When they ask you out


I was looking at her again. There are all these beautiful women around me and yet all I want is (y/n), but she is sat with Kyoya again! I stand up and walk over to her.
“(y/n) can I have a word with you after the club is over for the night?” She looked at me and I could see the pink tint in her cheeks. I love how cute she looks when she does that.
“Yeah, sure. See you then Senpai.”

The club ended shortly after and she walked up to me. God i love the way my princess walks.
“So what did you want senpai?” My heart suddenly starts to beat fast. I can feel my face burning up as I blush madly.
“WillYouBeMyGirlfriend?” I blurted out loudly. She looked at me in shock and then smiled softly.
“I have been waiting for you to ask me that for ages” She hugged me “so yes.”

Kyoya- Senpai

“Kyoya…. What you always typing?” I looked up from my laptop screen to look at (y/n). When she is close I can feel my heart beat speed up and its rather annoying and distracting.
“Nothing of importance right now. You are the only thing of importance” I said smoothly. She giggled and rest her head against my shoulder.
“You know, I sometimes wish this club didn’t exist but other times I am glad it does because if it didn’t i wouldn’t have met you Kyoya- Senpai.” Her cheeks have a light tint of pink on them.
“Will you do the honor of coming round to my place tonight?” I offered and she accepted.

Later that day we were in the limo to my house when we got caught in traffic. I started to get annoyed because I wanted to ask (y/n) something in the private place of my room or study. I let out a sigh and turned to face (Y/n).
“(y/n) I think It would benefit us if we started to date.” I said to her. Granted that is not the best way to ask a girl out but its what I said.
“You asking me out Kyoya?” she asked me back. I took her hand and placed a light kiss on it.
“Yes I am.” Her eyes teared up and she hugged me. I guess that means Yes.


“Don’t tell me Hikaru. There is someone else isn’t there” Kaoru spoke in a sad tone. I got close and grabbed his face in a rather seductive manor.
“There will never be any one I love more than you Kaoru” I said back making girls squeal, blush and have hearts for eyes. But one girl wasn’t impressed. She scoffed.
“You got a problem with this or something (y/n)” Kaoru said. She shook her head.
“No. I just don’t think twins getting too close for comfort is attractive. I could understand hand holding and I understand the comments. Its just when you get so close you look like you are about to kiss.” she said in respond.
“but thats just how we are” Kaoru said. I thought for a moment.
“You’re jealous” I stated. Her cheeks went a light shade of pink.
“What ever made you come up with that solution idiot?” She snapped / asked. She walked away then it was my turn for my cheeks to go red.
“Hikaru, are you blushing?” Kaoru asked me. I shook my head.
“No” I responded.
“Go after her, I know you have a crush on her.” My eyes widen. “Shes always on your mind.” I start to wonder how he knows but before I could ask hes shooing me out of the door.

I ran after (y/n) and grabbed her hand. She turned and slapped me thinking I was some randomer. I took the hit like a “man”. That meaning I started to cry.
“Oh Hikaru, I’m sorry” she placed her hand on my face where she slapped.
“I wanted to speak with you alone” she looked around the corridor and saw there was no one there.
“speak, we’re alone” she said. My face went red.
“Would you- will you be my girlfriend?” I asked in a little over a whisper.
“on one condition” I looked at her, “Never call me jealous again.” I agreed and we had a nice and pasdionate embrace.


We were all at Kyoya-senpai’s family beach playing when I saw her on her own. She was making a sandcastle and because I was looking at her rather than playing attention to mine and Hikaru’s game, the ball was heading right for her. I made a run towards her and caught the ball just before it hit her.
“You ok (y/n)?” I asked.
“Yea but my sandcastle isn’t” she spoke. I had stood on it catching the ball. Hikaru caught up.
“Sorry (y/n)” he said. We both sat down to help her build a bigger and better one. Some girls all started to get jealous because she was getting all the attention.

Later that day I was walking towards the hotel when I heard some screams. The girls had (y/n) backed up against the wall. Many off them had bruises and cuts from where (y/n) had fought back. There was too many though and they were hitting her a lot.
“(y/n)” I called out. The girls looked at me then ran. I rushed to (y/n), who had collapsed to her knees.
“I-im ok Kaoru” She spoke without looking at me.
“how Did you know I was Kaoru and not Hikaru, youre not even looking”
“I know the guy I have a crush on” she spoke and fell from her knees. I caught her.
“(y/n). I know youre in a bad state right now. I’ll get you help” I kiss her forhead. “Will you be my girlfriend”
“Y-yeah” she replied but lost conciousness.


Shes eating my care again. I dont mind, I just wish she would share it with me. (y/n)-chan is cute though, and shes a challenge to fight against. Id say she is as good as Takashi when it comes to fighting, if not better.
“(y/n) do you want to hold Usa-chan?” She took hold of my pink bunny and smiled.
“Say Honey-Senpai?” She asked.
“Do you reckon Usa-Chan would like to come round to my place tonight for a tea party and cake?” She asked me.
“Usa-Chan might not want to, but I do” I smiled slyly but still tried to look cute.
“Oh the invite was only really for Usa-Chan” She joked and smiled. I frowned pretending I didn’t know she was joking. My bottom lip quivered and my eyes teared up. “Honey-Senpai please dont cry. It was a joke, I want you to come to my house tonight.”
“Hey (y/n)-chan?” I asked smiling. I jumped into her arms and giggled. “Will you be my girlfriend?” She blinked a couple of times before answering with ‘yes’.


I have never been one to share my feelings or speak. I am just the ‘strong silent type’. But there is one girl that I would like to open up to. She comes into the host club everyday and smiles at me. She has the most beautiful smile. I decided that I probably wouldn’t be able to speak to her about my feelings towards her, so I scribbled it down in a note.
“Mitsukuni.” I say. He looks at me and looks at the note.
“Is that to (y/n)-chan?” He asked me. I replied with a nod. “Want me to take it to her?” I nodded again and he took it. A smile came to my face when I saw her receive it. I had written: I know we never talk much but you’re smile brightens up my day. Will you meet me after school at the fountain? I have feelings for you and this is the only way I can express them- M. The M was so she was left guessing who it was until after school.

I waited for her patiently and when she walked up to me, a smile grew on her face.
“I knew it was you.” She said, “So you like me?” I nodded and blinked. The words are just not coming out. “I like you to. So I guess we are a couple now?” I nodded and ruffled her hair making her giggle.