When You’re sick


I called (y/n) repeatedly but she still hasn’t picked up. I’m starting to get rather worried about her. Should I go round to her house to check up on her? What if she is ignoring me? What could I have done wrong? About 5 minutes after I stopped trying to call her and started to sulk, I received a text from her. It read ‘Tamaki. Stop worrying- (y/n) is fine. She is just a bit sick- Mrs (L/n)’. What is her mother doing with her phone? (y/n) is sick? How sick?

I ran towards to the car in panic. The driver drove to her house, but he was taking too long as there was a lot of traffic. Because of that, I got out and ran to her house. I knocked on the door and her mother answered the door to see me panting.
“You’re still worrying aren’t you?” She smiled and let me in. I ran to (y/n)’s room to see her coughing. I rushed to her side and she looked at me.
“T-Tamaki?” She asked. I stroked her hair and she smiled. I went to kiss her. “No don’t kiss me, you’ll get sick.”
“I don’t care if I get sick, as long as I make you happy” I spoke.


(y/n) walked to school with me today.  I had stayed at her place so there was no need for a car.  I kept writing in my book because she was very pale and when I took her hand, her skin was boiling. She sighed as we got into lesson and sat down.
“What is the matter?” I asked her, taking my seat in front of her.
“Its nothing”  she said,  though it was clear to me that something was wrong.

She let out a cough, which was an alarm bell for me. I put my hand on her forehead.  Her temperature felt to be sky high. She looked up at me.
“I’m fine” she spoke. I let out a sigh and hugged her.
“You’re sick” I said back. After lesson I took her to the nurses office to be checked up on. Her temperature was 120…. I took her home immediately and made her lay in bed. I would have made her some soup but whats the point in having maid if you’re not going to use them. I just stayed with her, stroking her hair as she fell to sleep.


I hadn’t seen (y/n) today.  Its not like her to not turn up. I looked at Kaoru, who was talking to Haruhi.
“Hey Kaoru”  I said and walked to him.
“Yeah?” He responded.
“Where is (y/n)?” I asked. He shrugged so I tried calling her.
“Hey”  she spoke in the phone “Don’t come over,  I am sick.”

Of course I went over. Even though she wasn’t too happy to see me.
“Hikaru,  what part of ‘dont come over’ do you not understand?”  She snapped at me.
“The part where i’m supposed to leave you alone when your sick”  I responded.  She didn’t reply but her cheeks went red. I placed a kiss on her head. “I’ll nurse you better” I told her.
“But you might get sick….”
“(y/n), dont be so stubborn. I’m going to look after you. I dont care if I get sick, you’re my girlfriend and I love you”
“I love you too”


I stayed over at (y/n)’s house for the night so we could play video games and cuddle. Through out the night she said she had a head ache so was going to bed. I decided I could do with some sleep aswell so I joined her. Part way through the night she started to cough and it woke me up. I placed my hand on her head. Her skin was warm. She obviously had a fever.

I removed the duvet from her to try and break her fever but she woke up shivering.
“Where has the duvet gone?”  She asked through her chattering teeth. She looked to see me wearing it all and sighed.
“You’re sick” I said to her. She rolled into a ball and faced away from me. I’ll help her get better. I threw the duvet across the room and laid with my arms around her smiling. She shook violently for a while before her fever broke and she had fallen to sleep.

Mori- Senpai

Summer was very hot this year. I had gone on holiday with (Y/n) and Mitsukuni. Mitsukuni and (Y/n) spent most of the holiday in the pool splashing me with water. I did’t retaliate because that would have triggered a splashing war. With the sun shining down on us all day long, I made sure Mitsukuni had sun cream on, but (Y/N) refused to wear it and ended up with sunburned shoulders and a sun burned face. I made sure she put plenty of after sun on so it doesn’t hurt. However, she never came for dinner, which worried me.

I went to her room to check on her but she was asleep in bed. I closed the door behind me which startled her awake. She held her head then picked up the bin and was sick. I rubbed her back.
“Sun stroke?” I asked and she laid back down on her bed. I looked at her and she sighed.
“I should have warn sun cream” She spoke. I nodded in response.

Honey- Senpai

I took (y/n)-chan to this cake tasting party. I thought she’d like it a lot…. I know I did! Me and Usa-Chan have never seen so much cake in our lives. There was strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mint, green tea….ect. (Y/n)-chan seemed happy to be there. She ate almost as much as me and Usa-Chan and left very excitable. On the way home she opened the window saying she needed “fresh air.”

We got back to her place and she rushed for the bathroom.  I followed her insane and saw she was being sick. Hehe it was multi-coloured. She sat by the toilet and started to laugh.
“I just wasted all that cake?” She laughed and was sick again. I rubbed her back.
“Bet it tastes nice though?” I joked and put on a cute face. She smiled.
“Not as good as you’d think” She replied. I guess some people just cant hold there cake.