A beautiful creature- Chapter 1

The building was dark and full of cobwebs. Shattered glass covered the ground from all the windows that now no loner existed. Rusty wheel chairs and old hospital beds with their blood stained mattresses (that had been torn and had holes in them) lay left where they were placed when this place last was used. The old Tokyo Hospital. It is creepy in here, it’s cold- almost like the souls of the dead still roam the building. It is hard to think that this place hasn’t been used for nearly one hundred years. You would have thought that someone would have sorted this place out and rebuilt it as something new by now, but they haven’t. The reason, I presume, for this place not being touched is that it is supposedly a ghoul nesting ground. I don’t think it is though. If it was, surely doves would have taken over by now.

Being here sends shivers up my spine. I felt a buzz in my pocket which came from my old, but fully functioning flip phone. I brought it out of my pocket, only to find their was no service. Just my luck. If I get stuck in here, there will be no way for me to contact Clara to help me get out. The thought of not being able to contact my friend if I get in danger sets me at unease. What if I get stuck in here?

My flash light started to flicker uncontrollably so I hit it into my palm a few times to get it to say on. It didn’t work and it fully went out leaving me in the black abyss of darkness. I was walking blind. I heard shouting from the outside of the building. That is good news because it means that I was wrong about not being able to contact Clara. She can hear me yell if I need help. For every dark cloud their is a silver lining, and there it was.

I carried on wandering until I saw a glimmer of light. I really need a light source because walking down a long, abandoned and broken corridor is scary enough as it is with a light, I have been walking without one for about ten minutes now. But at the end of the tunnel there is a glimmer of light and I have found it. The light gets brighter as I get closer to it. Faster and faster I walk until I break into a sprint towards it. I opened a door, making it creak and glass to fall from the frame onto the floor. It shattered loudly. My eyes widened as I saw what the light was coming from. It was sickening.

Blood splattered every where. There was a man in the middle of all the blood with a circle of corpses surrounding him. He dug hungrily through the body of a young woman. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and the look on her face was frighting enough as it was. The man threw her intestines across the room dug for her liver which he ate like a wild dog. He was covered from head to toe in blood. He then moved onto the body of a man and looked at it. He plucked out his eye ball and stuffed it in his mouth hole. The sight made me feel sick. The man sat up and sniffed the air. Holding my breath, I walked out of the room trying not to make a sound.

I wanted to scream, but I didn’t, I just ran and prayed that this was just a dream. Tears fell out of my eyes constantly- I couldn’t stop them. The noise of footsteps was behind me, followed by the sound of a man laughing. I picked up my speed trying to get away from the slow ¬†walking creature behind me. Why am I crying? I shouldn’t be crying right now. Stop crying! The footsteps behind me get faster. That’s why I am crying, I am fearing for life. I need to go faster, but I cannot see where I am going. Some thing hits my foot and I fall face first to the floor. Broken glass cuts my arms and face. I must get up, I must run. The man is nearing me now. I am going to die, I might aswell accept it. Wiping and closing my eyes I wait for the death that was certain but it never came.