i am a host

It has been six months since I walked through those doors into music room 3 and became the first (official) hostess at the host club. Everyone here is rather nice but it took me a while to get used to all of their crazy personalities. Even if they do have distinguished personalities, I love them to pieces. Of course I liked one of the hosts more than the others, but that is only natural. You don’t hang around with six boys and a girl as much as I do and not start to like one of them. However, I cannot express my feelings towards this boy. Being a hostess, my job is to entertain the boys who request my service while enduring our club activities. Sadly, club activities include the twins dressing me up into the most ridiculous outfits every week. Still, it is fun to be here. I can remember the day I walked into this room like it was yesterday.

“Here it is, Ouran Academy.” My dad said as I looked at the very large, very posh and very pink school. I am so glad I managed to pass the entrance exams to get into this place; otherwise I would have been stuck at Ouran public school. There is no way I could afford to come here regularly. With dad only earning 800 yen an hour, we couldn’t afford this place. To be honest, I cannot even afford the uniform. This place will definitely be filled with a load of snobby rich kids.

“Miss Tanaka” A rather tall boy spoke to me. He had black hair, and black eyes that matched his hair. He was rather handsome. I tried to find a flaw in his perfect appearance, but other than him wearing glasses I found nothing. Would you even say that wearing glasses is a flaw? It was odd that he spoke to me because I have never met anyone that this school before.
“Yes?” I responded. He pushed up his glasses with two fingers then smiled.
“My name is Kyoya Ootori, I am supposed to show you around until you can find your way on your own.” His voice had a suave tone to it but he sounded like he did not care much for what he had to say.

Being in different years, Kyoya had to pick me up from each lesson and leave me at each lesson. During the free periods he never showed up, so I took that opportunity to study so I can do well in my classes. There are four libraries in this school and not one of them are quiet. I walked through the building, following a map which Kyoya had given me. I was walking along the south wing of the school in the northern corridor. There was a door at the end with a sign saying ‘Music room 3’.
‘The abandoned music room’ I thought, ‘Should be a quiet place to study.’ I pulled down the door handle and opened the door slowly. As it opened a bright light shone and rose petals blew out, temporarily blinding me from what was waiting for me in the room.
“Welcome guest” a group of handsome boys said to me in harmony with each other. I only recognised one of these boys and that was Kyoya. He was stood there with his arms crossed.
“Who do we have here?” The tall blonde boy with beautiful purple eyes spoke in a prince-like voice. Kyoya uncrossed his arms.
“Miss Ada Tanaka. Her father is a cashier at the commoner’s supermarket.” Kyoya responded.
‘How did he know what my dad did for a living?’ A small boy, who looked to be about six years old jumped up at me and hugged me.
“Ada-chan!” He yelled. “Do you want to have some cake with me?” I shook my head denying his request, which lead to his adorable eyes tearing up. The largest male in the room, who was showing no emotion, walked over and picked the smaller boy up.
“Mitsukuni” He said in a gruff mutter.
“Honey-Senpai, are you okay?” the first blonde asked. The little blonde nodded then went to sit at a table with a pink rabbit, while eating cake.
‘Senpai? That kid is older than him?’ I asked myself. I looked at everyone. They all may be attractive males but not one of them are sane.

“Right well I am just going to go” said I as I turned to leave. The blonde ran in front of me to block my path. He put his hand under my cheek.
“Why is a beautiful princess like you running away?” he flirted. It sent shivers up my spine and made me cringe. Backing up, I tripped over my own feet and fell. I closed my eyes and embraced the impact from the floor which never came.
When I opened my eyes I saw two identical faces looking at me. They had ginger hair and golden eyes. I was in their arms and I quickly forced myself out of them. They looked at each other in confusion.
“Everything alright?” they asked in unison.
“You seem a bit edgy” The one whose hair was parted to the left said.
“Have we upset you?” The other spoke. My head quickly shook to say ‘no’ to them. Honestly, this was all a bit too much for me.
“Guys leave her alone?” A short brown boy, with feminine features said. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards me to look closer at her features. She may look like a guy but this face says that she is a girl. It is practically screaming out “female.”

It is quite an accomplishment, in my eyes, for me to be able to walk into this room and upset practically everyone. Kyoya shook his head at this but had a smirk on his face.
“Mummy! She’s so cruel!” The “prince/king” of the group called out. He had tears streaming down his face. I laughed at the word mummy.
‘Who is mummy?’ I asked myself then Kyoya spoke up.
“How many times have I told you not to call me ‘mummy’?” He scowled. Kyoya is almost like a demon when upset, but I still burst out laughing because out of all the people in this room that could be ‘mummy’ it was Kyoya. He let out a sigh. “What do you propose we do then Tamaki?”
The blonde sat down in a thrown of a chair and crossed his legs royally. He had a smirk on his face.

“She will have to pay us back” The blonde, which I now know is called Tamaki, said.
“How much money do you want?” I asked. My mouth was almost in a perfect line when I spoke. The two ginger twins looked at each other and then at me shrugging.
“With what money? You’re commoner.” They said in perfect sync. Those two speaking in unison like that is kind of creepy. It is almost like they are telepathic. They are right though, I don’t have money to give them. If I pay them then dad and I may not have enough money for food this week.
“When in Rome, do as the romans do,” Tamaki pointed at me “You can pay us back with your body. From now on you are the host clubs dog.” I fell to my knees thinking the word ‘dog’ over in my head.

And so I started to work for the host club. I only came to this school to study, get good grades and get a good job. Getting caught up in slave work was not what I wanted to do. At least the club was kind enough to give me a uniform to wear… but I wasn’t expecting their reaction to be how it was when I put it on. The girl’s uniform is a large, puffy, yellow dress which is supposed to make us look “lady like”.  Honestly, it is just a monstrosity of an outfit. I’d much rather wear the light blue blazer that the boys wear. When I walked out of the changing room with the dress on, the host club looked at me and Tamaki’s face turned bright red. It was cute and funny. During class, Kyoya had apparently been taking note of how much attention I was getting from the guys. It was then that Kyoya decided it would benefit the club if I became a hostess. It is actually fun to host, but it is even more fun to be near the boy I like. I watch him write in his little black book while I host, I hope one day he will notice how I feel for him.