Jellal 1 (modern)

(y/n) will you please be my girlfriend?” A random guy asked you.
“I’m sorry but I’m gay” You denied him. This was the 4th guy to ask you out today. Being pretty is difficult.
“(y/n) will you be my girlfriend?” A girl asked.
“I’m sorry but I’m straight” You denied her. You didn’t want to admit that you already had your eye on a guy, but you know you couldn’t have him, so your excuses were either “I’m gay” or “i’m straight.” All those pretty little boys and girls that you have broken the hearts of because you denied them. You could have anyone, but you want him. The guy who you can’t have. You always want what you can’t have. He’s a bad boy, which is why you liked him. Any guy/ girl that had asked you out knew you liked bad boys, which is why they tried. They tried so hard. But they failed miserably. The only true bad boy that you have met is Jellal Fernandes. He probably didn’t even know you existed. He is on a totally different level to you.

“Listen up you little brats!” Your principle, Makarov, yelled through the loud speakers. “We are holding a ball, and you are to take a person of the opposite gender, or not go. That will be all”
“Well thats me not going” you sighed.
“What do you mean (nickname), you’ll get a date or sure” you best friend Levy smiled.
“Yeah if you drop the attitude and actually say yes to someone” Lucy said.
“I’m not going, unless he asks me” You said.
“(nickname), hes probably not even planning on going” Levy said.
“Then i’m not going.” You walked away. You had 7 guys ask you to the ball on the way to your locker and you turned down every single one of them.

“I said no. A THOUSAND TIMES NO! I’M NOT EVEN GOING TO THE STUPID BALL!” The blue haired mage said yelling from a load of girls.
“(y/n), please be my date” some boys asked. You ran.
“Oh god” You said and ran. You ran round the corner, where you bumped into the mage.
“Sorry” You both said in sync. You looked one way and then the other. You could hear the mixture of voices of asking you or Jellal out.
“Quickly this way” You grabbed him and ran towards a supply cupboard. You locked it quickly and swiftly from the inside then backed against the wall panting.
“Your that popular girl. What was your name again? (y/n)?” You nodded panting. He held out his hand.
“Jellal Fernandes” You shook his hand.
“(y/n) (l/n)” You said smiling.
“You planning on not going to the ball aswell?” He asked. You shook your head.
“Well that depends” you said.
“On what?”
“If a true bad boy asks me” you giggled.

You and Jellal stayed in the cupboard, chatting, for what seemed like a life time. You found out practically everything about him and you exchanged numbers. When you finally thought the close was clear you snuck out.
“There they are!” Someone yelled. You tried to go back into the cupboard but Jellal grabbed you.
“We can’t hide forever from them” he said. You nodded and he held your hand. You were holding quite tight, scared.
“(y/n)” “Jellal” “BE MY DATE TO THE BALL!” the voices boomed out.
“Listen everyone” Jellal begun, “Me and (y/n) will be going with each other so just stop asking”
“Why would you choose some slut over me?” Someone asked.
“HEY SHUT UP!” You hissed, hands glowing.
“Woah! Calm down” Jellal said.
“(nickname)” Levy said. You saw her and broke through the crowd to her. “So your going to the ball then?” You looked back at Jellal.
“Eh yeah” You said.

*ice make- time skip*

You were laid in bed. It was 6 and you didn’t feel like moving. Your mother had gone out a while ago and said you could do as your like. You got a buzz of your phone.

Levy: hey girl, you going to the ball??? xxx
You: errrmmm maybe xxx
Levy: Message me when you do know xxx

You: hey Jellal, are we going to the ball or not??? xxx
Jellal: Yeah babes 😉 looking forwards to it xxx
You: okay O_o
Jellal: pick you up at 7 😉 wear something thats easy to get off

That last text made you nervous but also a bit excited.

