I will always come back (Tsukiyama x reader)- Chapter 1

Blood ripped from his face. For once it was his own blood and not a humans. It was enough to make me worried for him. He stood in the doorway barely able to stand. I rushed to him to stop him falling and to keep him upright. “Tsukiyama, what happened darling?” asked I, while helping him to a seat. I was scared he was going to pass out or die on me. “Ah, Mon chéri. Do not worry for me, I am fine.” He said in his gorgeously flamboyant French voice. “No, you’re not.” Before I knew it I was offering my shoulder out for him to bite. “Mon amour, I cannot bite you” he rejected me. “I will bite a stranger on the street.” “Tsukiyama, you can barely walk. Please. I don’t want to see you like this. I am offering it to you.” He looked at me. He was going to reject, I could tell, but pain seized over my body quickly as he bit down on the soft spot between my neck and shoulder. My eyes shut tight and tears filled my eyes. He kept biting over and over again. With every bite came a new wave of pain. “Tsukiyama, y-you can stop now” I called out in a weak voice. My eyes started to get heavy and I felt like I was going to pass out soon. He stopped biting when my body started to go limb. “(Y/n)?” He called out, but my eyes were closed. Oh mon Dieu! Don’t die! Please don’t die! This is why I didn’t want to bite you. My chéri, please answer me. Please be alright.” I opened my eyes weakly to see Tsukiyama’s face. A smile grew on my lips when I saw that his injuries were healed. “I-it worked.” I said. He held me close. “I will call you an ambulance and clean my face and this mess up quickly. I am sorry mon amour. I did not mean to damage you so.” He stood up and left the room muttering in French. It was not his fault, I let him bite me. I needed to heal him. Tsukiyama got cleaned up just in time for the ambulance to arrive. My face had a smile on it, even while in the ambulance. “What happened?” The paramedic asked me. I closed my eyes and lied through my teeth. I told him a ghoul attacked me. Not all ghouls are bad. They do what they have to do to survive. Just look at the ghouls that work at Anteiku, None of them even kill, they eat suicide victims. I know that Tsukiyama is a gourmet, so he does kill. However, that does not make him a bad person. He hasn’t killed me yet, and I am as human as they come. The only ghouls I would say are bad are the binge eaters and the S ranked ghouls that kill for sport. A ghoul can eat once a month and live a happy life- that is why I don’t understand binge eaters. Surely they are just doing it to cause trouble? I can’t explain it. Although, I know that gourmet ghouls are kind of like that as well. What I know of Tsukiyama, once every couple of weeks he gets one human to take part in his “games”. Though it is every two weeks, I hear that there are about one hundred ghouls who show up to that place and they share one person between them. Not really binge eating, barely even eating properly so it needs to be quite regular.

I had been day dreaming, so I hadn’t realized that we had arrived at the hospital and I was being treated. Tsukiyama was being questioned by a doctor. The doctor was probably asking about the ghoul that “attacked me”. Tsukiyama is a good liar; I just hope he says something that won’t get anybody in trouble. If I were him, I’d just say that I don’t know what happened. That would be easy right? But I doubt that Tsukiyama would say that. He is not a simple man- he likes everything to be interesting and larger than life. The doctor left him and walked into see me.
“Ma’am, can you tell me anything about the attack?” He asked me, “how did you escape?”
“I-I was walking to Tsukiyama’s and a ghoul in a half mask attacked me. I don’t think it was trying to kill me, more frighten me.” I answered. Inside I was screaming I made up an attack and called a ghoul an “It”. Ghouls are not “its” they are people. A nurse was looking at the injury.
“I think this is going to need stitches” the nurse spoke. The doctor agreed and the nurse went to go get the equipment for stitching.

The doctor felt he was not needed here for now and so left the room to go check on another patient. Tsukiyama took this opportunity to take my hand and sit next to me.
“I am sorry mon amour. I don’t see how we could work out any more.” I widened my eyes at this.
“Y-you’re breaking up with me?” asked I while being in shock. I don’t want him to leave me; he is all I have in the world.
“I have to my cheri. If I stay with you now I have had a taste of you, I may end up eating you while you sleep. I couldn’t live with myself knowing I killed such a beautiful, delicate flower.” He looked down. I shook my head and my eyes filled with tears.
“Please.” Was all I could say.
“I’ll come back once I know I can trust myself with you. I promise you that.” He kissed my hand and licked it then forced himself away from it. “I promise you I will be back when I can. Wait for me please mon amour.” With that he left me. Did I believe he would be back? I honestly don’t think I did. It is easy to understand why he left, but I didn’t want him to go.

