Elfman 1

“Stop following me!” You yelled. you had a load of snotty 13-14 year old following you. The reason for this was you had gotten into a dare with your best friend Elfman and lost. Your punishment was to teach a class of young wizards to hone there skills. Well that was hard because you struggled to hone your own skills. You weren’t much older than the teens anyway, which made if difficult for you to teach them.
“Whats wrong miss?” a red headed boy asked. He was leading the pack against you. In matter of fact he was your brothers best friend and he had a crush on you.
“Leave me alone. your such a kid sometimes!” You yelled.
“I may be a kid, but I can still have… Adult conversations” he said proudly.
“yeah, and how’s that working out for you?” You ran into the guild where you grabbed Elfman and hid behind him.

“Elfman if you don’t stop them I won’t be able to stop myself” You threaten.
“If you were a real man you could stop them yourself” he says.
“I’m not a man so I don’t want to be a man”
“Then I guess a real man has to protect you” You smiled.
“A real man would have stopped them by now, guess your not a real man” You laughed. He grabbed you and pushed you against the table behind you.
“You saying im not a real man?” He asked. You went up to his ear.
“yeah” You whispered.
“Will you two stop flirting” Cana said which made you blush, “My word your like two animals who cant tell they like each other” She moans.
“Whut?” you say.
“Nevermind” she said.

They boys had seen Elfman push you against the table and left. That annoying kid was probably going to tell your brother.
“So (nickname), you coming to my party tonight?” Juvia asked.
“Pool party?” You asked back.
“yeah” she answered.
“I’m there” you said.
“You being in the band?” Juvia asked and you nodded. “Good, we needed a singer” she said.
“Band? I didn’t know you could sing” Elfman said.
“Theres a lot of things you don’t know about me… Hey why isn’t Mira doing the singing?” You asked.
“She doesn’t want to go” Juvia said. “So ill see you tonight”

*time skippy no jutsu… wait wrong anime… ICE MAKE TIME SKIP!!*

You were wearing a short denim short that went barely up to your knees and a purple belly top that was skin tight. Not practical but comfortable for you. Of course underneath you had a blue bikini. It was a pool party after all. You stood on the stage.
“Um hi. I’m gonna sing a song. Who’s up for some Miley Cyrus?” You asked in the microphone.
“Yeah, you be Miley and ill be the wrecking ball” An anomalous person yelled and you got loads of whistles.
“Very funny.” You said. You looked at the band to tell them to start.
“I can almost see it.
That dream I’m dreaming, but
There’s a voice inside my head saying
You’ll never reach it
Every step I’m takin’
Every move I make
Feels lost with no direction,
My faith is shakin’
But I, I gotta keep tryin’
Gotta keep my head held high

There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side
It’s the climb…” You sung the whole song and people listened to every word.

The pool was opened and you all jumped in.
“Hey (y/n)” A guy you didn’t recognize said.
“what?” You asked looking at him. You were at the edge of the pool watching your friends splashing when he interrupted.
“That was some nice singing” He said getting close. His breath smelt like a cabbage had rotted in his throat. As if on cue another guy swam up to the surface by you, feeling your leg. This made you very uncomfortable.
“You know a girl like you with talent can go far” the second one said, stroking your leg under the water. You were frozen where you said.
“Hey (y/n)…” Juvia started saying then saw you with the guys and stopped turning back to Grey.
“My friend is calling me over, so if you excuse me” you said starting to get past them. They pulled you back, throwing you into the side of the pool, making you grunt.
“I don’t think so” they said.

Elfman looked over to you. He saw you in distress and started to walk towards you. The water started to get warm and the men around you started to scream as they were being scolded.
“Touch me again and you’ll be soup!” You yelled pushing them away. You walked past them to Elfman.
“And once again you are more manly than me” Elfman said. You looked at him.
“Not difficult” you smiled teasing him. He looks sad. “I’m Joking, your a real man Elfman.” A smile sprung on your face and soon one rose on his.

“LETS PLAY A GAME!” Juvia yelled. Ideas of Gray getting close to her flowing through her mind.
“What game?” You asked.
“7 minutes in heaven.” Juvia said.
“You mean we gotta get out the pool?” You asked.
“yup. You go into the shed over there” She pointed to it.
“Alright, fine by me” you said.
“Right I am gonna close my eyes and you will number yourselves then I will pick a number, then my beloved Gray will pick a number for the guys and the two people chosen go into the shed” Juvia announced.

She closed her eyes and you numbered everyone. You were number 5. Natsu numbered everyone, making himself number 3 and Elfman number 2. Juvia opened her eyes.
“Well um numberrrrrr 5” she said and you got out of the pool.
“number 3” Grey said. You looked sad that you got Natsu instead of Elfman. Natsu nudged Elfman and he climbed out.
“Well I guess thats me” Elfman said. He opened the shed. “A real man opens the door for his lady.” You blushed at what he said and walked into the shed. It wasn’t a bad shed. Juvia often stayed in it from hanging out in the pool all day so there was a padded floor put down and a sun bed. You claimed it and laid down on it.
“Hey, you stole the only seat. A real man would ask first” he complained.
“once again, I’m not a man” You said. You made room for him at the end of the bed, which was difficult because Elfman is a big brute.

“(Y/n) i have to tell you something” He said looking down. You looked at him and leaned close.
“I know” you kissed his cheek. He pulled you close and kissed you passionately. You kissed back. You closed your eyes melting into the kiss. Elfman shifted a little bit and you fell back laughing as you hit your head on the sun bed. Elfman looked worried until you laughed, then he laughed as well. He crawled over you and kissed your neck. You couldn’t help but moan as he brushed over that spot that made your legs turn to jelly. His hands stroked your legs and looked at you.
“By the way, nice swim suit” he said. You blushed.
“You to” You rolled him over so you was on top, taking him by shock. “It’s manly to let the girl be dominant once in a while” You winked. You kissed him and then the door opened.

“Well it’s about time” Cana said. You blushed madly.
“What do you mean ‘about time’?” You asked.
“Well we’ve been waiting for this for ages” Your face turned redder. You ran out and did a perfect dive into the pool. you smiled then Elfman cannon balled into the pool, splashing everyone. you giggled and kissed him. you turned around and then saw Juvia and Gray kissing.
“Well I guess we are no longer the biggest news” You giggled
“it was fun while it lasted” Elfman said.