A demon from heaven (Sebastian x reader)- Chapter 5: Grell

Sebastian’s POV

Today’s schedule:
-Dress the master
-Give My lord and Lady breakfast
-start preparing lunch
-Make sure the servants dont break anything
-serve lunch
-Take my lord to his dance class
-Talk to (y/n)
-Food for tea
-get my lord ready for bed
-talk to (y/n)

Or that what it was supposed to be. I have been totally thrown off guard from walking in on (y/n) while she stood there barely clothed, desperately trying to cover herself up. I wont say i didn’t like it, but i must respect her boundaries, after all if i wasn’t a gentleman then what sort of a butler would i be. Right so next on my list is… errmmm. Oh god I can’t remember. I have failed as a butler. Right ummmm. Preparing lunch i think.

Normal POV:

You went to the kitchen to see Bard. You thought maybe you could help him prepare lunch for your lord and Lady. When you got there, Sebastian was talking to Bard (who had just blown up the kitchen). Sebastian turned around to leave and saw you in the door way. He froze and started to have a nose bleed. A blush rose on your cheeks.
“Is there something I should know?” Bard asked smirking at the two of us.
“No” you said and poked Sebastian to get him out of his frozen state. He shook his head and left.
“So what happened?” Bard asked poking your cheek. You shook your head telling him nothing. “yeah right, Sebastian doesn’t just freeze and get a nose bleed normally you know.”
“No you have the wrong idea. Its lady Lillian’s fault. Sebastian came to give her breakfast, and she let him in even though i was getting dressed” You explained.
“He saw you naked?” Bard asked he looked you up and down and his nose started to bleed as he tried to imagine what Sebastian saw. He soon stopped when you slapped him hard across the face, nearly breaking his jaw. He rubbed his face. “Okay sorry” he said. You smiled and helped him prepare a meal.

You stood in the ball room looking at the wall where Grell kissed you.
“You thinking about the kiss?” A flamboyant voice said.
“No i was thinking about Sebastian’s reaction to the kiss” you spoke, “Why are you here Grell?”
“I came to spy on a certain girl” He laughed. He walked towards you. “Your a Demon aren’t you? Demons always get involved.”
“So what?” You said crossing your arms. “This Demon can kick your ass if you don’t tell me what your here for”
“Just thinking about the kiss. I’m sorry about it, can we start again?” Grell asked.
“I kissed back. Just remember that Grell.” You looked at the reaper “But your wrong, I don’t wanna get into Sebastian’s pants.”
“Oh but he wants to get into yours. He really likes you, I’ve never seen him act in such a Manor without being ordered to.” Grell explained you looked down “oh so you do like him back.”
“Grell please leave” you spoke quietly. Grell’s jaw dropped.
“so it is true. Just to let you know now. Bassy is a gorgeous man, who deserves so much better than you”
“oh so you don’t mean yourself. Okay then” you smirked.
“This isn’t over!” Grell said angrily and walked out.

You stood in the center of the room. Music started to play and someone grabbed your hand.
“May I have this dance?” Sebastian smiled.
“You may” You said and smiled back. Ciel was sat on a chair watching you and Sebastian dance. You felt like a princess when ever you danced with Sebastian. You loved that feeling. “Your a Demon from heaven” You whispered to Sebastian, repeating his words to you.
“You two are cute together” a girls voice said. It was high pitched and rather annoying. “Is this your girlfriend Sebastian?” she asked.
“No” Sebastian said. You looked down.
“Oh well, I think you two would be perfect together. So cute!” He voice was bursting your ear drums.
“Elizabeth, you can’t force them. They must realise this in there own time” Ciel said.
“Yes I mean we’ve already established that Sebastian likes her. Now we need to get her to convince that she likes him” Lady Lillian said sitting down.
“Excuse me” you said and curtseed. You walked out and sat by the door. Life is getting difficult. You only met Sebastian about 2 weeks ago and now everyone is trying to hook the two of you up. Your a Demon, you don’t even believe in love. Why should Sebastian love you anyway? Your nothing but a serving girl… Demon.

You cleaned the dishes after lunch. Sebastian offered to help but you denied. You just wanted to be alone for a while. Your eyes went pink when you heard Lillian yell for help. You ran to her and Grell was backing her into a corner with a strange machine, which you gathered was his death scythe. You kicked it out of his hand before kicking him in the face. Grell growled and picked up his death scythe again. He took a swing at you, which you easily dodged. He swung down and you caught it between your hands. You twisted and broke the weapon out of his grip. You grabbed him by his shirt and lift him into the air.
“Why did you try and harm my mistress?” You said angrily, eyes glowing pink still.
“She’s due to die.” Grell said sounding innocently “I’m just doing my job.”
“My mistress’s soul is counted for ” You threw the reaper across the room. Sebastian was at the over side of the room and picked up Grell. He went picked up the weapon and took Grell out of the room. Thank God for that.