A demon from heaven (Sebastian x reader)- Chapter 6: Finally…

“London bridge is falling down,falling down, falling down, London bridge is falling down My fair lady” You sung. You were sat on your bed looking out of the window, while braiding your hair. You were way to relaxed. You didn’t hear the person walk into your room and you were facing away from the door. You felt a dip in the bed and shot around only to be pinned down onto the bed. You looked up at the person who had you pinned. You tried to move your arms, but struggled. Definitely a demon.
“So your the one that Sebastian likes. Well.” The person moved to your ear, “I tend to like to take things from him” he whispered. You growled and kneed him where it counts. He may be demon, but that still hurts, just not for long. You threw him off of you and ran down the halls, even though you were in you night ware. You looked back a little and saw him right behind you. He made a reach for you and you fell with him on top of you. You let out a scream and saw your life flash before your eyes. He put his hand over your mouth to shut you up. “Don’t be screaming, I hate screams, especially since now Sebastian is going to know something is up.” You bit a chunk out of his hand and spat it out.
“SEBASTIAN!” You yelled at the top of your lungs. The demon looked quite annoyed at you.

“What do you think your doing?” Sebastian asked the demon. You bent your head back to look at him. The demon looked at you and started to kiss your neck, seeing that you had bent your head back. “Get off of her!” Sebastian ordered.
“Oh good. I got the right one” He smirked and picked you up by the throat. You kicked his stomach, making him grunt, but he didn’t let go. “Like I said, i take a lot from Sebastian.” He spoke to you. Sebastian readjusted his gloves and punched the demon flying, making you fall to the ground. He helped you up. Only to drop you again as he caught a golden knife which was coming towards your head. He pulled out three silver knives from his pocket and threw them at the demon. The fight commenced. They were fighting over you. That was the hardest part. You grabbed onto Sebastian.
“Please stop fighting” You begged. He looked at you.
“As you wish milady” You smiled at him. He kicked the demon out of a window and then looked at you. You adjusted his tie, that had come loose and then pulled him down to your level with it and planted your lips onto his, kissing him. The kiss was passionate and loving. Sebastian didn’t expect you to kiss you but soon kissed back. You pulled away and looked at him with your mouth gaped open.

Your face soon turned red realizing that you had just kissed Sebastian. ‘I guess there’s no denying it now’ You thought and mentally face-palmed. Sebastian had a soft smile on his face. He let out a happy sigh.
“I wont tell anyone, if you wanna keep it private” He said.
“I want it to be private, yes” You said and smiled looking at him. He bowed.
“As you wish” he said and walked away. You went to your room. You locked your door and window and laid in your bed. It was late and you just wanted to sleep. So many questions going through your head. Who was that demon? Did you really just kiss Sebastian? Does this mean that your with him now? How long will it say secret? Do you even love Sebastian?

*Time skip brought to you by mid after noon tea*

You went to the garden. You didn’t feel much like working today, not after what happened last night, but you knew you had to help your lady. You sighed. You had a bruise on your neck from where the demon picked you up last night.
“Hello (y/n)” Finny said smiling. He was ready to do the garden, but then there you were.
“Hi Finny” You smiled back at him. He noticed the bruise and inspected it.
“Are you alright? What happened?” He asked you.
“I was attacked last night” you said and he started to panic for you “But I’m fine, I can take care of myself.” Finny smiled and agreed with you. Sebastian walked out to you and sat next to you. He saw the bruise and didn’t seem happy about it, but he just shrugged it off. Mey-Rin walked out and so did Bard and Tanaka. You all sat together and you smiled. Mey-Rin sat extremely close to you so you had to move up a bit, which brought you closer to Sebastian.

“Its fun to be a servant some times” Bard said smiling and he laid back.
“You got that right, yes you do” Mey-Rin said and laid back also. You stood up.
“I need to talk to Sebastian about something” you said and looked at him before walking away to a private spot. Sebastian followed.
“Do you recon they’ve gone off to kiss or something?” Finny asked.
“Definitely” Bard answered. Meanwhile you were with Sebastian, hidden from the world. You hugged him and he hugged back.
“Whats the matter?” he asked.
“It’s just, I don’t know how long Lady Lillian plans on staying so im scared that now i have you, im going to lose you” You said wanting to cry. He lifted your head up to look at him and kissed you. You kissed back. He slipped his tongue into your mouth, with your permission, and it soon turned into a full on make out session. You loved every moment of it. You were sad when it ended.
“You will never lose me” he said and smiled. You blushed and nodded.
“You really are a demon from heaven” you giggled.
“No my love, that is you” he smiled.