Loke 1

“You want me to do what?!” You yelled/ asked Loke. He hushed you.
“Just go and tell the girls over there I’m not here, I’m done with being a playboy.” He said. Somehow you didn’t believe him and that made you laugh. “Please just do it (y/n), as my best friend.” He was begging. You sighed and agreed. You were kind of scared to tell them but you put on a brave face and went up to them.
“Girls. Loke has told me that he doesn’t want to see you anymore.” You said flatly and straight to the point. You heard a slap from behind you as Loke had face palmed. “So leave” you said in the same flat, emotionless tone. The girls looked at you.
“Is he getting married?” One asked.
“No silly, he doesn’t commit like that” another said back.
“Then has he got a proper girlfriend?” The first one asked. “Is it you?” She asked you.
“Of course it’s her. I’ve seen him looking at her. Why? I don’t know, she’s the ugliest girl I’ve ever seen” the second one said. You furrowed your brows looking at them angrily.
“I agree with that” the first tart said.
“You have 10 seconds to get out of here” you threatened.
“Or what? What will you do about it?” They asked
“10, 9, 8,” you started to count down. They laughed.
“Ugly, tell me where Loke is?” The first said ignoring your count down.
“7, 6, 5,” you continued. You had that almost scary look in your eye.
“Ugly, tell us where he is so that we adults can chat” the second said.
“4, 3, 2,” you neared the end of your count down and they continued to ignore you. “1” you finished.
“Oooh I’m so scared. she counted down.” You had an angry look in your eye. You clapped your hands together and wood bound the girls together. Your magic was illusion magic. It was terrible to be caught on the wrong side of it. The girls screamed as they were bound together.

They were seeing everything as red. Blood dripped from their faces and then the skin pealed off. They screamed in pain and then it was over. You had released them and they had been kicked out of the guild hall. Loke smiled at you.
“I asked you to tell them to leave. I didn’t expect you to torture the living day lights out of them” you shrugged.
“They insulted me” you said and sat at the bar. Loke smiled and sat down with Cana.

Mira gave you a drink.
“So how come Loke isn’t a playboy anymore?” You asked her. She smiled.
“Your his best friend, can you not figure it out?” Mira asked and giggled.
“No” you said blankly. Mira leaned in to your ear.
“He has his eye on a girl” she whispered. You perk up.
“Who?” You had a slight crush on Loke, so learning that he likes someone disappointed you.
“Just a girl.” Mira said, Loke sat next to you with a drink for you. You thanked him and took a mouthful.
“So what are you girls talking about?” He asked. Mira went back to her job.
“Just girl stuff, guys and stuff” you answer. He looks at you as if to say ‘oh’. Mira looks at you.
“Why don’t we play a game?” Mira suggests. She suggests 7 minutes in heaven and Loke said yes before you even had a chance to say no.

Turns out there wasn’t only you and Loke who were playing. mira had grabbed a load of people, most of which weren’t really interested. You was the 4th girl to pick a boy. You put your hand in the bag. Loke looked at you with a look in his eye. He was smiling like Natsu. It was creepy. You picked out a name and read it.
“Oh crap” you said. Everyone looked at you wondering who you got. “Loke,” You said, “were going in the cupboard.” Natsu burst out laughing.
“Good luck, Loke. If you try anything in there you’ll probably die” He laughed out loud. You hair rose as your body heat grew and Natsu’s face turned more scared than when Erza ordered him around. You grabbed Loke by the scruff of his neck and dragged him into the cupboard.

“So. Your going to kill me?” Loke asked.
“Maybe, if you don’t tell me who you like?” You winked. He chuckled and pushed his glasses up his face.
“Isn’t it obvious?” He asked and you shook your head. “I thought I made it clear, it’s you.” Your eyes widened. You pointed to yourself just to double check and he nodded. You dived at him and kissed him a lot. He kissed you back and put his hands on your back to not fall over. “I didn’t know you felt this way.” He chuckled a little.
“I didn’t know you felt this way about me, I thought you always surrounded yourself with girls and then you asked me to get rid of them, I didn’t know it was for me” you explained.
“You talk to much sometimes” he said and kissed you deeply on the lips. The kiss soon turned into a heated make out session as Loke slid his tongue into your mouth and licked around your warm cavern. The two of you tongue wrestled and you won, so you claimed your prize and searched his mouth. The two of you were still kissing when Mira opened the door to the cupboard. She clapped her hands together and smiled.
“how come he isn’t crazy? Or dead?” Natsu asked. You taunted Natsu closer, which he came, and then you punched him in the stomach.

“My love I need a map, because I’m lost in your eyes” Loke said, making you blush.
“They liiiiiike each other” Happy said, the next thing the poor cat saw was all the fish in the world turning into flying fish. He screamed.