Sparks fly (Laxus x reader)- Chapter 1-4

Chapter 1

“I aren’t happy. Not happy at all” You said sounding angry.
“Which one are you then?” Lucy commented making you groan.
“of course she’s not happy Lucy, I’m happy, she’s (Y/n)” Happy said flying by. You growled and grabbed Lucy. Your power was other people’s power.  you touch them and you are able to use there powers for a little while. you grabbed a random one of Lucy’s keys. you looked at it.
“Open gate of the archer. Sagittarius”  You yelled and he came out saluting.
“I’m here to serve” he looked at you, “Your not miss Lucy.”
“No but I summoned you, so shoot the cat” You said and gave Lucy back the key. Happy flew away fast.
“(Y/N), you need to calm down. Sagittarius you can go if you want” Lucy said and he left.

“What are you weaklings doing?” Laxus asked walking by.
“(Y/n) is ticked” Lucy said.
“Ticked?” He laughed, “Well if she wants to blow off steam Im willing to battle her.” With that you grabbed him, taking in his power as your own. The fight began. You punched him and got he dead in the face. He fell back. “You know, i always wondered why you were never S class,” he said and hit you, sending you flying “Now I see why.” He said. You played the ‘I’m unconscious’ card. Laxus went over you. “wow you are weak” he said and you kicked him up through the jaw, causing him falling to the floor.
“You were saying?” You say. He held her jaw. You felt his power vanish and you sat down.
“You have potential” he says “if you are able to keep the power for the full fight, Coz now your defenseless” he said and came at you with a fist engulfed in lightning. You pulled out a knife and blocked his fist. The lightning spread through your body. You screamed in pain.
“(Y/n)!” Lucy yelled seeing you in pain. You hold you hand up to say you surrender. You was in a lot of pain.

Laxus was laughing.
“You could go far, if you let me guide you” He said. Your burned arm covered your stomach.
“You fried me” you said. Laxus picked you up.
“You chose to fight me” he said.
“You offered” You said back.
“Fair enough” He said, “maybe i should train you.” He tapped his chin nearly dropping you.
“I don’t wanna learning Lightning magic, but thanks for offering.” You said smugly. He flicked your forehead causing a small red mark to appear.
“I meant help you learn how to use your own powers for a longer duration of time” He said.
“This is really out of character Laxus, are you feeling aright?” You asked and felt his forehead.
“I’m fine.” He said. He dropped you and walked away while you rubbed your but better. The lightning burns were stinging so you touched Wendy and took some of her power to heal them a bit.

You sat at the bar and ordered a drink. You needed something to get rid of your uneasiness and so got some alcohol.
“Feeling a bit frustrated (y/n)?” Mira asked, she was working the bar. You looked at him and sighed.
“A little.” you said. “Hey whats up with Laxus?” You asked.
“What do you mean?” She asked you. She looked at the blonde haired mage as he sat in the corner of the guild with his eyes shut.
“He’s not acting right, hes being nice and offered to train me” You told her.
“Well don’t tell anyone, but i think he has a crush on a girl and its making him act nicer” She says. You look at him. Freed goes up to him and starts to talk to him and Laxus snaps at him.
“Change the question, why is he being nice to me?” you asked her. She went to serve Cana another drink. Laxus had his eyes shut again. You got up and walked to him with a bottle of Smirnoff ice. You place the bottle in front of him on the table and he opened an eye.
“You got me a drink?” He asked,
“You looked tense” you shrugged and sat next to him.

You were laughing for hours and you had gotten through 3 1/2 bottles of Smirnoff. It was getting late and you were a little bit drunk. You looked at Laxus.
“You live far from the guild hall?” Laxus asked.
“Pretty far away” You said and he stood up.
“Ill walk you home” he took your hand. You started to giggle. The walk was cold and you had to stop for both you and Laxus to puke about 3 times. You were stood outside of your door.
“I had fun tonight” You said.
“Me to. who knew a squirt like you could be so much fun?” He said. He looked at you. You looked at him. You started to notice how defined his face was and how bright his eyes were. You leaned close till you could feel his breath on your lips.You looked at him.
“I should go” You said.  He looked a little sad but let you go. You opened the door. “Bye” She waved your hand and closed the door behind you.

