chapter 1- why am I jealous?

The rain poured outside and everyone was in a bad mood. Kaoru was feeling rather sick and the full host club had decided to visit him. He was fine with his brother seeing him when he was sick, but seeing so many people around him made him a bit uncomfortable. “Are you feeling a bit better today Kaoru? We missed you at school” Haruhi spoke. Kaoru stared blankly at her. ‘She’s so nice’ Kaoru thought. Hikaru climbed into the bed and pulled his brother close. “You’re still extremely warm Kaoru, perhaps you should take the duvet off.” Kaoru shook his head fast and buried himself under the warm covers more than he already was. Tamaki, who was rather tired of him being lazy, pulled the duvet away from the youngest twin. His face turned red immediately and he covered Kaoru back up. “Perhaps you should dress. We can leave the room.” Tamaki left quickly and was followed by everyone but Hikaru.  “Do you need help?” Hikaru asked. Kaoru shook his head and got some random clothing to put on. “Are you not going to leave?” Kaoru asked while dressing himself. “Oh right sorry” Hikaru spoke and left the room to give Kaoru privacy.

About ten minutes later Kaoru walked out the doors. He was very pale and looked terrible. “Okay, I’m dressed” he spoke. Hikaru took his hand. “We’re going to give you some fresh air.” He told his brother. Kaoru let out a sigh and nodded.

Kaoru suddenly felt himself being lifted up by two strong hands. He knew they weren’t Hikaru’s, so he panicked a little. He was relieved when he was put on the shoulders of Mori-Senpai. He felt so weak, he was glad that he didn’t have to walk. Hikaru looked at Mori as they walked. He felt sick and wanted to cry. Was it because his brother is sick? It must have been,  but Hikaru can’t feel Kaoru’s pain, so why did he feel sick himself? “Hikaru, are you alright? You have been staring at Mori-Senpai for ten minutes” Haruhi spoke, interrupting Hikaru’s train of thought. “Yeah I am fine. I guess I am just a bit worried for Kaoru’s health.” Hikaru said, not telling Haruhi about him feeling sick. “Well thats understandable, I bet you feel terrible that Kaoru is ill,  though I don’t think that’s all the problem is it?” Haruhi spoke and smiled. She was a very perseptive young woman. That is why Hikaru liked her- or at least the thought he liked her.

They arrived at Kyoya’s famlies private beach and Mori placed Kaoru on the ground. Hikaru looked at Kaoru and suddenly that sick feeling vanished, though it reapperated when Kaoru sat down and Haruhi sat next to him to talk. ‘Wait… Is this feeling jealousy?’ Hikaru asked himself. “Hey Hikaru, come sit with us” The younger twin called out. Hikaru sat down and smiled as Kaoru laid back, respond his head on his older brother’s chest. Kaoru’s eyes closed and his body relaxed. “He must be very sick, huh?” Haruhi asked. Hikaru nodded. “It started off as the flu, buy Kaoru hasn’t got a very good ammune system and hasn’t eaten properly in two days” The older twin explained. “I can see why you are so worried for him.”  Haruhi nodded. She laid back and looked at the sky for a bit. All Hikaru focused on was the sound of the waves mixed with the sound of Kaoru’s breathing.

When Kaoru awoke,  everyone was packing up at the beach. “We are going to stay at the hotel tonight” Kyoya told him. Hikaru had wished to stay as Kaoru’s pillow while he slept, but Honey-senpai had told him that he needed to help pack up. You don’t argue with Honey-senpai. Kaoru walked over to his older brother and hugged him tightly. “Hey, can I take Kaoru back to the hotel?” Hikaru asked. No body obsessed so he helped his sick younger brother to bed.

Hikaru sat on the bed in his and Kaoru’s room, staring at the door. It was midnight and Kaoru was asleep. Hikaru looked at his sleeping brother and sighed. “Why am I jealous of you Kaoru?” Hikaru whispered.  It wasn’t loud, but it was loud enough to disturb Kaoru’s sleep. His eyes flustered open and he looked at his brother. A smile grew on the younger ones face. “Hikaru, are you watching me sleep?” Kaoru asked and chuckles. Hikaru felt his face heat up as it turned red and he looked away. “No.” He responded.  Kaoru sat up and wrapped his arms around his brother’s waist. His head lay rest on Hikaru’s shoulder and he smiled. “I don’t care if you were.”

Neither twin slept much for the rest of the night, they just cuddles each other and chatted. It took its tole on them by morning- especially Hikaru (who had the least sleep). They finally got to sleep when Honey-senpai ran into the room. “Hika-chan! Kao-chan! It’s time to get up!” He opened the curtains,  letting the sun shine in. Hikaru was never a bad morning person, but being as tired as he was, a dark aura surrounded him and he glare at Honey-senpai. The boy-lolita ran out of the room scared. He had never seen  Hikaru wake up in such a foul mood. Kaoru groaned and pulled the covers over his head. Hikaru laid under it with him. It didn’t take long for Hikaru to realise that Kaoru was staring at him. Their faces got very close, as if they were about to kiss,  but nothing happened.