Host Hopping- Chapter 1: The host club

At the end of the northern hallway, on the top floor of the south wing there is an abandoned music room which is said to be empty. I opened the door. There was boys in here.

“Welcome” They all said in harmony. Is this a host club?

“Welcome first time guest.” The tall blonde one said and offered me a rose. “It is an honour to welcome such a beautiful princess into our club.” I didn’t know how to respond. How do you respond to this? I just burst out laughing.

“Oh my…” I laughed more, “This is a host club isn’t it?” Now it was their turn to not know how to respond.

“Kyoya who is this?” The blonde asked. The one in glasses pushed up his spectacles and opened a book.

“New transfer student from England. Her parents just had a divorce and her dad moved to get a job. She ultimately went with her dad leaving her mother and siblings behind.” I assume this one is called Kyoya then.

“Just wanted to see more of the world you know” I smiled at them.

“They don’t have host clubs in England so I assume this is the first one she’s seen.” Kyoya explained.

“You got that right glasses.” His eye twitched. I think I struck a nerve.

“Hey boss” One of the ginger twins said.

“She’s kind of pretty” The other ginger spoke.

“Can we keep her?” The spoke in unison.

“Keep me how?” I asked. They completely blanked me. I pouted. “I’m leaving.” I announced but the twins grabbed me.
“Why leave?” They spoke in unison again.

It took me a while to get accustomed with everyone there. The small, child-like boy was called Mitsukuni but everyone called him Honey-senpai. His partner (the tall, dark haired, silent boy) was called Takashi but everyone calls him Mori-Senpai. The twins are called Hikaru and Karou, but it is difficult for me to tell them apart right now. The tall blonde “princely” boy is called Tamaki-Senpai and the boy with glasses and dark hair is Kyoya-senpai. Together they are the infamous Ouran High school Host club. Their group was completed by a rather male looking female called Haruhi. I don’t know how I fit with them, but it doesn’t hurt to try to fit in with them. I am only a guest, I refuse to become a host. It’s bad enough that they have a host club and have dragged Haruhi into it. I’m not cutting my hair and putting on a male uniform as well.

“It is time for you to decide which host you are going to go with.” Kyoya spoke. Everyone gathered around me, it was quite intimidating.
“Do you like the strong silent type? Possibly the boy-Lolita type? Maybe you’re interested in the mischievous type? Or the cool type? Maybe the natural?” Tamaki said and put his hand under my chin and got close. “Or maybe someone like me?” I was cringing so hard at this. My reaction was just to point at a random host. That is how I ended up choosing Honey-Senpai. Why a 17 year old is the boy-Lolita type I will never understand. Honey-Senpai clapped and cheered.