You: Levy I’m going, what should i wear? Jellal said ‘Wear something thats easy to get off’ xxx
Levy: OMG Hes after you in THAT way. Ill be round in a few, just finishing off getting ready myself xxx
You: isn’t Gajeel picking you up??? xxx
Levy: yeah he is, ill just text him and tell him to pick me up from yours xxx

There was a knock at the door and you went to open it.
“Wow you were here fast” You said.
“Your still in your pajamas, what time is Jellal picking you up?”
“7” you said.
“That’s in 20 minutes!” She yelled.
“yeah so…” You said.

You got rushed around and then there was a knock at the door. Gajeel was there.
“Well that’s me out” Levy said. Gajeel was in a suit. Him and Levy looked cute together. You watched them leave and smiled. Levy had raided your full cupboard until she found a suitable outfit for Jellal. You was in a sexy red dress. You got a text.

Jellal: ill be knocking on your door in 5.
Jellal: 4
Jellal: 3
Jellal: 2
Jellal: and 1

As if on cue he knocked on your door. You opened it with a smile.
“Wow” his jaw dropped. “Maybe we should skip the ball and just go to my place” His nose was bleeding a little. You wiped the blood from his face.
“Jellal, I’m not that sort of girl” you said. He poked your belly flirting.
“Then ill wait” he winked.
“Thank you” you said. He lead you to his car and opened the door for you like a gentleman.

When you arrived at the ball he went and got you a drink then went to his friends. Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster and Elfman Strauss. You sat down with people you saw as friends. Lucy was one of them, the others were Evergreen and Juvia.
“So you landed a hit on Jellal.” Evergreen winked.
“Yeah. it is about time” you smiled looking at him.
“Well you better get giving him some loving soon. Erza Scarlet has had her eye on him for a while and you know what she is like”Evergreen warned you.
“I don’t think that is a wise idea” you bit your lip.
“Why not?” Juvia asked.
“OMG your a virgin. well honey I guarantee you that if you are to lose that cherry tonight, Jellal is the best man to do it for you” Evergreen said. (a/n- to me this has evergreens voice but biscas accent :/ sorry I’m trying)

Jellal comes over and sits with you. He pulls you onto his lap which makes you blush.
“The guys had an idea for a game which all you lovely ladies can play with us.”
“What game?” Lucy asked.
“7 minutes in heaven” Gray said which made Juvia blush madly. “Basically we get to make you feel in heaven for 7 minutes. we choose a couple at random to go into that private booth and they fool around for 7 mins.”
“Or longer if you wish it” Jellal whispered.
“That sounds way to perverted.” Lucy said.
“7minutes in heaven is manly”, Elfman proclaimed.
“Yeah come on Lu, it sounds like fun” Levy says, joining the group.

The couples where numbered and each number put into a hat. You had Evergreen pick out a number.
“Number 3” she said. Your eyes widened.
“That’s us (y/n), you ready?” He asked you nodded blushing brightly. Evergreen gave you a seductive grin. You went into the boot and sat with Jellal.

“Come on sexy, sit a bit closer” he urged. His hand went on your stomach again, flirting. You looked at him.
“Why are you doing this?” You asked.
“Doing what?” He asked.
“This. Flirting. Calling me sexy and that.” You said.
“Because your beautiful” he answered.
“No. That’s not a good answer. The Jellal I met in the cupboard was a lot nicer.” You went to stand but he grabbed your wrist.
“I’m sorry. It’s because I’m scared” he said looking at you seriously.
“Oh what?” You asked.
“Of my dad. He told me that if I didn’t have a girlfriend who was nice to give me a family by the time I was 18 he’d disown me” he said. You looked at him.
“Your dad sure expects a lot” you said and kissed him. “I’ll be your girl” you whispered.

You sat making out for a good 3 minutes, then you felt his hand travel down your back to your but, and you didn’t stop it.
“You should know something” you said a bit breathless. His face was red. “I’m a virgin” you said.
“I have to tell you something to. So am I?” You were shocked at this but returned to making out.
“Maybe tonight will be your lucky night then” you winked. Then the time was up and it was Lu’s time to play. You returned to Jellals place. you make up the rest 😉