A shattered soul (William x reader)- Chapter 24 and 25

Chapter 24

That was the worst pain I had ever felt. He gave me no warning, no anesthetic or anything he just started to cut into me. There was definitely screams from me, and loud ones at that. The pain wasn’t just where he was cutting, it was everywhere around the area to. I wasn’t happy that he did it, but the result was okay I guess. He handed me a small little baby girl, who was screaming and crying her eyes out. I held it close to me, but my stomach still hurt. Claude hadn’t stitched it up yet and I was bleeding out.

(Will’s point of view)

At least they put me with Grell and Ronald. I don’t think Grell would have managed on her own. Where is (y/n) though? Is she on her own? They have been torturing us and you can tell they have. We have barely eaten or slept. Our bodies are covered in cuts which are not healing because when they start to heal they cut us again. Every scream I hear is male. You can hear screams around every part of this building if it is loud enough. I’ve only heard male ones, which gives me hope that they aren’t hurting (y/n).

I heard a female scream and that made me rush to the bars of the cell. The scream lasted a good hour and I couldn’t get out of the cell. I tried and I tried but I couldn’t get out. Grell and Ronald grabbed me otherwise the guard would have given me a beating.
“That was (Y/n)” I said, worry clear in my voice.
“We know Will, we know. But that is good. It means she is still alive.” Grell spoke softly.
“Or the scream means shes now dead” Ronald said but Grell punched him in the face. Ronald’s sentence puts me more into panic. She better be alive or I swear ill send that demon scum somewhere he will never return from. Some guard went to the bars carrying chains.
“You are all needed” the main one says and unlocks the cell door and chaining us.

They took us to a room. There was blood all over the floor and a white curtain. Some faint cries came from behind the curtain. The demon, Claude Faustus, stood in front of it.
“Kneel” He said. I obliged because I have a feeling (Y/n) is behind the curtain. Once I kneeled Grell and Ronald copied. “I’m gonna let you see my prize.” He said and he opened the curtain. A very pale (y/n) was behind it. Her eyes were closed and she was bleeding from her stomach. In her arms was a small baby whimpering. I stood up at the sight.
“(Y/N)!!!” I shouted and started to run to her only to be kicked to the ground by the demon.
“I didn’t say you could stand up.”
“But shes not awake and pale. Please just let me make sure she is alright” I begged.He looked at her like he hadn’t realized she wasn’t conscious.
“Fine, but don’t touch my child” He allowed me to help her. We all ran up to her. I wanted to shout at him that the child was mine. I wanted to hurt him so much, but I have to keep my cool collected manner right now- even though inside I’m hurting.

I held the baby, even though I was told not to, while Grell and Ronald helped (Y/n). The baby had mainly her face but I recognized parts of myself in her too. Grell was sewing (y/n) up as quick as possible. Ronald made sure she was breathing. Ronald stiffened and stopped Grell. Grell checked her pulse then she stiffened too. I started to get worried and they looked at me. Tears threatened to come out of Grell’s eyes.

“I’m so sorry Will” They escaped as she spoke. My eyes widened and I placed my head on her chest. No heart beat. I handed Ronald the child and started to give her CPR but Grell stopped me. “She’s been gone for a while darling. We are too late.” For once I couldn’t hide my emotions. I fell to the floor crying so hard it hurt my head. Anger took over and I picked up the closest thing to me and attacked Claude. He didn’t seem to do much fighting. I think he was in shock that (y/n) was…dead. Yeah well now he was dead.
“We should bury her” I announced. The other two agreed. We broke the chains off our wrists and I picked her up with her head hanging down. Tears in my eyes. I picked her up and carried her out of the building. We took her to a field, which is next to head quarters. Grell had rushed to undertaker’s parlor and within an hour he had arrived and dug us a grave and we laid her in a coffin him and Grell carried. She looked peaceful, like she was asleep. I wish she were only asleep. The baby in Ronald’s arms cried.

“What are we going to name her?” Ronald asked as we finished the small ceremony for (y/n). I forgot we had to name the baby still.
“Yes Will, what are you going to name her?” Grell asked me. I took the child and held it close to me.
“(y/n)” I spoke. “Her name will be (y/n) and she will be a strong, beautiful woman, just like her mother.” Grell nodded and kissed my head. I said my final goodbyes to my lover, my girlfriend, the other half of my soul. I cannot live without my soul and now it is shattered.

Chapter 25

William looked over at the human world. All of them happy people living there lives. A sigh escaped from his mouth, not to be missed by the one person he didn’t want to be around right now, Grell. Grell was his partner for this job, which didn’t excite him very much.
“You miss her don’t you?” Grell asked. For once in her life, Grell was almost quite. William didn’t respond, he just kept looking at the city. “I know I do. I don’t know how your managing” William looked at the red haired lady. He had to admit that he wasn’t doing well at all. She was the one person that made him smile, actually smile. It hit him hard when she went. William felt a lump grow in his throat. He turned away from the human world. This was his first job in the field he had been on since it happened. He was scared to go on this job, and he had every right to be. He couldn’t save her. As much as he tried he couldn’t save her. The worst bit wasn’t even her dying, it was the fact that he didn’t die along side her. It was too soon and she was too young. Of course William blames his self, even with all the reassurance that it wasn’t his fault. That’s the thing though isn’t it, you often do blame yourself when you lose someone close to you. Her smile and face haunts his mind. Oh the pain it caused him now. But to think, before she died William had felt true happiness for the first time. She gave him the happiness only for it to be ripped from him.

The baby (y/n) had been left in the care of Undertaker, which didn’t excite Will very much. They jumped down together to collect the soul of an infant and her mother. Will shook as he walked into the room with the dying woman and her dying baby. He held his breath not wanting to show much weakness. Grell just let the weakness show and started to ball her eyes out. They collected the soul not speaking at all then headed back to the Undertaker’s parlor. Ronald had returned from his reap as well and when he noticed Grell he hugged her tight while she carried on to let everything out.
“What was your job?” Ronald asked. Will didn’t answer. Not because he didn’t want to, but because he couldn’t. He stayed quiet and went to baby (y/n) in a tiny coffin asleep. He held his finger near her hand and her tiny fingers wrapped around his. Her face was definitely more like (y/n)’s than Will’s, which is something he was glad of. He was glad baby (Y/n) was going to grow up looking like (y/n).

(y/n) woke up and cried so Will picked her up and rocked her. He hummed to her only to find Grell and Ronald watching him, that didn’t stop him though. It also didn’t stop him from crying.

“Close your eyes on Hushabye mountain-” Grell started to sing which startled Will. “wave good-bye to cares of the day. And watch your boat from Hushabye mountain sail far away from lullaby bay.” Will mouthed to her ‘thank you’ as baby (y/n) slept.
“Will, when was the last time you slept?” Grell asked and rubbed his back.
“That doesn’t matter” Will answered. “Besides I am back in the office tomorrow.”
“Then sleep” Ronald spoke. Will shook his head.
“How can I sleep? She isn’t there” He let out some well held back tears. Grell was there to wipe them away.
“Will she is always here” Grell spoke and kissed his head.
“I ¬†want to go to her grave” Will said boldly through his tears. Grell nodded.
“Ill take you.”

He knelt at her grave and just let the tears fall.
“I love you (y/n) (l/n). I love you and I always will”