A shattered soul (William x reader)- Chapter 21-23

Chapter 21

(William’s POV)

She started to get worse. I knew that soon I would have to take her to the mental institute. (Y/n) has stopped talking all together. She spends the time sat in front of the fireplace watching the flame. It seems to be fascinating her. I wish I knew what was going on in her head. (Y/n) carried on watching the flames as I placed a plate of toast on her lap. I have been making sure she still eats. She will eat it if I giver her it, but if not she will go hungry. I rested my forehead against hers and kissed her cheek.
“(y/n) say something please.” I begged.  She took a deep breath, like she was going to speak, but nothing came out afterwards. “Oh (y/n).” Tears threatened to come out of my eyes and I couldn’t hold them back. 

(Your POV)

I wanted to speak, but it didn’t want to come out. Oh Will, please don’t cry. My eyes started to tear up and it caught Will’s attention as tears fell onto my toast. William held my head in his hands and kissed my forehead. 
“Try to talk (y/n)” Will begged of my. I wanted to, but I did not know what to say. Where do I begin. Maybe I should apologize, but how do I apologize for something I can’t help. 
“I-” I began but the words never formed in my mouth because I hadn’t thought of any. 
“You what?” Will’s face was lighting up because I had spoken a word. “Come on (Y/n), you can do it.” His encouraging words  made me think of what to say.
“I am sorry I am so weak” I said and went back to crying. He pulled my head to his chest and stroked my hair reassuringly. 
“You are not weak. You have had a very terrible disease and have had to fight through it. If it were me that had it I would have probably been too weak to fight it, but it was you not me.”
“I love you Will” I didn’t know how to respond to Will’s comment so I just said the simple words which are honest and true. 
“I know hun, I love you to.”

Will had taken me to bed when a loud knock was at the door. He rushed to it quickly leaving me alone. I heard talking but I didn’t know what was happening. I chose to ignore it and go to sleep. According to William, I need my rest, so that is what I am going to do.

(Will’s POV)

I went to the door to see who was there and I saw Ronald holding a barely conscious and bloody Grell. Ronald himself had a few cuts and bruises. I let them in and helped Ronald lay Grell on the couch. 
“What happened Knox?” I asked as I grabbed the first aid kit from the kitchen and started to clean and bandage Grell’s wounds.
“Demons. They have realized that if they come together as a group and get a reaper alone they can kill it.” Ronald explained. “I was walking out of a bar after spending time with Eric and Alan. I was going to meet Grell, but they attacked me. Grell came and protected me. Mr Spears what are we going to do? They are ganging up on us and if they get enough of them they may invade our house holds. The two of us cannot protect both Grell and (Y/n), and both of them at the moment are too weak to protect themselves.”
“Grell is the only one who is too weak. If (y/n) rests tonight I assure you that tomorrow she will be up to a good strength again.” I told him.
“How can you be so sure? She wasn’t speaking earlier, just staring into space.”
“She started to talk, once she had figured out what to say” I explained and looked at Ronald. “I should clear up your wounds.”
“No I am fine sir. Just tend to Grell, I will sort myself out”Ronald said. I agreed with him and let him do it. 

(y/n) woke up part way through the night and came wandering into the kitchen. She looked at me and then Grell. 
“What happened?” She asked and knelt by me. I was exhausted but Grell still needed help.
“Her and Ronald were attacked by demons.” I explained. She had guessed Ronald was asleep in my bed and so knew I couldn’t go rest.
“Will you try and sleep?” She asked. I stood up. 
“I just need coffee. I will be fine” I told her. She shook her head. “(y/n) I need to watch over Grell.”
“I’ll do that you go to sleep in my room.” Her room used to be my spare room, but that is not important right now. (Y/n) wouldn’t take no for an answer and I ended up having to go to sleep. I don’t blame her for sending me, I need my sleep as much as she does and I’d make her sleep. 

Chapter 22

Grell didn’t wake for a while. She was too weak. Ronald stayed by her at all times, and by the time he had to go to bed he placed a kiss on her lips. I suppose he feels guilty for what happened. We invited the only person we could think of to help and he came, he does care for Grell after all.
“Hello Undertaker” I smiled as I let him in the house. He walked in and looked at her. We let him stay the night to look after Grell, she needed the help because we didn’t know what to do. I felt kind of useless.

