A demon from heaven (Sebastian x reader)- Chapter 7: a drunk (y/n)

“(y/n) where have you been today? I was worried!” Lady Lillian asked and hugged you.
“I’m sorry malady. I had a rough night and I just needed some space.” You answered.
“yeah with Sebastian” Bard said as he passed with some ingredients for a meal. That made Lillian smirk.
“Leave her alone Bard, she did get attacked last night”  Finny said following behind. That took the smirk off of her face.
“What was it that attacked you?” Lillian asked, knowing that if it was anything inferior to your species then you could have easily taken them on
“Demon. I was talking to Sebastian about it. His name is Claude Faustus and he isn’t any good. He murdered his master and tried to eat Ciel’s soul” You told her. Lillian nodded and then spoke to you about it.

“So anyway, you and Sebastian apparently vanished again. What did you get up to?” Lillian asked.
“They kissed” Mey-Rin said walking by with some plates.
“Did not!” You protested almost immediately, which was too fast.
“oh you so did” Lillian said. You walked away shaking your head. “She so did” Lillian told Mey-Rin. She nodded.

Sebastian’s POV:
“Yes my lord?”  I asked walking into his office and bowing.
“Sebastian, what do you think of Lady Lillian?” Ciel said looking out of the window.  I looked at him curiously.
“Well I think shes a fine young lady.” I answered. I wasn’t expecting his response. It was so out of character.
“Your not just saying that because you like her maid are you? That’s really unprofessional.” He said, totally taking me off guard.
“No i am not My lord. A demon cannot lie, you know that” I told him. He nods.
“But you are interested in her?” Ciel asked. I was really curious as to why he was asking me this.
“Yes my lord, I have feelings towards the maid.” I bowed when he looked at me, “Might I ask why you are asking me this master? Are you showing compassion?”
“No i am not showing compassion” he answered, “I was only curious because Elizabeth asked.” A smirk rose on my face.
“Have you any more questions my lord?” I asked.
“Does she feel the same way? Shes trying to hide it apparently but no one believes it. Is it true? and if so what have you done about it?” Ciel asked.
“Yes my lord, she does, but i am not under authority to tell you what I have done about it” I bowed, “Is lady Lillian making you ask me these things?” He shakes his head but i know the answer is yes. “well if you excuse me, i have a dinner to prepare” I bowed and turned away.
“Lillian is planning on leaving tomorrow.” Ciel said as i started to leave. I stopped and looked at him. “Make sure they are both happy and comfortable.” I bowed and said yes before leaving. ‘So (y/n) is leaving’ i thought as i headed to the kitchen.

*warning, a bit of fluff but no lemon, let me know if you want a lemon anytime in this story*

I walked there to see (y/n) rummaging through our wine rack, there was a load of empty bottles next to her and she was going for her next.
“(y/n), what on earth are you doing?” I asked. She was unaware of my presence as she grabbed a bottle of wine, pulled the cork out with her teeth and downed the full thing. She turned and looked at me.
“Oh Bassy! Sorry did you want some?” She asked, struggling to stand. Her speech was slurred and she was so very clearly drunk. I went up to her and took the bottle from her hand before holding her up right.
“(y/n), why have you done this to yourself?” I asked. She giggled and kissed me. I pushed her off, not wanting to take advantage of her while shes drunk.
“Oh come on Bassy, I know you wanna do it just as bad as i do!” she said and tripped me up, making us both crash onto the floor with a thud. “I want you to take me so bad!” she said and started to kiss me. The next thing I knew, she was unbuttoning my shirt and unbuckling my pants.
“please (y/n), not here” I said, making it sound like I was interested. I don’t get drunk girls much but I don’t want to upset her.
“Here is as good as… anything… i mean anywhere” She said and carried on. Her hand went down my pants and started to touch me there. My eyes widened and I pulled her hand out. I rolled us over so I was on top and she started to unbutton  her shirt. I pinned her hands to the floor by her head. “Oh so you want to do it, alright?” She said.

“I knew it” Baldroy laughed looking at us. I guess the secret is out. “But did you really have to do it in the kitchen” I sat up and dusted my hands off.
“oh please, if i wanted to do this, i would do it somewhere more private” i said closing my eyes, which was a mistake as (y/n) took advantage of her hands being free and they were back in my pants.
“She seems to be enjoying herself.” Bard laughed more.
“She is drunk” I stated, trying not to have Bard getting the wrong idea.
“Taking advantage of her while shes drunk, nice going Sebastian” He smiled, “Maybe ill leave you to it, or maybe ill go tell everyone, im not quite sure what yet.”
“I am not taking advantage of her, (y/n) will you please remove your hands from there” She started to rub it and I closed my eyes and picked her up. I buttoned up my shirt and fastened up my pants and belt. “I think its time for bed for you miss” I spoke seriously. Then I heard Bard laughing again. Mey-Rin and Finny where now in here. They were laughing because of the bulge i had in my pants now, but i couldn’t help it.  She had her hands there, it could not have been stopped. I put (y/n) to bed. She was probably only drinking because she heard the news about her leaving tomorrow. I did not expect her to react like that though.