Natsu 2 (lemon- mating season)

1 year ago you played that game. Since then you have moved in with Natsu and never been happier. You sat back against your chair in the guild, with your hands behind your head and your eyes closed. A smile was on your face making you look extremely at ease.
“You know, sometimes i get jealous of you” Lucy says to you.
“Why?” You say not moving from your position.
“You never have to worry about anything. You have Natsu to look after you.” She said and laid her head in her arms on the table, “sometimes i wish i had that connection with someone.” You opened your eyes to look at her.
“You always have Loke if you wanna except his ‘love'” You said leaning forward.
“I guess, but you can never be sure with Loke” Lucy sighs. You feel bad for her.
“You know what, I’m going to find a guy in this guild who likes you and isn’t like Loke” You smile.
“Huh? You mean your going to find me a boyfriend?” she asked raising her head and you nodded.
“We will just go through names until you find someone suitable, how about Gray?” You start thinking.
“Gray’s alright, I don’t like him like that but even if i did, Juvia would kill me” Her head went back into her arms and she looked across the room.
“Elfman?” You asked.
“Mira would kill me” She said “Hey whats up with Natsu?”
“Lucy you can’t have Natsu” You said smiling.
“No i mean, why is he looking distressed? and hes staring at you” Lucy said.

You looked at him.
“Natsu?” You asked loud enough for him to hear you. You started to walk towards him but was stopped by Levy.
“Don’t go near him at the moment (y/n)” She said.
“Why? Its a bit hard for me not to i mean 1) hes my boyfriend and 2) i share a house with him” You said. Levy had a scowl on her face.
“You can’t go near him, you can stay at mine tonight” She said.
“Why can’t i go near him?” You asked.
“Did i not tell you?” You shook your head to your question. She put her hands behind her and blushed. “Its dragon mating season” she was red as a tomato.
“oh i get it, so you cant go near Gajeel either” you teased her, making her go redder (if possible).
“No Gajeel has it under control” She said quietly.
“How?” You ask.
“He already mated” he face went redder. You poked her forehead.
“Baka” you giggled and walked past her, “Natsu can control it, hes strong ya know.”

You sat next to Natsu. His eyes were locked onto you.
“Natsu, you alright?” You asked. He leaned closer to you and kissed you. You kissed back and he laid you down climbing on top of you. You pulled away and struggled under him. “Natsu!” You said as he gripped onto your waist.
“Don’t struggle” He whispered and unbuttoned a few buttons on your blouse, kissing your collar bone and neck. You frantically buttoned them back up.
“Natsu!” You said sternly to get him to stop. His grip on you became tighter and he got a little bit more forceful. He slammed his lips against yours, unbuttoning your blouse again. You pushed him away slightly. You tried to wrestle him to get away. “Natsu stop!” You screamed. With that he was being pulled off of you by Gajeel. Juvia helped you away. Your blouse had been torn and you had bruised marks from where Natsu had grabbed you on your waist.

Natsu’s pov:

God she’s so sexy. I just want to make her my own, but why does she fight me. Oh god! Sorry (y/n). I couldn’t help myself. I’m glad Gajeel pulled me off of her. Wait, why isn’t the season affecting him? Has he already mated? With who?
“Mating season got you bad didn’t it” He laughed at me. My eyes are locked onto (y/n) in the corner.
“Yeah” i answered simply.
“Look, i know how bad you want it, but you can’t rape her, she has to be willing” He said to me.
“Why isn’t the season affecting you?” I asked him.
“Already mated” I knew it. Haha. “With Levy.”
“How do i get her to come willingly?” I asked.
“Well for starters, dont pounce on her in the middle of the guild hall and try and rape her” He said with a grin. Oh god! I have to go apologize to her. I got up but Gajeel grabbed me.
“If you wanna get her in bed, let me talk to her, cause otherwise you will probably try and rape her again and ruin any chances with her, then, bye bye Natsu” he mimes his throat being slit as in to say ‘i die’. I nod at him and he goes over to (y/n)

Normal pov:

Gajeel came over to you. He was rubbing the back of his neck.
“Look (y/n), mating season is a hard time for us and the simple fact is that is Natsu doesn’t mate he’ll die” Gajeel said. Your brows furrowed.
” I don’t want him to die” you said. You looked over at Natsu. He looked really… what’s the word? Unstable. “okay I’ll do it” you said.
“Okay good. He’ll be at home later. blondie help her prepare” He said to Lucy. ‘prepare’ you thought to yourself.

