First date

Tamaki- Senpai

“(y/n) my princess” I say to my beautiful girlfriend. She smiles at me. I took her hand and bowed giving her a rose.
“What’s this for?” she asked taking it with a light blush on her cheek.
“We are going on a date” I spoke graciously. She nodded and I grabbed her hand, dragging her to a car. She was confused, which I found very cute.

The car arrived at the park, where I had the twins setting up a picnic. I texted them to get them to leave before (y/n) saw them and they scrambled to get away. I took her hand like the gentleman I am and lead her to the picnic. She smiled happily at the sight before her.


I wrote in my black book about (y/n). I had just learned something about women that I never knew before. I wont say what it is though. She sat by me.
“So Kyoya. What we doing on date night?” She asked. This was the 4th time she had asked. Truth is, I didn’t know where to take her.
“Its a surprise” I told her and she giggled.

I picked her up later that night and still had no idea where to take her. We wound up at my families beach and I decided that was a good place to go. She sat on a rock looking out at the sea.
“It’s beautiful here” she spoke. She stood on the rock and then slipped into the water. I laughed a little and she smiled before dragging me in with her. Both of our clothes were soaking wet.


(y/n) was very excitable today for some reason. I didn’t know why.
“Hikaru, is it true?” She asked while grabbing my hand.
“Is what true?” I asked confused.
“That you’re taking me to watch (Favorite romance film) in cinema? Kaoru said you were” I closed my eyes and smiled. This is actually the first i’ve heard of it.
“Yes it is” I told her.

We went to see the film on the big screen. It actually wasn’t that bad, just a bit too much of a chickflick thing for me. I will never understand why women like that stuff.

“Kaoru, I cant wear this” (y/n) said. I had handed her a very posh dress. “I cant afford it” I let out a sigh.
“My mother made if especially for you (y/n). Just put it on or our first date might suck.” She perked up when I said ‘date’. She put the dress on, I did her hair and make up then put a tux on. I took her to the limo.
“Is now a bad time to say I haven’t danced before” she said.

We arrived at this large hall. We got to the door and I paid the entrance fee. (y/n) looked so beautiful. She was looking around the place. I offered her my hand like a gentleman and she took it. She didn’t do that bad at dancing if that was her first time.

I wanted to give (y/n) a special night. Mitsukuni told me I should take her out on a date. I have never been on a date myself, so I have no idea where to take her. There was a film on tv where they went on a date so I decided I take (y/n) for a meal.

She came round to meet me after my kendo practice and smiled. That’s when I said “date” And she smiled brightly. We weren’t exactly dressed the part but I took her to a 5 star restaurant and bought her Favorite meal. It was a beautiful night.

“(y/n)-chan. Do you wanna go On a date with me” I interrupted her conversation with her friends. Her friends all looked in awe.
“Sure what do you have in Mind?” She asked. I grabbed her hand and ran towards my family car. We drove off. When we got to where we needed to be there was lots of poor people everywhere. They were looking at the car shocked.

“bowling?” (y/n) asked climbing out of the car. I nodded and smiled. “were still in our uniform” she spoke.
“So? At least you have clothes on” I said and dragged her Inside. She beat me every game, but I dont mind.