Levy 1

“Hey Lucy, do you wanna join me on this job?” You asked. It was a job for a scientist so only smart people could go. Levy was so disappointed when you grabbed it before her so she was going aswell. lucy said yes. Your team was as followed, you, Lucy Heartfelia, Levy Mcgarden, Carla and Freed Justine. you had personally picked out the team yourself. Of course because this job also had a fighting side to it you chose Erza, Elfman, Bickslow, Natsu and Grey to go with you. you wanted Mira but she couldn’t go and Evergreen was on a mission with Lisanna, Juvia and Gajeel. ¬†You all knew what you were going to do when you got there, the fighting half stayed quiet while the smarter half talked.

You sat in the train. Natsu was nearly puking, which you couldn’t help but laugh at. Levy looked at you. She smiled. This was going to be a long trip and there was a lot of you going on it. You had taken up two cabins of seats. You could probably fit everyone in one but then you’d all be squished.
“Why don’t we play a game to pass the time?” Erza asked.
“What game do you propose we play?” You asked.
“Oooh I read about this game called 7 minutes in heaven, we have enough people for it” Levy said, we looked at her.
“How do you play?” You asked.
“Well everyone puts an object in a hat and then one person closes there eyes. They choose an object and who ever the object they chose belongs to, goes into private with them for 7 minute to kiss and stuff”Levy explains.
“that sounds like such a cute game” Lucy spoke.
“it sounds cute, however I feel sorry for anyone that gets Natsu.” You laugh a little. “So do we all need to be in here to play?” Levy nods and you go and collect the others. “We will use the other cabin as the private place”

You put your hand in the hat and pulled out a pair of wind reader glasses.
“Who is this?” You asked and Levy stood up.
“Mine. ” she spoke. You had a small blush on your face. You have a crush on Levy, but you knew that if you did anything to her, Gajeel would kill you. You can’t betray a friend like that can you? She took your hand rather excited and dragged you into the second cabin. Lucy stood by the door.
“7 minutes start now” she spoke and winked as she closed the door. You blushed and the Levy launched herself at you. She kissed rather passionately. You couldn’t tell whether she liked you or whether she was just playing the game, either way she was kissing you and you were kissing back.

Hands roamed over bodies, kisses went somewhere which wasn’t your lips- your necks and chests ect. You prayed that this time wouldn’t end, but unfortunately it did. Lucy knocked on the door to say it was over and you sighed. Levy smirked and laid a last kiss on your lip.
“This doesn’t have to be a one time thing right?” She asked. You smiled at her.
“Not if you don’t want it to be, but Levy, what about Gajeel?” You asked.
“Who cares about Gajeel. He won’t do nothing to hurt me and if he hurts you then he will be hurting me.” She did a closed eyed smile.
“You make a good point” You kissed her cheek and giggled/chuckled. The two of you walked from that cabin with your hands linked. It was the start of a beautiful relationship.