Lucy stood up and dragged you out of the guild hall.
“How many jewels have you got?” Lucy asked.
“um just short of 500,000” You said and chuckled nervously.
“Nearly half a million!”She yelled.
“Well I go on a lot of jobs with Natsu and he gives me most of it then spends his own money not mine so I never use it” you explained.
“its okay, it means we can make you look super sexy for Natsu tonight.” She winked and you blushed. “Here’s the plan, we are going to buy a lot of sexy lingerie, your gonna put the sexiest one on and be in it when Natsu gets home, Gajeel is probably preparing him since its his first time to” Your face was boiling hot.

You got home around 7 ish. You had bought this red bra and a red thong and was wearing it under a house coat. You were really nervous and was about to bottle out of it but then Natsu came in. “(n/n) I’m home” he said calling out.
“I’m upstairs Natsu” You called back. He walked up the stairs. He opened the bed room door and smiled seeing you. You slowly untied the house coat showing your new sexy lingerie. Natsu’s jaw dropped. He walked slowly towards you and then sped up. He pounced onto you kissing you roughly. You kissed back just as rough then he stopped.
“I dont know if i can do this” he rubbed your leg a little, “Your so beautiful I don’t know if i can stop myself.”
“Natsu, I want it” you whispered. He looked at you with lustful, hungry eyes.

That’s when Natsu kicked into action. He couldn’t control himself and the next thing you knew you were being stripped of clothing and so was he. He took a big sniff in, taking in the smell from your already wet entrance.
“Oh you smell so good.”  He skipped he foreplay and just inserted himself into you. It hurt like hell but you were doing it for the man you loved. He kept thrusting into you hard, concentrating on not hurting you but was still going at an incredible speed. Your pain slowly turned to pleasure as he thrusted  into you. He started to suck on one of your breast while massaging the other one. You found your self nearing you limit and he stopped. He bit down on your neck quickly, drawing blood then licking it up. “Now your mine forever” he smiled and thrusted a few more times releasing inside of you. You released on his member moaning.
“I love you Natsu” You said smiling.
“I love you to”  he said

*Ice make- time skip*

You walked into the guild and sat down.
“Woah someone needs a morning after pill” Levy teased. You looked at her.
“shush” you said and closed your eyes.
“I can’t help it, your mark is so obvious” she commented. You moved your hair around a bit to hide it.
“Says you” you comment sticking your tongue out at her. Natsu walked in, being loud as ever. He came over to you and sat next to you.
“Your hiding it” he said sounding a little sad. You looked down.
“Levy teased me” you admitted.
“well she has one aswell.” he pulled you onto his lap “show it off to the world and be proud that i chose you” He moved the hair that was covering it and kissed it, which made you shiver. His arms were wrapped around you. Gray came up to you and he tightened his grip a little. All Gray wanted was to see if you and Natsu wanted to accompany you on a job.

*time skip*

“Gray f*** off!” You snapped at him. Lately you have been having so many mood swings, its probably because you were close to your due date with your baby, but you were scaring everyone with your yelling. You went through a massive amount of pain and had to sit down.
“(y/n), you alright?” Natsu asked you, seeing you distressed.
“Yeah I’m fine.” You went through the pain again, this time worse.
“Are you having contractions?” he asked you.
“No. I just need to go outside for a breath of air.” You went out with Natsu. The pain started to get worse.
“Okay, i dont care what you say, your definitely  having contractions” Natsu said. Lucy came up to you and Natsu.
“Natsu i am fine” you said.
“Okay then” you said
“You guys alright?” Lucy asked. Just then water splashed out of your skirt all over yours and Lucy’s shoes.
“Ew did you just pee on her shoes?” Natsu asked.
“No stupid. Her waters just broke” Lucy said, helping you, who was obviously in pain.
“Told you it was contractions” Natsu said with a smug face. You looked at him. You were rushed into the medical room to deliver your baby.