Lyon 1

You were at a guild party. Yippeyayee. Many guilds were joining together to celebrate the beginning of magic or whatever. You really didn’t know much about it, after all you have been with fairy tail for less than a year. You have gotten to know a lot of people in the guild and in others though. You knew Hibiki and his crew, plus Lyon and Cherry. They were like your family. So this magic party, this year was Fairy tails time to host it and what a drag it was turning out to be. Blue Pegasus hadn’t shown up so you didn’t get to watch Erza not want to be near your boys. That was always the best bit of seeing them. Of course that wasn’t the only thing you did with them, it was just the best.

The party sucked, and people were ready to leave when Gray suggested a game. You all went along with his idea and happy suggested 7 minutes in heaven. You wasn’t allowed to not play which made people groan. A hat was in front of your face and Natsu was telling you to pick a name. You sighed and picked one. You didn’t look at the name and went to the cupboard.
“Who did she get?” Gray asked and Natsu looked.
“Lyon, your up” Natsu said.

You were stood in the cupboard waiting. Someone came in, but it was dark and you couldn’t see him.
“Hello?” You asked to see who it was. He answered with a hello. “Lyon?” You asked.
“That is correct” he said.
“Where are you?” You asked feeling around. You tripped and landed on Lyon, knocking him over into the door, creating a bang.

People looked at the cupboard.
“What are they doing in there?” Elfman asked.
“They are probably banging” (pun intended) happy laughed at his own joke. “after all they liiiiiiiikke each other.”
“Banging?” Natsu asked.
“Yeah, there was a bang”  Happy said innocently.

Lyon had hit his head but had a hand on your head so you didn’t bang yours. You blushed realising you were on top of him and your hand was on his…. Yeah. You tried to scramble to your feet but Lyon was holding onto you.
“Lyon. Please let me go” You requested.
“Oh sorry” he said realising that he had hold of you. You sat in silence for about 3 minutes then you got bored.
“Man this sucks, if you were Gray we’d be doing something” You moaned and sighed.
“You think I’m not as good as Gray?” He asked sounding hurt.
“Your better looking but Gray isn’t as boring as you” You blushed realising you called him good looking.
“I am more fun than him” he said narrowing his eyes.
“prove it.” You said. He grabbed you and pulled you into him. You looked up to him. He kissed you on the lips and something sparked. You kissed back and the door opened.
“So you actually played?” Loke asked.
“7 minutes in heaven is manly!” Elfman cheered. you blushed and walked out. Lyon walked out like nothing had happened but every time you looked at each other a blush appeared on your face.

“So what did you and (y/n) do in there?” People were asking Lyon. He just laid back and said
“nothing.” like he didn’t care about it, but when people asked you, you turned 50 shades of red. Blue Pegasus finally arrived and you leapt into Hibiki’s arms. You didn’t realise Lyon watching you.

“So how have you been squirt?” He asked.
“Hibiki, what have I told you about calling me that?” You scolded him. He laughed a little.
“I’m sorry.” He said. Ichiya had started making his move on Erza. You turned around to watch but Lyon was in your face, which made you jump.
“Can we talk?” He asked. You nodded.
“Sure” You said and he dragged back into the cupboard.

He held your hand firmly but gently. The memory of him kissing you came flowing back and you blushed.
“What do you think about me?” He asked, which shocked you.
“Im not quite sure im understanding,” you say, “Can you rephrase the question?”
“Do you like me?” He asked and took your other hand, “If I was to kiss you again, would you kiss back?” You were blushing a lot at this.
“I don’t know, maybe you want to try it and see.” You suggested. He leaned into kiss you but then froze, just before his lips met yours.
“I can’t, You seem more attached to Hibiki than me.”  He said sounding upset, “I might as well not try to get with a girl i have no chance with. Im sorry” He opened the door and you grabbed his hand.
“Hibiki is different. I like you, really i do. Hibiki is my cousin” You admitted. His eyes widened.
“So then its alright if i kiss you in front of everyone” he smiled and you nodded. He grabbed your waist and pulled you close. He brought his lips to yours and kissed you like he did when you were in the cupboard, only better. You were having a full on make out session. Everyone cheered and you was happy.