Freed 1

You were scared. people in masks surrounded you and they didn’t look friendly. they forced a bag over your head and the next thing you knew, you were in darkness. The light finally entered your sight when they removed it. You was stood on the edge of a cliff with your hands tied behind your back. They were mages, you recognized the masks from wanted posters. The leader, Grindle, was said to be the worst of them. He was stood right in front of you with his hand out and a magic circle around his hand and feet.
“Die!” he yelled and purple light hit you. You managed to dodge it a little, bit it caught your shoulder and sent you flying backwards, off of the cliff. You closed your eyes and waited for the impact.

You woke in a cold sweat. your eyes showed fear and you were trembling. You went to wipe the sweat, but pain took over. Dreaming of falling is never a good sign. You got up panting. Why was you dreaming about falling? You shook it off. Its probably just an old wives tale that you die if you don’t wake up, but you don’t really want to find out.

You went to the guild. Your thoughts still on the dream. Why did your arm hurt when you woke? You probably just pulled a muscle but it’s just a bit of a coincidence that you got hit in your arm in the dream and now it hurts. You got there and everyone looked at you. Natsu ran up to you.
“(Y/n)!” he hugged you. You didn’t hug back through the pain in your arm. Freed looked at you, he had guilt on his face.
“Whats up?” You asked trying to sound normal.
“We thought we lost you!” Natsu said. By this point freed came up to you and took your hand.
“I’m sorry (y/n)” He said, with guilt still on his face and voice.
“What are you apologising for? If it wasn’t for you catching her, we would have lost her.” Natsu told him.
“Yeah I guess your right.” He replied. ‘wait, it was a dream right?’ you thought to yourself.

You went and got a drink and sat with the girls. They were giggling about something and wouldn’t tell you what.
“Oh (y/n), you look sad” Lucy said and took your hand. “Is something troubling you?”
“Lucy what happened with me? I had a dream that i got attacked and pushed of a cliff, it was only a dream right?” She held her breath and looked down before shaking her head.
“You had taken a job that needed other people to go with you. The thunder legion asked you to go and so did my team. You didn’t know who to go with so master chose 2 members of each team to go with you. It was me, Natsu, Freed and Bixlow. We went and snuck into and enemy guild. They figured out that you weren’t a member and took you in. The leader of the guild was ruthless. He went to kill you but he hit your arm not where he was aiming for. You went flying off the edge of the cliff and Freed jumped off after you, revealing the rest of us” She explained.
“How did they figure me out?” You asked.
“That was Freed’s fault but he didn’t mean to” She looked down, “He was trying to protect you”
“Juvia knows something which will get your mind off it” Juvia said. You all looked at her.
“What?” Lucy asked.
“7 minutes in heaven” She said they all giggled again. Erza whispered to Juvia something and she nodded then Juvia told Lucy aswell.

Juvia’s pov:

I suggested the game 7 minutes in heaven. I had a talk to Freed after the mission with (y/n) he felt really bad and we had a nice chat. He told me that he only did it because he has feelings for her. I suggested the game to try and get them together. Erza leaned to my ear.
“Only write Freed’s name and put it in, so she ends up with him” She whispered. I nodded. It was a good plan so I told Lucy. (y/n) was sat there wondering why we keep giggling and being secretive. We will have to tell her later.

Back to normal pov

You watched as the girls put all the guys names into a hat. They pushed it into your face.
“Guys, i aren’t sure i want to play.” You said.
“Your playing!” Erza said harshly.
“Yes ma’am” You said and picked a name. You pulled it out.
“Freed” You said. You got pulled off of your feet by Lucy and Juvia went and dragged freed. They sat you in a booth, next to each otherĀ (a/n- thats like comfy seats with a table around it and a wall if you didnt know)
“7 minutes in heaven starts now” They said in sync and you look at Freed. Freed blushes when he looks at you.
“I really am sorry for what happened” He said and took your hand, “If there is anything I can do to make it up to you I promise you i will do it.”
“Do you have feelings for me?” You asked him. He looked at you and blushed.
“Why do you ask?” He asked in return.
“Well, You tried to protect me, you caught me and now your apologizing a lot and trying to make it up to me” You said. He looked at you. You was expecting an answer like ‘I’m only trying to do what Laxus would do’, but he didn’t say that.
“Yes” he said. You looked at him.
“What?” you said blushing.
“I am in love with you” He stated.
“Then I have an idea of what you can do to make it up to me” You giggle. He tilted his head slightly.
“What?” He asked.
“Kiss me.” You didn’t have to tell him twice. He brought you into a warm embrace and gently put his lips to yours.

He licked your bottom lip and occasionally nibbled on it. You let his tongue into your mouth and licked around. You sucked on his tongue a little and nibbled it. He moaned lightly. You were making out for a good 5 minutes before pulling away. He held you close and you snuggled up to him. The 7 minutes were over but no one came to interrupt, they had seen you making out and thought it best to leave you to alone.