A beautiful creature- Chapter 3

The day has been ordinary. We went to college, went shopping, and now we are at my house. By ‘We’ I mean Clara and me. U am practicing my flute while Clara sings. She has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. She always gets the main parts in musicals. I refuse to play my flute around anyone other than Clara because I taught myself and I don’t think I am very good at playing it. I start to play twinkle twinkle little star while Clara sings it. It is such an easy song to play, it is the first song I learned. Just because it is my first song, doesn’t mean it is my favorite though.

Part way through the song Clara stopped singing, which ruined the flow of my playing and made me mess up so I have to stop. I glared at her upset.
‘What the hell Clara?’ I asked her. I was slightly annoyed. She looked at her phone.
‘The date is tonight’ she told me. My eyes widened in shock. She looked back a her phone.
‘Clara, I can’t go on a date tonight! I have no clothes worthy of a date, and the roots are showing so I need to redye my hair.’ I protested. Like I said before though, Clara doesn’t take no for an answer.
‘It is only 5:30, the date isn’t until 8. I can take you shopping, get you back and get you perfect on time. I promise you, this date will be a good one.’ She announced. The only thing I could do was nod. I placed my flute on my bed before she was dragging me out of the front door. I hope she is right and this date is a good one.

Shop after shop. I still haven’t found an outfit for my date. Why didn’t Clara tell me sooner about the date being tonight? I could have already gotten an outfit.
‘Will I have time to dye my hair before the date?’ I asked. She looked at her phone.
‘Do you have the dye already?’ She asked me in return. A nod was my answer. It was a bright purple hair dye. The last colour I went was red. I am slowly going through the rainbow of hair dye colours.
‘Buy any dress you like, Were strict on time right now!’ She demanded and dragged me to the nearest dress rack for me to choose one. I grabbed what I thought was a very nice dress but Clara shook her head and threw it back on the pile. Grabbing another she looked at the time. ‘This one will do nicely.’ She told me and paid for it. I didn’t even get a choice of whether I wanted it or not.

I got to look at the outfit when we got home. It was a knee length purple dress that flowed nicely and it had long sleeves. Clara had brought some black heels from her house for me to borrow because we have the same sized shoes. Believe it or not I am excited for tonight, even if it is a blind date and I probably won’t even like the guy that I have been set up with.