A beautiful creature (Tsukiyama fanfic)- Chapter 2

I got in a habit of doing the same thing pretty much every day. Wake up; Get dressed; Brush my teeth; Brush my hair; Go meet my friends for coffee. The coffee shop we go to is in the 20th ward. Its called Anteiku’s and it sells the best coffee I have ever tasted. As well as that, the staff at the shop are all very nice people and my friend Barry has a crush on the waitress.

Walking into the coffee shop, I see my friends sat in their usual spot. They have claimed the table in the left corner. My friend Barry has short, scraggy, brown hair and brown eyes to match. He always wears a variation of the same outfit. A baggy t-shirt; jeans; a hoodie and some trainers. Today his hoodie was red. Clara had long blonde hair which she always had draping down her back. Her baby blue eyes contrasted with this making her a natural beauty. She is totally different to Barry. You never see her wear the same outfit twice in a row. Today she was wearing yoga pants and a blue summer vest top. They are both completely different and yet are still friends. I sat down with them and smiled.

Barry, seeing the waitress on her way over to the table and being the idiot he is, waved at the waitress. He does that every morning and the poor girl doesn’t like it. Her face goes slightly red with embarrassment as she sees the hand waving at her. She clenched the menus she was holding and wrapped her arms around them holding them close to her. She then ran out through the door behind the counter quickly and we were greeted by the young waiter with the eye patch again. He serves us every day because Barry always scares off the woman.

“Why does she always run?  I aren’t that bad am I?” Barry asked as his head drooped. The waiter takes our orders and goes to make the coffee while we discuss what has just happened.
“You can’t just wave at her Barry. Honestly you are completely hopeless. You should wait till she comes over and compliment her. Every girl likes to be complimented.” Clara boldly claims. It is true that girls like compliments but I think if Barry were to compliment the waitress now she drop kick his head. The waitress doesn’t need to kick Barry because Clara just slapped him in the back of the head. Clara can be quite cruel. “Women want men to buy them things, keep them happy, be there for them, care for them…”  the list from Clara went on and on. She was full on lecturing Barry right now. It’s cute that she does that but it does get very annoying.

“So…” I began, interrupting Clara’s lecture, “Anything new happened in your life since I last asked?” Clara thought for a moment then the thought came to her mind and it was obvious she figured out something to say that I didn’t already know.
“Oh my God, you will never believe this Angela. So you know that Dan from my class in college that I have totally had a crush on since I was 10?” She said and I nodded in response, “Well last night he asked me to meet him at the cinema and he asked me out.” She squealed in excitement. Barry stood up and left because he knew girl talk was coming and he isn’t a girl. Clara went on and on about her new boyfriend and frankly I couldn’t care less if she had a boyfriend. I haven’t had a boyfriend in over a year by choice, all my boyfriends always end up being complete and utter jerks. A sigh escaped my mouth as I looked around the shop. Surely there would be someone here I could hook up with but I doubt I could score with any of them. I am better off alone.

“Angela!” Clara yelled loudly. I had totally forgot about her, I kinda dazed off into a world of my own.
“Yeah? Sorry.” I said and she shook her head.
“I was trying to talk to you about something important but you weren’t listening to me were you?” She crossed her arm and tapped her foot looking quite annoyed.
“Look I felt like you were just rubbing in the fact that I haven’t had a boyfriend in over a year. I don’t care about this kid, I don’t even know him.” I said in defence.
“Dan is not a kid! He is a man! And I wasn’t talking about him!” She snapped at me rather loudly. Clara is scary when she is mad.
“Sorry. What was you talking about then?” I apologised. She smiled.
“Dan has a good looking friend. Were setting you up with him” Clara said. I shook my head denying and saying no constantly but there is no saying “no” to Clara. If she wants something she will have it. I let out a sigh of defeat.
“Fine but what do I need to know about him?”
“His name is Tsukiyama, he’s got looks to die for, he is French and he graduated like last year” Clara said. It sounds like she is hooking me up with another douchbag.
“Fine.  Look I’m finished my coffee can we go?” I asked and we left the coffee shop.