You threw off your clothes and put some pajamas on. You looked at the time.
“12:45… i thought it was late” You said and climbed into bed. You had already started to feel the benefits of drinking so much. Your head pounded and you felt sick. You tried to sleep but you couldn’t get him off your mind. His eyes, his nose, his lips, his hair. You started to want him with you. To hold you. You remembered the face he had when you left him. It looked so sad, like he wanted you to kiss him. He wanted you also, but how would that work? Laxus Dreyar. The masters grandson. And you, the weakling which is only good for getting drunk and losing fights. It wouldn’t work.

Chapter 2

You walked into the guild wearing sun glasses, a scarf around your neck. The light was bright, the sun was bright and you were suffering from major hangover.
“You look awful” Lucy said sitting with you in the guild hall.
“Shhhh don’t be so loud” You said. Laxus walked through the door. He looked dreadful aswell but was better at hiding it than you.
“What did you and him do last night?” Lucy asked, looking at the pair of you. You looked up, thinking.
“I don’t really remember…” You said. Laxus sat down and held his head.
“I remember betting that i could climb the walls of the guild hall using only my lips then walking you home.” Laxus said. You giggled.
“You tried to climb the wall aswell… Wait did we kiss last night?” You asked.
“You kissed?” Lucy asked.
“No”Laxus said, “I remember us being close to, but we didn’t kiss.” Lucy looked confused.
“Well good. I don’t even know if i like you when I’m sober” You say.
“Thanks.” Laxus says sarcastically.
“So let me get this right, You got drunk tried to climb the guild all walls using only your lips then walked her home and nearly kissed her” Lucy said.
“Is that a crime?” You asked her. She shook her head.
“Nope not at all” she giggled. She left you to go talk to Natsu.

You looked at Laxus sitting next to you.
“Last night, did that mean anything?” You asked. He looked at you.
“What do you mean?” He asked you.
“I saw your face when we didn’t kiss. You looked extremely sad.” You said.
“Well i was drunk, and missed out on kissing a pretty girl” He said “How else am i supposed to look?”
“I don’t know” He put his hand at the bottom of your chin and turned you to look at him.
“We can retry it now if you like?” He asked. He got close. Very close.
“Eww gross!”  Natsu yelled pointing at you. Laxus pointed at Natsu and sent a lightning bolt towards him. Natsu dodged quickly and in a panic.

You looked down. That’s twice now you got close to kiss him but couldn’t. You thought about just turning his head now and placing a kiss on his lips, but that wouldn’t be the same thing. Just then the master had an announcement and Laxus went to join them on stage.
“This year’s entries for the S class trail will be announced now. Natsu Dragneel. Grey Fullbuster. Juvia Lockser. Elfman Strauss. Cana Alberona. Levy Mcgarden. Freed Justine and (y/n) (l/n)” He said. You got excited. You were going to become S class. “Each selected person will take a person to accompany them and help them get S class, however they cannot be S class already” You look at Laxus.  ‘so he can’t be my partner then’ you thought.

“Congratulations. Your gonna be S class.” Laxus said.
“yeah but who’s gonna be my partner. Everyone else already has there’s figured out” You moaned and banged your head on a table.
“Who’s everyone else going with?” He asked.
“Ummm Natsu is taking Happy, Cana is taking Lu, Levy is taking Gajeel, Greys taking Loke, Elfman is taking Evergreen, Freed is taking Bickslow and Juvia is taking Lisanna. And I’m taking… No one” You looked down.
“Take one of the cats. If Dragon breath is taking his cat you take one aswell.” You looked at him. That wasn’t a bad idea.
“Lily” You called. Panthalily came to you.
“Yes. What can I do for you?” He asked.
“Will you be my partner for the S class trail” You asked.
“of course” he said. Laxus ruffled your hair.
“And now you have a partner”
“Whats different this year?” You asked.
“Well for one there is no serenity path. Your either fighting each other or an S class wizard.” You gulped.
“I’m gonna die.” You held your head.
“(Y/n), I garentee you that you are not going to die. You will have me with you and you have a week to train before we go” You look at Laxus.

