A demon from heaven (Sebastian x reader)- Chapter 8: The secrets out

You woke up with a massive pain in your head and no memory of the previous night. All you remember is that your going home today. Well that’s what lady Lillian said. You sat up, but that just made your head hurt worse. You walked out of your room in your night gown. You went to the drawing room Lady Lillian was sat.
“Did I drink last night?” you asked.
“yes you did, rather heavily” Sebastian said. He was pushing a cart with food on it. You smiled at him.
“What happened?” you asked, everyone started to flood in.
“Bard saw the most” Finny said smiling at you.
“I walked in after hearing a crash and Sebastian was on top of you, You had your hand down his pants and were trying to make love to him, in the kitchen.” Bard told you. Blush spread to your cheeks.
“So do you like him like that?” Lady Lillian said.
“um. Is it an order? Do i have to tell you?” You asked and she nodded. “Yes i like him, me and him have been dating since the night I was attacked.” You said and everyone’s jaws dropped. Some claps erupted from the room and you felt so embarrassed.
“Prove it, Kiss Sebastian now. If you do so, we will stay” Lillian said. She knows your telling the truth. A demon cannot lie. Sebastian stood up and you looked at him. You went up to him and caressed his cheek before kissing him softly on the lips. He kissed back instantly and cheers erupted from the room.

The kiss felt like it lasted forever. You loved the feeling of his soft lips pressed up against yours as they move in sync. Your arms snaked around Sebastian’s neck and his went around your waist. His tongue glided across your bottom lip, asking for entrance, you allowed him access and then his tongue was roaming through your mouth.
“Alright you can stop now” Ciel said, you didn’t even realize he had entered. You pulled away but kept your face close to his. “That’s positively disgusting. Sebastian can you go make us some tea?”
“Yes my lord” he let go of you and bowed at Ciel before leaving.
“You forgot about us didn’t you” Lillian giggled you blushed.
“Yeah, I did sorry” you bowed. She burst out laughing, all shes done near you since we arrived is laugh and giggle.
“We asked you to kiss him, not tongue him” She spoke and the blush on your face grew more.
“I’m sorry” you ran out in embarrassment. ‘I guess the secret is out’ you thought as you ran down the halls.

Lady Lillian’s pov:

Oh so this is how you take control of the story. Hehe this is fun. So anyway, my name is Lady Lillian Sherington from the Sherington dress company, nice to meet you *bows*. I interrupted this story just to go over everything that I have just witnessed. First of all: I TOLD YOU ALL! I SAID THAT SHE LIKED HIM!!! im sorry for shouting. Its just i knew she liked him, the signs were all there, but lets rewind and see her response.
“i dont like him like that” she said. *laughs* She can not deny it any more, we’ve all seen her love for him. Her heart, it beats so fast for the fascinating, handsome butler. I don’t blame her at all. He is quite ravishing, however to old, for me at least. Well at least shes happy. That’s all I care about. I mean I have taken a liking to the Earl Phantomhive, during my stay here, however my betrothed with not be pleased about that. Best not to say anything. I wont tell you his name yet, hehe just beacuse… Spoilers!

*back to the story*

You sat with the kitten again. You had gotten into a habit of doing that, just playing with the kitten. You saw a red flash and then a hand went over your mouth.
“Hello darling” Grell said. You bit his hand and broke free.
“Don’t call me that. What do you even want Grell?” You asked.
“oh you know, passing by. A little birdy told me you and Sebastian are dating” You groan and sat back down to play with the kitten. “Is this how you got into his pants? A kitten? I should have tried that ages ago.” You looked up and grabbed Grell by his hair.
“I actually care for Sebastian. I aren’t just trying to get in his pants so shut up!” You had a seriously scary look in your eye. He just took this like you were flirting with him, after all the reaper can’t distinguish between love and pain.
“You don’t love people, you use them to make babies” Grell said and you smacked him so hard it sent him into next week.
“How did you even find out about this?”
“I told you a little birdy told me” he rubbed his now swollen red cheek.
“Who’s the little birdy?”
“How the F*** did he find out!?”
“I don’t know. Please don’t hit me again, your a lot stronger than Sebastian when your in a mood like this.”
“Just go away Grell!” You went back to the kitten as Grell ran for his life.