Gray 1

You look at the clock. Tick tock tick tock. You and Gray had been dared to see who could stay quiet the longest. it had been an hour now and Gray didn’t see like he was going to speak any time soon. People kept coming in to make you both make a noise. You was bored and close to giving up. Natsu walked in to try and get you both to talk. He though for a minute.
“We are gonna play a game.” He said with a smirk. He rubbed his hands together. “7 minutes in heaven” he winked. Lucy came in. “We are going to put you to into the cupboard to make out, which we will know if you are or not, and the first one to make a noice loses the dare.” She said. Gray smirked at you, feeling confident that he would win.

You got pushed into the cupboard. You were fighting but when Natsu, Lucy and Erza are pushing you, it’s difficult to fight back. You figured that now you were in there you would have to make out with Gray, though it would only be so that the others could watch the two of you. Truth is, you had a crush on Gray, which is why you always did stupid dares with him. You were close, but you wanted to be closer.

Gray looked at you. He was still smirking. You looked at him with eyes that warned him to stay away but he crawled towards you anyway. He kissed you deeply. It took you a while but you kissed back. You always wanted Gray to kiss you, but you didn’t want him to have to be forced to do it. It didn’t feel right. He pulled away and looked at you. His eyes looked at you telling you that he was going to win the bet. You shook your head and pounced at him. You kissed him roughly on the neck searching for his soft spot. You saw him bite his lip, which indicated that he was holding in a moan. Gray started to kiss your neck at the same time as you kissing his and he found your spot easily. You both abused the spots you found until they turned purple and you both moaned at the same time. You smiled and he smiled. Both of you burst out laughing as you both lost at the same time.

“Now we can talk I want to tell you something” Gray said and took your hand.
“What?” You asked. He looked you in the eye.
“I love you” He said. Your eyes widened. “Do you love me back?” He asked. You grabbed him and pulled him into a kiss answering your question. You pulled away.
“Does that answer your question?” You ask. He smiles and pulls you into another kiss. It was a bit rough and your lips swelled up a little bit. You were kissing passionately. His tongue slid across your lip asking for entry and you let it in. Your tongues happily wrestled, then the door opened

“So you did make out” Lucy giggled. You looked at her.
“Well yeah, you were watching us weren’t you?” You asked confused that she didn’t know that you did make out.
“No we wasn’t, how could we? There isn’t a way” she said laughing. Gray took your hand.
“Actually, I asked them to arrange for us to be in here yesterday. I wanted to get you alone to tell you that I love you.” He said. You smiled at him.
“okay” You could have cried right there and then. You kissed him passionately on the lips.

A/n- sorry that this is short, but I hope you all enjoyed it. Love yall