You went outside and started to punch trees.
“Stupid. S class. Trails” You punched the tree again. Putting your fist straight through it.
“Wow” Laxus said, making you jump. “What incredible strength.”
“What incredible strength? I punched through a tree not a brick wall!” You said.
“true, but with a little guidance from me you’ll soon be punching through walls” he says. You smile a little. “Now I realise we haven’t done a certain thing yet” A blush spread across your face. He pulled you close to him and put his lips to yours. You closed your eyes. You felt his tongue glide across your lip and you let him in. You were tongue wrestling and then…

“I’m here to train (y/n), what do you wanna start wi….” Lily said then saw you. Laxus pulled away.
“Well ill see ya at the S class trail (y/n), or sooner i hope” He said and walked off, leaving you in your flustered state.
“(y/n), what was that about?” Lily asked. You put your hand on your mouth, feeling the lips that Laxus just had his on. You could still feel him there even though he wasn’t. “(Y/N)!” Lily was waving in front of your face a lot.
“Sorry Lily, what did you say?” You asked coming out of your fazed state.
“What do you wanna start training with?” He asked.
“I need to get my power level up so i can hold onto an ability for longer.” Pantherlily nodded and you got to work.

Chapter 3

“My word, it feels like the further we are from the guild the hotter its becoming.” You moaned.
“Geez (y/n) we know its hot.” Lucy said.
“I feel sorry for Lily and Gajeel in black” you smiled, “Not the best colour for when its to hot.”
“Worry about your own temperature pipsqueak, me and Lily don’t need others worrying about us” Gajeel said making you flinch a little. You saw Laxus sat on the deck by the edge of the boat. You blush remembering the kiss.
“(y/n), if we have to fight him, don’t let your feelings get in the way.” Lily said.
“I don’t know what your on about Lily, i don’t feel anything about that man” You said.
“The blush on your cheeks say otherwise” he says. You pout knowing hes right. You move and sit next to Laxus.
“Hey” you say, getting his attention.
“Heya short stuff” he looks at you.
“I’m not short, im (height)” You pouted and he ruffled your hair laughing.

Lucy’s pov

“Hey Erza, whats up with (y/n) and Laxus?” I whisper to her. (y/n) and Laxus are laughing and talking. They seem really close.
“I don’t know. I heard that they were getting close but i didn’t imagine it was this much”
“I saw them kissing” Lily said.
“What?” I asked. I was in shock.
“So its that kind of relationship” Erza said. “Hey Laxus we need to talk to you!” Erza yelled to him. He ruffled (y/n)’s hair and came to us.
“What do you want?” He said, sound gruff and annoyed.
“Is it true?” I ask him.
“Is what true?” he asks back.
“(y/n) Kissed you?” I ask.
“Whats this about (y/n) kissing Laxus?” Freed gets involved.
“Yeah it is” He said. He was quite scary. He sounded annoyed.
“She kissed you, and you kissed her back!” Freed said sounding shocked.
“No i kissed her lips… and i was the one that kissed her not the other way round” he said and walked back to her. So fairy tail has a new couple. Sweet.

back to normal pov

“What was that about?” you asked him as he sat back down.
“Some loud mouth told everyone about our kiss” He says sounding annoyed. A blush spreads across your cheeks.
“Well if you ask me, i saw this coming” Gray said. You covered your eyes as he was completely nude.
“Gray your clothes!” You yelled
“Its to hot for clothes” he said.
“RIGHT LISTEN UP!” Makarov said and then you turned around and Laxus was gone. You felt a little upset that he wasn’t here anymore.
“That there is tenrou island.” He pointed.
“You seriously wearing that?” Gray asked.
“Said the nudest to the stylist” Makarov looked smug.
“I’m getting major Day javou” Lucy said looking down. “This is what they said last time.”
“Anyway. when you arrive at the island there is 8 tunnels labeled a-h. You are to choose one to go down and after a pair has chosen it, it will seal up”  Makarov explained.
“Major Day Javou” Lucy said and you were already gone. Lily had picked you up and you were flying towards the island. You were soon followed by Freed and Bickslow. You looked back and laughed seeing the enchantment. Levy and Gajeel and Evergreen and Elfman followed soon after.

You chose tunnel A and ran down it.
“Lily, in this fight, its your job to get me close enough to them so i can use there power” You said and he nodded.
“Right” you ran down the caved tunnel. It was long. There was a bright light coming from the end.
“If our training has worked, i should be able to use that move” You said.
“If you use that move so early on you wont be able to use it for a while” Lily stated. You had a look of determination on your face.
“True but i see a light, which means we are fighting Laxus” You told him and he understood. You ran and then there he stood. He was using a little magic already. He looked directly at you and smirked.