Once the nurse got me stitched up and after spending the night in hospital, I was able to go home. I didn’t go home though; I went to Anteiku for help. The tears didn’t stop from last night when he left me and my head was pounding from too much crying. Touka was the first to notice me and ran to me, while yelling at Kaneki to get some coffee. She took me into the back and Kaneki brought me the coffee, I just stared at it.
“What happened?” Kaneki asked and I didn’t answer. He looked at Touka trying to get her to help but she never helped him.
“Did he do this to you?” She asked, referring to the stitched spot on my shoulder. I nodded in response.
“I let him” Said I, she didn’t seem please.
“He left you after that, didn’t he?” Touka asked and I didn’t answer again.
“Wait Tsukiyama left you?” Kaneki asked loudly. I looked up to see him getting annoyed (which is odd for Kaneki) it is usually Touka that gets annoyed and angry. Well I guess if one of your best friends gets heartbroken by someone who once tried to eat you; then you have a right to get annoyed. Touka shook her head at him, letting him know it’s not the time to get annoyed and he hugged me. “I am sorry (Y/n)” he said holding me close.
“He said he will come back. He will come back right?” I asked, praying that he was telling me the truth.
“He might, I mean he loves you to pieces, but I can’t promise you that he will.” Touka spoke. The “he might” gave me hope, but the “I can’t promise you” took the hope away instantly.

Touka dragged Kaneki out of the room to have a private conversation to him which I didn’t hear.
“What do we do Touka?” asked Kaneki in a voice which was a little over a whisper. She looked back in the room at me.
“All we can do is give her time. Heart break is a nasty piece of work. We will have to keep her away from Tsukiyama.” Touka said to him.
“But what if he does come back for her?”
“She can do better than that bastard anyway, and you know it!” She said a bit louder and I picked up on it in the room. That turned on my waterworks again. My heart literally felt like it was torn in half right now. I stood up holding my chest. It hurt so much. My stomach was doing flips, my head was spinning. I felt faint and dizzy and then there was darkness.

Kaneki ran back into the room to see me laid across the floor passed out and the floor was wet from me crying.
“(Y/n)!” he yelled and picked me up.
“Is she breathing?” Touka asked and Kaneki responded with ‘yes’. They blamed Tsukiyama for all of this; it was his fault because he broke my heart. A broken heart can kill you know. They banned him from going to Anteiku for the time being, until my chest stopped hurting and my heart stopped aching for him. To think he saved me. He always saves me. It is one of the reasons I love him. I wish, right now, that he hadn’t saved my life when my family where killed. If he hadn’t I’d be dead and my heart wouldn’t be aching. However, he did do the right thing.

When I woke up the next morning I was in a dressing gown and some of Touka’s pyjamas. Who changed me? It better not have been Kaneki or Nishiki. I hope it was Touka. Who am I kidding? I am in Touka’s pyjamas; of course it was her that changed me. Walking into the coffee shop, I got a smile from Nishiki. I tied my dressing gown quickly before he saw anything. He has always been jealous of Tsukiyama because he was dating me… even though he has Kimi. She is good for him- I would never be good for him. Maybe it is time to stop being near ghouls. I sat down and Kaneki brought my usual coffee to me.
“How are you feeling this morning?” He asked. I smiled up at him.
“Ready to go on the pull.” I was not ready for that, but I was not going to let Kaneki know that. He put a smile on his face. “Is Hide still single?” I joked. He laughed picking up on it.
“You’re joking right?” He double checked.
“Of course, Hide is your friend and should be close to you not me. I mean I ship you and him.” He went red and started to object to the idea which made me laugh. It feels like forever since I laughed. The laugh was soon dragged away when the door opened.
“You’re not allowed in here” Nishiki was trying to force Tsukiyama out. “You have been temporarily banned.”
“You can’t tell me what to do. I wouldn’t be here unless I had a reason; the coffee sold here is not up to standard.” He turned his head and saw me then sighed. “This is why I have a ban is it?” He spoke coldly. The tone kind of scared me and upset me. I stood up and went to get dressed, just to get away from him. Searching around the things Touka said I could wear, I found a…. purple tank top and some jeggings. I wish it wasn’t purple but I put it on anyway. It is clear I am not over him. Will I ever be over him? Why was he so cold towards me? He made me feel like a pile of nothing. I might just shut my heart and never let anyone in again.