A demon from heaven (Sebastian x reader)- Chapter 2: Kittens

So you were staying at the Phantomhive Manor. Your mistress, Lady Lillian, didn’t want to leave so you have been here a week. Its like she’s moved in. You quite like the staff though. Mey-Rin was your favourite because she was the only girl in the house hold, other than malady. You and Mey chatted a lot. You loved the staff a lot, they were a lot of fun, but also a lot of hassle. Sebastian watched you as you ran around after them, trying desperately to stop them destroying the place. You stopped, noticing that Sebastian was watching you.
“ya know you could help, you’ve known these people longer, you know how they are” You looked at him pouting.
“I have my own work” he said still watching you.
“so do I… If you have work, get to it instead of staring at me”
“right, my apologies.” He bowed and then his attention was caught by a cat on the windowsill.

The cat looked at Sebastian as he picked it up.
“such beautiful soft black fur, and them green eyes, so beautiful. And the soft pink pads on your feet” Sebastian spoke as it touched it.
“You like cats?”  You asked and stroked the cats head, making it purr.
“They are so beautiful”  he replied.
“Do you have a pet cat?” You asked the Demon. He shook his head and you giggled. “We will have to fix that” You smiled.

“(y/n)!” A voice called. It was Lady Lillian. You turned towards her as she came around the corner. She saw you with Sebastian and giggled.
“Yes malady?” You curtseed.
“we are staying a while longer. Me and Ciel have a lot more business to attend to” She spoke with her lovely voice. You nodded and she turned away. She raised her hand signifying you to follow. She kept her back straight and her head high, what a proper young lady she is. You followed her and she pushed you to the wall, catching you by surprise.
“Malady?” You asked looking at her with your crimson eyes.
“Do have fun (y/n),” She released you “I can see you are getting on with the butler, I like it when my maid is happy” she giggled and walked off.

You went out into town. You had a plan. Your mistress is right, You have been getting on with the butler, more than you had anticipated. Hes different. Hes a Demon. Hes just like you. In the town you met many different types of people, but you were trying to find a certain shop. You wanted to buy Sebastian a present, but you didn’t want Lady Lillian to find out you went to get him it, or she would get the wrong idea. You found the shop and walked in. It was a pet shop. There were many different animals in many different shapes and sizes.  You would have bought any one of them if the pet was for yourself, but it wasn’t so you couldn’t. You made your way towards the back of the shop, to were the cats were. There was a black cat with a load of black kittens. Truely adorable.
“Aren’t they cute” the shop owner said. She was a short woman with brown curly hair, which was tied into a knot on the back of her head, but she left some strands out to frame her face.
“yeah they are.” You spoke.
“She gave birth to them about 4 weeks ago, but people don’t want pets now a days. Can’t afford them” the woman told you.
“may I have one. My friend loves cats and I wanted to get him a gift” You smiled and pet the kittens. The lady chuckled.
“is he just a friend?” she asked and you nodded. “Take which ever one you like. They are only 3 pennies”  You looked at the kittens and found the one with the softest pink pads on the bottom of its feet. You bought it and put it in a basket smiling.
“thank you” You spoke and the woman smiled.
“No problem, I bet your friend will love you for this” she said. You blushed. It was only small, but being a Demon,  you were pale so it could be spotted easily. The woman giggled as you left the shop, having also bought some food.

You came back to the manor with a smile on your face.
“Oh (y/n), there you are!” Mey-Rin yelled smiling. Bard and Finny came running behind her.
“Where have you been? We were worried” Finny smiled.
“I just went out to get Sebastian a present” You smiled back. They ooed and smirked.
“Do you like Sebastian then?” Bard asked.
“What did you get him?” Finny asked.
“Did you get anyone else something?” Mey asked. They all fired questions at you quickly.
“um ok. Bard… maybe. Finny a kitten and Mey no i had no money left, i didn’t think the cat would be so expensive” You smiled. The cat meowed and popped its head out of the basket.
“awwwe” they all said.
“now if you excuse me, i have to find Sebastian” You skipped passed them calling for Sebastian.

“(y/n)”Sebastian looked at you with his crimson eyes.
“I got you a gift” You said smiling. Your eyes showed the happiness and excitement of what you was about to do. You handed him the basket and he looked in it. He gasped and picked the kitten up out of the basket and started to stroke it.
“I hope this didn’t cost you too much” he said seriously.
“only 3 pennies, but is worth it for you” you smiled and him and he hugged you.
“you sure your a demon?” he laughed and you giggled.
“What you gonna name him?”

“oh um Felix” you smiled at his response. He hugged you again.
“Your like a demon from heaven” you smiled.