I went to the kitchen and William’s arms wrapped around me.
“It’ll be alright darling” Will said to me and kissed my cheek.
“Will it be alright though? We run the risk of being attacked every time we step out them doors by a group of demons who want us dead.”  I said and teared up “I’m so scared because if they have done this to Grell then I have no chance.” Will let out a sigh.
“(y/n), you have as much a chance as any of us. We all have the same risk and Grell ended up like this from defending rather than attacking. She was protecting Ronald, not herself. ”
“So you are saying we have a better chance of surviving if we go out alone with no one to defend other than ourselves?” I asked but Will didn’t answer- Undertaker did.
“I have had 5 reapers in my shop this week. Thats one a day. They were alone and didn’t stand a chance.”  He said. My breath changed and I started to hyperventilate.
“So then we go around in pairs from now on. No reaper is to be left alone. I must go to headquarters and inform everyone of this new rule.” He headed to the door.
“But you’ll be alone out there on the way if you go now…” I said which stopped him. He turned around. “Please don’t go alone.”
“I’ll take Knox. I don’t want to put you at risk and hes the only other one I can take.” Will said and rushed to the spare room to wake up Ronald.

Will and Ronald left and I waited in anticipation for their return. The Undertaker was my only company right now and he had me running around the house to grab stuff to help the unconscious Grell. I am quite glad that he had me doing that for it took my mind off Will. He’s been gone for about an hour now and I am quite worried. He should have been back at least half an hour ago.
“I’m going out to look for them.” I said but Undertaker grabbed my hand as i headed to the door. 
“They will be back. Have faith in them.” How can I have faith?  Demons are attacking reapers and killing them. I don’t know what I’d do if William died. I don’t think I would be able to continue.

It rolled up to midnight and the door swung open letting in the cold of night. I had fallen asleep in the front room while waiting for Will to return and as soon as the temperature in the room changed I awoke. Will stood there with Ronald. They were carrying medical supplies for, I can only guess, Grell. 
“What took you so long?” I asked and Will sat down letting out a long sigh.
“We had to get around the demons.” Ronald spoke out loud and Will’s head snapped to look at him quickly. His face had a look that read ‘Do not say any more.’ Ronald went into the kitchen and I looked at him. I saw traces of blood under his clothing from his neck and then started to freak out. I took his shirt and jacket off seeing large cuts and grabbed the medical supplies. 

“Demons huh?” I asked- I didn’t mean to sound like I didn’t believe him, I actually wanted to sound like I was upset at the demons. 
“Yeah.” He responded. Did I sound like I had intended? I dabbed his cuts with a wet rag and he winced every now and again. I apologized to him every time he winced. Once I had him wrapped up in bandages, a loud groan made me jump. I quickly turned to see Grell wide awake and trying to sit. 
“No Grell, stay still” I stopped her sitting. 
“I need to protect Ronnie.” She cried out forcing herself up. She must still think shes in the fight.
“Ronald is fine Grell. Calm down please” I said and she hit me across the face. Will got up quick at this.
“Sutcliff! Calm down!” He snapped at her. She stared blankly at William. “Knox is perfectly alright.” I could tell she was staring at Will’s bandaged chest. 
“What happened?” She ran her hand down the bandaging. “Willy what happened?” She repeated when Will did not answer.
“The same thing that happened to you, but not as bad. Like I said, Knox is fine” He walked out of the room towards the kitchen and Ronald walked in. 

“Grell, you’re awake” He dropped food on the floor when he saw her. I sighed and went to pick it up. Ronald had latched his arms around Grell’s torso and was laying kisses on her cheeks and foreheads. A light blush popped onto Grell’s pale face. 
“Ronnie?” She asked, not knowing how Ronald felt. It was kind of obvious to me and Will how Ronald felt for Grell. He spent every night with her holding her hand, and when he had to leave her side he left a kiss on her cheek. He definitely felt affection towards her. 
“Yes Grell?” He asked back and then realized that he had just attacked her face with kisses. His face went redder than hers. It was rather adorable. 
“You were kissing my face. Why?” She asked and he turned his face away, blushing even more. “Ronnie?” I giggled at this.
“He likes you Grell. He barely left your side while you were unconscious” I told her, then I saw Ronald’s shirt dripping with blood. Not him too, please not him too. I forced his shirt off and inspected his back, which had many cuts on it- some deeper than others. Why is this happening now?

Chapter 23

A couple of weeks went by and not as many reapers were showing up dead, but there were still quite a few dying. I was quite scared to go out without at least two people with me. Anyway time for the gossip: Grell and Ronald have been getting very close recently- like almost kissing close- but it always gets interrupted and then Grell leaves. I think Grell is already seeing someone but wont share who because she wants to spare Ronald’s feelings. I had my spies (Alan and Eric) to watch where she goes and has informed me that its always to the Undertakers parlor. I am super nosey. I NEED TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON!

