Natsu 1

You were sat at the guild Hall. Mira was having a party and you thought it was going to be fun. Well you thought wrong. It was late and people where exhausted from their latest jobs. So not really that much fun. Natsu burst through the door. He had the goofiest grin on his face and it was cute. You would never admit it but you had a huge crush on Natsu. He sat next to you. “So (y/n), why is everyone so down l?” He asks. You moan and put his head on the table. Natsu looked at you.
“You okay?” Natsu asks you. He lifts your head up.
“Natsu, everyone here is tired. Why do you have to be loud?” You complained. You didn’t mean to seem rude but you didn’t feel like doing anything at the moment.
“Why don’t we play a game?!” Natsu almost yelled. ‘Did he even listen to what I said?’ Lucy came and sat by you. She knew about your crush on Natsu, sadly she also knew how ignorant he could be.
“That sounds like fun, why don’t we play 7 minutes in heaven?” Lucy suggests. You shoot up and look at Lucy. You mouth ‘What are you doing?’ to her. ‘Just trust me’ she mouths back.
“That sounds like fun” Mira says.

People start to gather around to play the game and Mira got pieces of paper with all the boys names on. All the girls pulled out a name. Just your luck, you got Loke. Lucy takes your piece of paper and gives you hers. It was Natsu. You blush, knowing that Lucy was helping you get with Natsu.
“Right, so if you have the number one on the back of your slip, your first, so read out the name of your boy” Mira said. You looked at the back of your slip. ‘2’ was on the back of it. “So who has number 1?” Mira asked.
“I do,” Lucy said, “I got Loke” She smiled. She winked at you before going into the cupboard with the playboy Loke. 7 minutes passed extremely slowly, knowing that you were next and you were going in there with Natsu.
“Has it been 7 minutes yet? I can’t wait to get in there with my mystery girl” Natsu said with a grin.
“Right, girl with number 2, we have found another place for you to go in so will you read out the name on your slip.” Mira requested. Your heart beat fast.
“Natsu” You said. Natsu turned and looked at you with a goofy grin. Mira lead you two to the small black room. You went in and the door shut.
“7 minutes” Mira said cheerfully. You could hear through the door Mira asking for number 3 as she pulled Loke and Lucy out of the cupboard.

Natsu was lighting the small room up with his flame.
“I have been waiting to get in a room with a girl all night. I’m glad its you (y/n) because you were the girl i wanted to be in here with” You smiled slightly. You use water magic, which means you and Natsu sometimes (often) but heads. You put your hand over his flame and soak it so it distinguishes and your left in total darkness again. You feel around to try and find Natsu, your hand was a bit low and a blush appeared on your cheeks when you realised where it was. You moved your hand fast. Natsu grabbed it. “Why’d you move it?” He asked which made you blush more. You got your hand free and cupped Natsu’s cheek.
“Pervert” you said before kissing him on the lips. He kissed back and arms snaked around your thin waist. You put your arms around his neck and played with the hair on the back of his head.

Natsu’s tongue strolled across your bottom lip, wanting to enter your mouth. You playfully denied until you felt his hand slip down your back onto your ass. He squeezed which caused you to gasp. His tongue wandered into your mouth to explore its new territory. You tongue wrestled him, fighting for dominance, only to lose to him. His tongue lick everywhere in your mouth. His hand went down the back of your pants to feel your ass better as he pulled away from the kiss. He went at your neck and kissed it all over until he found that one special spot. That one spot which made you go weak at the knees. He abused that spot, sucking and nibbling which made you moan.
“I’m going to mark you, so all guys know to back off my love, it may hurt a little bit” You blushed and nodded. He bit down on the abused spot, drawing blood. You yelped and then felt his tongue sliding across the wound to apologize. He went back to kissing you on the lips.

You pulled away to breathe when the door opened. You both walked out. Lucy was the first to spot the massive red mark and teeth mark on your neck. You blushed a lot.
“So I take it Natsu has claimed you then?” She asks. You notice the many small red marks on her neck.
“So I take it Loke has claimed you then?” You laughed, teasing her. She put her hand on her neck to cover the marks.
“They are only hickeys, they will go” Lucy says with a red face, “However yours is a mark, Natsu practically owns you now.”
“Nah, I own him” You laughed and Natsu sneaked up behind you. His hand snaked around your waist.
“Whats this about you owning me?” He asked.
“I do own you” you replied and kissed him on the lips.
“I feel sorry for you for when it becomes Mating season” Lucy laughs and leaves. Your face goes red. “What?” You ask and chase after her.