“So its you i got” He smirked. “Just so ya know, i aren’t going easy on you because i have feelings for ya.”
“Good then i wont either. Lily im using that move, just get me close enough” You smirked back.
“So you learned a new move and now your gonna show me it” He said, “I hope its long distance because you wont get close enough to touch me.” You gulped. You had to touch him, and this move means you have to hold on for longer or it will just be a puny weak technique. You charged at him, pulling out a katana.
“weak” He said and shocked you through it. Lily gets close and hits him with his extendable sword. Laxus fly’s towards you and nearly lands on top of you. You grabbed him and closed your eyes. You looked in pain with veins bulging out of your forehead.
“fur magicae ” You yelled opening your eyes. They were sparking.
“Thief of magic” Laxus grunted, feeling you steal his power.  You started to shake feeling his enormous amount of power. You screamed in pain and let go. Lightning shot up from you, through the tunnel roof. You held your head. “Its not easy is it, taking someone elses power on top of your own.”
“It burns!” you screamed.
“Ill let you through to the next round” The door at the other end of the cave opened. “Lily go through it i need to sort things out here.” Lily nodded and walked out. Laxus lifted your head up.

“(y/n) look at me” He said. You did your best but your eyes were burning.
“My head. Its killing me” You cried out.
“I need you to give my power back now, okay.” You nodded.
“I need to touch you then…” You said.
“Don’t worry about that” He put his lips to yours and you started the transference. Your eyes were open and the lightning flowed from your eyes to his. It was a beautiful sight. Once the transference was over you were out. Laxus held you in his arms close. He kissed your head and took you out of the tunnel to Lily. “Shes grown so much in the last week” Laxus said, “Take care of her.” He left you with Lily.

Chapter 4

“Did i win?” You asked waking up.
“yeah you won.” Lily said, “Laxus was helpless in that fight”
“I feel like he let me won” You said.
“He maybe did” Gray said which made you jump. You looked around. There was no Juvia and Lisanna, and no Freed and Bickslow.
“Congratulations you have all made it to the next round. Gajeel and Levy beat freed and Bickslow, well-done” Makarov said.
“Wait, THEY BEAT FREED!” Gray yelled shocked.
“Lucy and Cana successfully beat she who has no mercy. Congratulations girls” Makarov announced
“They beat Erza” Gray nearly fainted.
“Natsu got passed Gildarts” Gray did faint at this one. “Gray and Loke beat Elfman and Evergreen, well-done boys” Loke nodded along. “and poor Juvia and Lisanna failed to beat Mira. Poor poor them”

You wanted to see Loke.
“do you remember anything from the fight?”Lily asked looking at you. Makarov walked up to you.
“I remember pain and a kiss” You said truely.
“The magic thief spell is a difficult one to produce. Im actually shocked to hear you learned it within a week, but it takes years to perfect. Im proud of you my child” You look at Makarov.
“When i was training, i was taking Lily’s power, but was nothing compared to the power i had in my head when i had Laxus’s. How strong is Laxus, if you don’t mind me asking.” You commented.
“Stronger than me” Makarov said and skipped away to camp. You had the night to gather your strength again as you will be having a survival of the fittest tomorrow. Fighting each other. It was going to be difficult.
“Right, i have assigned everyone tents. It doesn’t matter if you are enemies, you wont be tonight” Erza said. Everyone was here now. Even Laxus, but he had his hands full with Freed crying to him. “Natsu, you will be sharing with Gray. Loke i imagine you will be returning to the spirit world so you dont drain either yours or Lucy’s power while you sleep. Lucy you will share with Levy. Gajeel your with Elfman. Evergreen and Cana are together. Freed and Bickslow. Mira and Lisanna are together. Gildarts and Master. Me and (y/n) and Laxus gets his own tent.” She explains.
“Lucky him” You mutter.
“What was that!” Erza asked.
“Nothing” you held your hands up defending yourself.

The night fell. You were around a small camp fire shivering. A blanket gets put around you and you look up to see who was there.
“Laxus” you said. He smiled at you and laid you down with your head resting on his lap.
“Stay warm short stuff” He said.
“How many times do i have to tell you, im (height), im not small” You yawn.
“Your tired. you should rest.” He said. “sleep, ill put you to bed.” You got scooped up by him and you snuggled up to his warm body.You closed your eyes drifting into a deep slumber. Laxus smiled at you and walked towards his own tent, rather than your own. He laid you on his sleeping bag and laid down next to you. He kissed your forehead. “Well done today short stuff. Your getting stronger” he whispered.
“You went easy on me” you spoke, your eyes still shut.
“Maybe, but its only because i don’t want to see you hurt” You smile and were asleep. Laxus soon followed after into his sleep for the night.