A demon from heaven (Sebastian x reader)- Chapter 4: Embarrassment

Grell was grabbed and pulled off of you by Sebastian. He did not look happy. He rose Grell into the air and threw him across the room.
“Are you alright malady?’ He asked. you were too in shock to speak. you wanted to but the words wouldn’t come out. Sebastian sighed and turned back to Grell. “How dare you touch her like that!” Sebastian snapped, getting rather protective over you.
“My my Bassy, it was only a kiss.” Grell chuckled.
“She’s not yours to kiss” Sebastian punched Grell.
“What is the meaning of this?” Ciel asked. The party was all quiet and was trying to see what was happening.
“My lord, Grell kissed me” you answered Ciel’s question.
“If there’s gonna be a fight, please take it outside, if not I recommend you forget about it and not disturb the ball again” Ciel said in a serious tone.

Sebastian took you to another room to make sure you was alright. He realised you were in shock about what happened, so didn’t question you on it. He just took you to your room, sat you on your bed and held you close to him. He didn’t want to make you feel pressured or compelled to answer questions, not in your state. However, he did ask Grell why he kissed you. Grell just chuckled and walked away blushing. it’s like he enjoyed kissing you. Well to be honest, Grell wasn’t a bad kisser himself, but he was just a little bit inexperienced. Probably because he tries to get with guys like Sebastian, good looking and don’t like him. Maybe if he found someone who admired him or even liked him in the slightest, he would have a chance. However if he kept trying for Sebastian, he wouldn’t have a chance. You were some what relieved that he didn’t have a chance with Sebastian, but you didn’t know why.

*Time skip brought to you by Sebastian’s kitten*

You woke up and nearly wet yourself. You were still in Sebastian’s arms and he was asleep. Did you not go back to the ball? What will people think about this? Ciel’s voice could be heard faintly throughout the mansion, and Sebastian’s eyes shot open. They were pink, like demon eyes go when they get an order. He got up, completely ignoring the face he was in your room with you, and walked out the door, only to walk back in and look at you.
“Your master wants you, go!” You said smiling. He walked out and didn’t return. You sighed “What will people think?”

You walked out and to your mistresses room. she sat up when you walked in and smiled.
“How was your night malady?” You asked.
“oh it was wonderful, but not as good as yours. You danced very close with Sebastian and then got kissed by a reaper only to get Sebastian to get protective over you like he has marked you as his own, then you vanish with him and don’t come back” Lillian giggled. Shes been in such a good mood since she came here. Maybe you will talk to Sebastian and Ciel about moving here. You’ll be close to Sebastian forever then. ‘stop thinking like that (y/n), you don’t like him like that.’ You started to get Lady Lillian changed out of her nightware, which she either got Mey-Rin to help her with or she did it herself because it was on awfully. You had decided on a blue dress for your lady today. It was such a nice day. When you started to get changed there was a knock at the door.
“Malady, are you decent?” Sebastian’s voice said. You weren’t but Lady Lillian was.
“Yes I am, come in Sebastian.” You started to panic and grabbed stuff to cover yourself up when the door opened. Failure. Sebastian walked in with you standing there, holding a gown to cover yourself but you was failing miserably. You glared at your mistress. Your face was red and Sebastian looked at you before covering his eyes and a bit of blood dripped out from his nose.
“I thought you said I could come in” Sebastian spoke, trying to be a gentleman.
“Well I am decent” Lillian giggled.
“Yes but miss (y/n) isn’t” Sebastian said. He left breakfast for Lady Lillain on a tray and walked out without looking at you at all.

“Why did you do that?” You asked Lillian. She smiled at you.
“Well you see, now you know if he likes you” You wanted to strangle her there and then. she embarrassed you in front of the guy you like. Wait no. The guy you don’t like.
“How would that in anyway say he likes me?” You ask, veins popping out of your forehead.
“Well 1) his nose bled. That shows he liked what he saw and wants to see it again. 2) He covered his eyes showing that he’s to polite to keep looking. 3) He started to get protective over you again and 4) He left quickly showing he’s a gentleman” She explained. The blush coming back onto your face again.
“1) any guys nose would bleed when they saw a beautiful girls breasts, 2) covering his eyes does show he’s polite but it doesn’t say he likes me. 3) He didn’t. 4) being a gentleman doesn’t show he likes me” Lillian giggled at your response.
“Well he does like you. Hes extremely protective over you. He spent the night with you. He saved you from that God aweful reaper. Why is it the only person who cant see you like each other is you?” You growled a little and got dressed before walking out of her room, slamming the door behind you. How dare she do this to you? How dare she embarrass you? Who does she think she is? If she wanted to she could just order you to go tell Sebastian you like him (even though you dont). Why does she insist on making you make a fool of yourself?