Grell rushed up to me and hugged me. She was crying. Her arms wrapped around me and when I asked her what was wrong but she never answered and just kept crying.  I bugged her till she gave in.
“Undie asked me out” she answered.
“And you’re upset over that? What did you say to him?” I asked. I can’t help being nosy when it comes to relationships. Grell shook her head.
“I never answered him. How could I? I mean he’s nice and all, but so is Ronnie and I can’t break Ronnie’s heart.” I sat her down with a mischievous grin on my face. 
“So are you saying yes to Ronald’s proposal then?” asked I. She shook her head again. I now understand why she cried about it. If she chooses Ronald then Undie will be upset and vise versa however if she chooses neither then they are both upset.

12 pm rolled around and my stomach growled with hunger. Will had managed to get down the stairs and went up to me. I helped him remove his shirt to check his wounds. Unraveling the bloody bandage I found their was no would there any more, but when I touched where it was his breath changed. I feel bad for him. He got hurt and I wasn’t there to stop it from happening. He could have died and so could Ronnie and I wouldn’t have known for over a week whether he was dead or alive. The idea of that scares me. Will took hold of my waist and pulled me close. His head rested onto my shoulder and he breathed in my scent like he was going to lose me and he would have to remember it.

We had lunch. Mushrooms on toast. I haven’t had that since I was younger. We ate in silence then  Ronald rolled around hungry and wanting food. Grell sat down and rest her head against the counter as she left the room after Ronald. I noticed a love bite on her neck which wasn’t there earlier. 
“Did you make up your mind Grell?” I asked and her head picked up and she nodded slowly before laying it back down. Ronald wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He had a slice of toast in his mouth and was eating it while holding her. I smiled seeing that she was keeping Ronald happy.

Will tackled me as a stone came flying through the window towards my head. I hit the floor and banged my head. The stone had a note wrapped around it. I rubbed my head as William opened it.
“Its from the demon Sebastian Michaelis. He’s letting us know who is in charge of all these demon attacks.” He said. I looked at the note. Claude Faustus. “He also said the reason why.” There was a photo of me. He’s doing all this, taking lives, to get to me. 
“Excuse me” said I as I got up off the floor and walked to my room. Will followed me and came in. We had a short discussion. Their was tears. Then their was kissing followed by some very very very loud sex.

It was 6 pm before we came out of the room. Grell was sat in front of the fire cuddled up to Ronald under a blanket. The Undertaker had apparently come round and was sat reading on the sofa. It was like a family tabloid. I see all these people as my family. Will sat next to Undertaker on the couch and I sat on his lap. The couch is only a 2 seater so only 2 are meant to be on it, but Will doesn’t mind me on his lap. The room was in silence for a while.
“You got another note” Undertaker spoke, breaking the silence. I let out a sigh as he told us what it was. They were going to have to sacrifice me before the demons start to invade reaper households. My eyes closed as I started to feel sick.
“Well we aren’t going to give her up” Will said and his grip around my waist tightened slightly. 
“We could never do that” Grell spoke up. I close my eyes. 
“They give you 8 weeks to decide.” Undertaker said though it was clear already that the decision was no. 

8 weeks went by very fast. I felt myself getting sicker as it drew to a close, but I don’t think I was nervous. I skipped a couple of periods. At first when I missed the first one I thought it was because of stress but when the second one was supposed to come and didn’t, I had another idea. That morning I ran to a mirror and saw that my theory was correct. My stomach had grown slightly, my breasts were bigger but also very tender. Words cannot explain how quickly I had ran to Will to wake him up. He looked at me and smiled, bidding me good morning. 
“Will I’m pregnant” I said rather loudly. He sat up and looked at me.
“You sure?” he asked. I nodded then he grabbed me and pulled me into a tight embrace before kissing me all over my face.

The morning seemed happy until the demons broke into the house. They captured all of us and threw us in cells. That was the last time I saw Will in months. The last time I saw Ronald and Grell as well. The baby was forming, so Claude looked after me. I don’t know well the others were looked after. 
“Hows the baby?” Claude asked stroking my stomach. I didn’t want to answer. Claude has claimed the baby as his own even though it isn’t.
“Still not yours” I spat at him. He slapped my face. I had black eyes and bruises from every time he hit me. I’m refusing everything because the baby is Will’s and I am Will’s. He continued to rub my stomach.
“I bet you can’t wait for it to come out.” I didn’t understand what he meant by that, but later on I did.