A demon from heaven (Sebastian x reader)- Chapter 3: Ball at the Phantomhive manor

“Malady, can i ask how long you plan on staying here?” You ask her as you get her into her day gown.
“Do you not like it here (y/n)? I thought you liked it here” she spoke looking at you.
“No i do, i just…Never mind” You finished getting her ready before Sebastian walked in.
“maladies.” He bowed, “my lord would like to invited you to a ball tonight.”
“Both of us?” You asked wondering if you can go, and not as a serving maid.
“yes” Sebastian said and then bowed before leaving. You smiled and looked back at Lady Lillian. Lillian has a smirk on her face.
“Sebastian might ask you to dance with him”She teased. You sighed.
“I don’t like him like that” You said blushing.
“yeah right” she giggled and walked out leaving you in your flushed state.

You sat with Sebastian’s kitten, Felix, smiling. The little cat was laid on your lap snuggling up to you. You poked his black ears,ever so slightly, so they twitched, and giggled. Finny walked up to you.
“The little kitty likes you” He said smiling. You stroked the kitten.
“I like him” you smiled and stroked its tail.
“Sebastian likes you” Finny said making you blush, “especially since you got him Felix.”
“Yeah. ok” You said blushing.
“Are you going to the ball tonight? If you want i can try and find out if Sebastian will dance with you” Finny smiled. He’s such a sweet boy.
“Wont he be working?” you asked back. Finny nods and looks at you before telling you that he’ll have a chance to dance. You agreed to him finding out if Sebastian wants to dance and he left smiling.

*times skip brought to you from Grell’s Death Scythe*

You stood at the ball. You were all done up because Lady Lillian didn’t want you going and looking like a maid. You wanted to protest but she said you wouldn’t be working tonight and she wanted you to get closer to Sebastian. ‘Why does everyone think me and Sebastian like each other like that?’ You thought as you stood around at the edge of the ballroom. Sebastian was looking at you from the other side of the ballroom, and as the music changed he started to walk towards you. Suddenly a face popped between your stare at Sebastian.
“Such beauty, your like a shooting star flying across the sky to never be seen again” A guy started rambling about your beauty.
“Thanks… i think” you said back to him raising an eyebrow. He takes your hand and dances with you. You look really uncomfortably then look at Sebastian sadly.
“Oh the way you dance. Your like a rose falling into water and then causing ripples” Druitt said in a very melodramatic fashion.
“Right, excuse me” you said and started to walk towards Sebastian again, but then a flamboyant man that had long red hair and a red coat got in the way and attached himself to Sebastian. He was very loud.

You looked at the guy flirting with Sebastian and you wanted to cry. Your blood boiled and you walked up to them. Ciel asked if you wanted to dance and you denied him, you were in a strange state of mind. You were… Jealous? You can’t be jealous, that will mean that everyone was right and you like him. You reached them and heard Sebastian telling the man to get off.
“(y/n)” Sebastian said and smiled lightly. He threw man in red off of him and took your hand. “Would you care to dance?”
“I would love to dance, Sebastian” You smiled at him. The music changed into a slower song. You felt like a princess dancing with Sebastian. The guy in red looked annoyed at you, as if you had just ripped his heart out. You stared at Sebastian’s chest and he pulled you into an embrace, resting his head on yours.
“So who’s the guy in red?” you asked him as he danced with you on his chest.
“Hes a reaper called Grell Sutcliff, hes rather a nuisance” Sebastian explains.
“Oh” was all you could say. You felt warm in Sebastian’s arms, safe. Your face was flushed red as the song ended and he pulled away.
“I’m afraid I have work to do” he kissed your forehead and walking away, leaving you looking rather sad.

That was when the reaper grabbed your hand and started to dance with you. You felt really awkward dancing with him. He kept asking questions like ‘how do you get him to like you?’ and ‘are you trying to steal my bassy?’ You didn’t answer him, which made him annoyed. He threw you at the wall and looked at him.
“Wanna make him jealous?” He asked. You could have easily thrown him off of you, but you didn’t want to make a scene.
“Why?” you asked the reaper, “for what point?”
“Oh you know, because you wanna get into his pants as much as I do” He smirked. You looked away blushing.
“How do you propose we make him jealous?” He turned your head to face him and kissed you. You blushed and saw Sebastian looking so you kissed back. You get it. So Grell has a huge crush on Sebastian and you are apparently stood in the way of that love. To Grell, you are a rival/enemy. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. He wasn’t only kissing you to make Sebastian jealous, he was bringing you closer. Well he was until he got ripped off of you by…