Laxus 1 (7 mins and lemon)

You rubbed your eyes. You were up all night thinking. Everyone knows that thinking on a night is bad for you. It stops you sleeping.
“You okay (y/n)?” Mira asked smiling brightly as always.
“Yeah. Its spring. You know how I get.” You explain. Whenever it got to spring you got restless, and he popped into your mind. Him. The guy who drives you up the wall.
“You thinking about Laxus again?” Mira asks.
“No!” You deny loudly.
“Its fine (y/n), i think this little crush on him is cute” She said.
“Its not a crush! I can’t stand the guy” You say loudly, turning red.
“Well good, because I can’t stand you either” The voice behind you widens your eyes. Your head turns like a robots to see him.
“Laxus…” You say laughing nervously, “When did you get there?”
“Ive been stood here all along” he starts to walk towards you. “Its ok (y/n), i know you like me. Its hard for people not to like me” He says and puts and arm around you laughing.
“Your so full of yourself!” You said removing his arm.
“Well i cant help it when beautiful girls like you are crushing on me” he rubs the back of his neck.

“HEY GUYS I JUST LEARNED ABOUT A NEW GAME!” Natsu yelled, looking at Lucy.
“and whats that?” You asked.
“7 minutes in heaven” He said pulling a funny face. Laxus’s arm went around you again.
“Sounds like fun, how about me and (y/n) go in the cupboard first” he looks at you and whispers “And i can make you my girl.” A blush spread across your cheeks.
“Thats not how it works” You said pouting.
“Well it is now.” he grabbed your hand and dragged you into the cupboard. You got thrown in and backed up against the wall. You looked at him as he closed the door.
“Is it mating season or something!” You yelled and ran into the corner.
“Well thats the thing. Once a dragon mates, it mates for life” He says coming closer.
“Is that a yes or no?” You asked.
“Yes” He said, pressing you against the wall quite hard.
“w-why me then?” You asked. He moved a piece of hair from your face.
“Why not?” he said and crashed his lips hard against yours.

You were kissing each other roughly then the door was knocked on to tell you that time was up. Laxus warned people to stay away. You had your arms around his neck and started to kiss down his jaw and neck. He chuckled. A huge tent was growing in his pants.
“Do you really think the guild hall is the best place for this?” You asked in between kisses.
“Maybe not, but i can’t wait to make you mine” He said rubbing your back/ass.
“Well maybe you can come to mine and make me yours, i live around the corner” You said blushing a lot.
“Or maybe we could sneak up to the second floor and do it in the bathrooms” He said.
“I’m not allowed up there” You smiled.
“That’s why we are sneaking. Just do me a favor and walk in front of me when we get out of here.”

You walked out. “Next” you said.
“Did you even do anything?” Gray asked.
“Does it matter” Laxus said. You snuck by behind you staying very close so people couldn’t see his huge erect member.
“Well sorta yeah because you didn’t play the game properly and just grabbed (y/n)” Gray said.
“Mr Fullbuster you are being very rude at the moment, not wearing clothes and asking us personal questions.” With that starting a commotion you and Laxus made a break for the stairs to the second floor. He picked you up and went up the stairs to stop the master noticing you sneaking. You stood there looking at the second floor. It was a lot better than the bottom floor, more fancy. Laxus grabbed you pulling you close.
“Now where were we?” he asked. “Oh i remember” He kisses you rough. You were caught of guard and fell onto him, making him lose his balance. You fell on top of him blushing. “You gonna dry hump me? That’s not much fun” He said. You smirked.
“Is it not?” You asked and started to grind slowly against him, making him grunt. You went slower and harder, watching him close his eyes. He held your waist helping you. His grunts and moans were turning you on so much.
“Maybe you should try this without any clothing in the way.” He smirked smugly.
“Thats not dry humping. Thats just humping” You said. He flipped you over so he was on top.
“Well I just want you to ride me. Do you not want that?” He asked. You put your arms around his neck.
“lets get into the bathroom before that” you stated.

Laxus was fast onto his feet. He pushed you against the door kissing you and the door opened. You both went into the male bathrooms. They were as clean as you would expect, there was only really Laxus and Makarov that used them but Mira cleaned them a lot. He tripped you over and you fell onto the floor. He had his hand behind your head so you didn’t get injured.
“You a bit sexually frustrated?” You asked and palmed his member. He gave of a low growl.
“I can’t handle this pressure anymore” He growled and removed every bit of clothing on the two of you. He looks at you from head to toe, his nose dripping blood a little bit. “My god your sexy” He went down to your dripping core and stuck a finger in you. You let out a small whimper of a moan and then you felt something wet go across your clit. You looked at Laxus. He was fingering you and licking at your pussy. You held in a moan. He leaned over you to look at you. You saw the lust in his eyes. “How am i supposed to prepare you if you dont let me hear your voice?” He asked. He kissed your neck, sucking and nibbling at it. He sucked it hard leaving a big bruised area on it, making you moan. He kissed down your neck and your collar bone. He licked in between your breasts and occasionally sucked at your hard buds. You had your eyes closed and you were moaning. You felt something rub against your entrance. It was to big to be his fingers, his hands were beside you. You looked at him seeing him rub his large erect member against your womanhood. He then entered making you arch your back.

There was a lot of pain and Laxus never let you adjust before he was thrusting into you at a fast pace. The pain soon changed to pleasure and you were a moaning mess.
“Laxus I’m close” he said. He flipped you so you were on top.
“Turn around” he said. You were a bit confused but did it anyway. “Now ride me.” You started to thrust him into you deep. His hand went up your body. One hand squeezed at your boobs, the other rubbed your clit as you rode him in the reverse cowgirl. You felt yourself close and you released on his member. He pulled out and stuck it in your ass, thrusting into you until he came aswell. He pulled out and you laid there on the floor for a while. Someone opened the door. You looked up to see Mira.
“It’s not cute anymore” she said and left. Laxus laid there with a hand on your boob, slowly massaging it.
“Can you stand me yet?” He asked.
“Nope” you teased and kisses him.