the moment. He puts his coat back on, which is a shame because he is so sexy. He pulls out his glasses, which still had the finger prints on it. “lick them” he smirks. You lick them and he wipes them and puts them on his face “come back to mine if you want more” he says. You nod and pull out your book.

The door opens.
“Awe they didn’t even do anything, they are so boring” Naruto says. You both leave like nothing happened and you go to his house. You weren’t seen for the rest of the night. i wont say what you did but you couldn’t walk the next day so use your imagination!!!